The Hermit is Active!

Every once in awhile, I wander into my office and see something extra magical. This afternoon, when we got home from a walk on the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail, I just happened to catch the Hermit’s lantern glowing:

The Hermit Portal by Laura Bruno

The Hermit Portal has a citrine crystal as the lantern’s “flame,” but today — just for a moment — the lantern actually lit up. It spread light around the painting as though the portal came to life. This came after a hermit-like vision I had on the car ride home.

The Hermit Portal is ACTIVE!

It reminds me of the moment in February 2018 when I walked into my office to find “Arthur” glowing:

I love my magical office. Yes, it’s sunlight — or is it?! In these stressful, uncertain times, I love sharing a little everyday magic.

Reminders of the Great Mystery, which continues to unfold whether or not we have eyes to see it.

Blessings, peace and healing to all!

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  1. Beautiful painting.  Perhaps my favorite card, being a Virgo.  I’ve certainly been emodying this energy for the past  6 months.  In all its highest forms

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  2. I giggle at these posts. Knowing that it truly is lit up.

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  3. Its reassuring that the lantern is aflame bringing light to the darkness. Magick is afoot. Love and thanks. Such an amazing painting

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  4. Posted by Mitch on November 7, 2020 at 10:15 pm

    Yay!!! Hermit portal is activated! Dive in!

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  5. […] The Hermit is Active! — Laura Bruno’s Blog […]

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  6. […] with the Freya-lynx highlight and the Hermit Portal Activation, this crystal activation occurred after a powerful dream about a formalized agreement. In the […]

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