Ann Kreilkamp ~ Aftermath, New Moon in Taurus: Starting Over from Zero

Amazing: I just pulled Edith Piaf’s natal chart and reconciled the birth time (11:11 here right this moment as I type this) after a very synchronous dream this morning. Her Moon is at 4 Gemini, right on my natal Mercury, and that aspect is what I mentioned at the beginning of this post. The dream tied into the Lion Dream, linked in the comments.

Uncannily precise. I feel confident about the chart reconciliation, because it’s been verified I’m good at this — when people later find their birth time, I’m usually very close with my intuition.

This puts her with Chiron in Pisces right on the Ascendant, conjunct Jupiter … and her Sun and Mercury in the 10th house, very close to the Midheaven. For any astrologers who know her life story of addictions, alcoholism, ill health, a childlike quality, yet huge charisma, this will make sense. For me, the exact 4 Gemini Moon degree just caps it off. Mega explosions of synchronicity, tied into the Lion Dream and so much more. Wow.

After this morning’s dream, I grabbed my dream journal and the glass of water from my nightstand. Somehow, when I opened my office door, the water from the glass splashed onto the threshold, like an offering. It was just like a sprinkling of holy water or something — and it felt like the dream continued into waking life. David and I watched “La Vie En Rose” last night, the biography of Edith Piaf. My Dream Guys told me to look up this post because I awoke with the song (at the end of the post and of the film) playing in my head. Then the water offering on the threshold spontaneously occurred, and the synchronicities keep popping like fireworks. Astrology and dreams really do blow my mind. Great film, btw — very intense, but also well done.

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I enjoyed this post from Ann Kreilkamp, and I’ve noticed similar reboots for a number of people, including myself. In retrospect, I also experienced some of my most amazing dream downloads ever exactly when the fast moving Moon conjuncted my natal Mercury at 4 degrees Gemini. That was a direct hit of early morning insight and inspiration! For anyone who’s had a particularly rich or intense past week, this post offers some larger astrological context. I love the Edith Piaf song at the end.

Ann Kreilkamp ~ Aftermath, New Moon in Taurus: Starting Over from Zero

The powerful Taurus New Moon of May 4th has come and gone. And if you are one of those who found that some long simmering drama finally came to a head during that time and continues now to completely dissolve a Neptunian spell that you had been under for the past two years (one…

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