Changing Worlds & New Openings

Here’s an excellent post by my sweet Faery Twin Tania Marie. I had just sat down to work on my long delayed post Precognitive Blues, Part 4 before doing some morning yoga and getting into full painting mode of “Door” Number 24. I feel Tania’s message today amplifies much of what I will eventually share in my own post. For now, I’ll just share hers, as it addresses so much of what’s happening right now — including all the varied experiences available.

Two things really jumped out at me, as I’ve been saying similar:

“It feels like the transformative events people thought were coming years ago, are here now and it’s been accelerated.”

“So, even if you pick yourself up and leave a place or situation temporarily or permanently, you always take your stuff with you. One place or experience might feel more energetically supportive on the one hand, but looking at this option as a way to be freed will come up short if you haven’t done the work internally to support that kind of freedom.”

Major shifts are available, moment by moment, but they do require inner preparation in order for the desired changes to have staying power. I’m grateful for the eerily lovely way things continue to unfold right here, right now … but I, too, have been warned and have been acting on major internal shifts to prepare for external ones. The more in tune you are with your animal side, the easier it becomes to follow instincts and inner promptings. Blessings to all …

More to come once I have more of this portal painted. Its long, slow unfolding seems to parallel the amazing undercurrents I sense in our seemingly chaotic world.

Tania Marie

The world is changing and change is creating many worlds, while the doors between them grow wider. Do you notice the continued, widening contrast of realities being experienced? We each have our roles to play and Nature is always holding a mirror up so we can make empowered adjustments if we don’t like the part we’re being cast in.

Where the veils were once thick and life seemed to be a struggle, there is greater ease in walking between those realms, not just through dream and meditation time, but as a tangible reality.

And even while things are drastically shifting, feel disconcerting, and even down right strange, there seems to be a bunch of new things in the midst and opportunities opening where things may have seemed stuck, unclear, or even hopeless.

Last Saturday and the Monday following, I found more dead animals while hiking – a squirrel, a bird…

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  1. I feel it, too. Saw this the other day and thought of you: Symbolism of the Door… ❤︎

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  2. resharing this here too: always love our choo-chooing on the sync train sweet L!! thank you for sharing ❤ it’s fun to be able to be a domino with you, clicking in each piece when needed. 😉 looking forward to seeing your new door. love you!

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