Synchronicity, Intuition and Animals

Somehow I landed on this old post I wrote 12 years and a day ago. These themes still arise a lot in sessions, so I’m reposting today.

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Many clients and students ask me how they can learn to trust their intuition more, to which I usually reply, “Well, we have this great technique now.”

Silent anticipation, and then the moment of truth:  “It’s called Asking.” 


I let the sentence sink in until my listeners begin to laugh. 

Seriously, though, If you want to learn how to trust messages you receive from God or the universe or your highest self, just ask the respective entity for help in that direction.  If you need signs, ask for signs.  If you need nudges, request those nudges and the courage to act on them.  If you want dreams, then set your intention to receive nightly inspiration.

When people start experiencing more synchronicities, they often feel amazed at their connection with the world but also somewhat overwhelmed.  Events seem to orchestrate themselves in complex patterns whose code seems impossible to crack.  Thinking something must make sense without…

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