Happy New Moon in Virgo!

At 7 a.m. Eastern U.S. Daylight Savings Time, we began a new cycle, as Sun and Moon came together at 25° Virgo. I’m not going to write a lot about this New Moon, but it feels powerful and, in time, will likely will reveal itself as a significant “end of an era” marker.

Not only does this New Moon trine Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in fellow Earth sign Capricorn, but it also squares the nodal axis — the South and North Nodes. As a collective, we’ve got the axis of where we’ve been (South) and where we’re headed (North) … as well as how we got here, forming a T-Square with the integrated Sun and Moon, who are themselves opposites. Integration is on offer, but even small decisions and events will have lifetimes of history informing them.

Adding to this Fated feel, the New Moon at 25° Virgo occurs within one degree of Asteroid Lachesis at 26° Virgo. From alexasteroidastrology.com:

Lachesis was one of the Three Fates, sisters who determined the destinies of gods and men. Lachesis, known as “the Allotter”, determined the span of life, as represented by the thread woven by her sister Klotho, and instructed Atropos when to cut that thread with her shears. Within three days of a child’s birth, Lachesis and her sisters would appear to decide its destiny, Lachesis measuring the length of its life with her rod, and allowing it that time to exist.

Astrologically, Lachesis is a marker of death and termination, and “the span of life”, i.e., the duration of a person, organization, project, endeavor, etc. Lachesis also refers to that which interrupts or interferes with a planned or proposed outcome or destination; assessment at the midpoint of a task; evaluation of progress and redirection toward a goal.

It will be interesting to see — in retrospect — which things get thwarted and which succeed, which things end so that new things can begin. I say “in retrospect,” because with Neptune at 19° Pisces — strongest in his home sign — opposing the New Moon and all forming a Grand Cross with the nodal axis, what first appears to be true will likely prove otherwise. The picture is so big, so complex, and so elusive that only time to sort through the details (Virgo) from a much larger perspective (Neptune in Pisces) will allow us to see how this New Moon, this September 17, 2020, changes history.

It probably will, but we won’t clearly recognize how until some of the fog, smoke and dust begins to clear. Here’s hoping we each find ways to bring beauty, harmony, and higher love (Neptune in Pisces) into the nitty, gritty here and now (New Moon in Virgo, and Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn). And that we do this in alignment with the highest order of the Universe (nodal action, Lachesis). Whew! That’s a lot of energy that will take some creative navigation and imagination.

Blessed Be and be the blessing. ❤

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  1. Posted by Gabrielle on September 17, 2020 at 11:27 am

    Thank you for these beautiful and sharing thoughts. I appreciate it!

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  2. […] When writing about last month’s New Moon in Virgo, I noted the prominence of Lachesis, the cutter, the terminator, a marker of endings. I said: […]



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