Potent, Psychic Destiny Level New Moon in Libra

Happy New Moon in Libra!

(It’s 11:11 a.m. as I begin this post.) At 3:31 p.m. Eastern US Daylight time, the Sun and Moon conjunct at 23°53′ Libra. This New Moon squares the potent cluster of Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn at 19°-25° Capricorn, and opposes Mars/Lilith/Eris at 20°-26° Aries. This forms a Cardinal T-square of very intense energies, and many astrologers have written about the tensions of this New Moon.

When writing about last month’s New Moon in Virgo, I noted the prominence of Lachesis, the cutter, the terminator, a marker of endings. I said:

It will be interesting to see — in retrospect — which things get thwarted and which succeed, which things end so that new things can begin. I say “in retrospect,” because with Neptune at 19° Pisces — strongest in his home sign — opposing the New Moon and all forming a Grand Cross with the nodal axis, what first appears to be true will likely prove otherwise. The picture is so big, so complex, and so elusive that only time to sort through the details (Virgo) from a much larger perspective (Neptune in Pisces) will allow us to see how this New Moon, this September 17, 2020, changes history.

That statement proved prophetic in that the very next day announced the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. During this month’s New Moon in Libra —  a Venus-ruled sign symbolized by the scales of Justice —  the news cycle is dominated by Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination and confirmation hearings to replace Justice Ginsburg. Everything moves in cycles.

I mention my observations about Lachesis, because for this month’s New Moon, my attention got drawn to asteroid Psyche at 22° 47′ Gemini, closely conjunct the transiting North Node at 21° 33′ Gemini. Both of these placements closely trine the New Moon in Libra, lending intuitive and destiny level support to this Sun/Moon reset. In other words, even though the New Moon occurs at a point of extreme tension of Shadow, Justice, rules, the Underworld, willpower, war, sexuality, angry females, overpowering males, and explosive, volcanic emotions — if we quiet ourselves enough to hear the still small voice inside ourselves, this New Moon could prove pivotal in getting us back on track.

This positive adjusting to get back on course, back on our true, authentic path, is amplified by Pluto closely quincunxing the North Node and Psyche. Though often considered a minor aspect, I find the quincunx (150°) aspect highly potent and creative. Cardinal Earth Sign Capricorn has nothing in common with Mutable Air Sign Gemini, yet the quincunx demands integration. With the North Node, Psyche and Pluto in the mix, it favors intuitive insights that arise from very deep subconscious or hidden realms, and having those insights nourish the soul and help us align with our collective and individual destinies.

In other words, PAY ATTENTION to little, intuitive nudges you feel today and in the coming days. New Moons act like monthly resets. In magic, they say, “It takes a New Moon to manifest whatever you wished for on the Full Moon.” You set the intention, but reality’s cyclical reset allows for the new  thought forms to take root. I began paying much more attention to Moon cycles after I started gardening, because I noticed that plants really do respond to the ebb and flow of energies. The Moon controls the tides, but we are also filled with water. Our bodies and emotions feel the pull, whether or not we acknowledge the influence.

Astrology is basically the study of grand, cosmic synchronicity. We can experience influences on different levels; however, the influences do come. Aligning ourselves with the energies allows for us to lean into opportunities and minimize negative influences. As Dane Rudhyar said, “Astrology is a language. If you understand the language, the sky speaks to you.”

I thought I’d finish today’s post with two Sabian Symbols for today’s New Moon, both from Dane Rudhyar. The first is for the degree of Wounded Healer Chiron, currently at 6° 24′ Aries. You always round up for Sabian Symbols, so we’ll look at Aries 7°. To me, this seems like the crux of collective healing right now. Multiple realities exist. I see this with clients, and I write about it a lot. Whether I call it El Mundo Bueno and El Mundo Malo, timeline jumps or alternate realities, I refer to the opportunities presented by “being in the world but not of it.” Chiron at this degree during this powerful alignment of the New Moon in Libra, serves a potent reminder of humanity’s chance to heal by accepting that different levels exist. In our polarized world, this awareness seems key right now:


KEYNOTE: The first realization of the dual nature of man and of the possibilities it implies.

This symbol represents the antithesis of the thesis pictured ill Phase 6, yet in such a five-fold sequence what we see is contrast rather than opposition. The primordial one-sidedness of emotional and cultural manifestation actually calls for the compensatory ability to operate at two levels. Thus the primary dualism of Sky and Earth, of the divine and the human, of spirit and matter. The vision and the emotions are focused within sharply defined boundaries, but within these boundaries they express themselves at two levels. This is the foundation of religion as well as of magic.

A situation which has become characterized by this symbol can be successfully faced if its spiritual and material implications are understood and actualized.

At this second stage of the second five-fold sequence of symbols we see at work man’s capacity for LIVING TWO SEPARATE LIVES – and finding fulfillment and happiness in both. On this capacity are founded many of the complexities of human nature.

I love this Chiron degree Sabian Symbol combined with the symbol for 24° Libra, the Sabian Symbol of the 23° 53′ Libra New Moon:


KEYNOTE: The ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations.

The butterfly is the ancient and traditional symbol of the results of the process of spiritual rebirth. If the butterfly has three wings instead of two, a special development of an aspect of the spiritual life is shown. Three is a symbol of fulfillment. Some power has been added to the normal spiritual life of the individual person. The left side usually refers to the instinctual field of the consciousness, but it is also the heart’s side. A new strength is shown, perhaps as yet unrealized.

A fourth stage symbol usually refers to some kind of technique or technical achievement. What is implied here is that the contact with the revivifying Life-force (cf. the first stage symbol) can result in the appearance of a new faculty, the use of which may not as yet be consciously evaluated. Indeed it is the establishment of such a contact which constitutes a technique for ORIGINAL MUTATION.

We live in strange, trying and miraculous times. This New Moon in Libra offers extra energy towards transmutation and destiny level collective healing. Individuals make up the collective, so the more we each align with the deep, beautiful being that lives inside ourselves, the more beautiful and healed our world will be. Take some time to listen to the quiet voice, to the stillness within.

In a world of amplified distraction, your inner self matters. As in, it creates and embodies matter. Tune in and dream well!

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