Door Number 15: The World Tree and the Norns

This portal “door” has popped up many times now in the past couple weeks, including today. As I work on Door Number 24 — a long, slow, and VERY magical process so far — I thought I’d share this one again. It’s now in our bedroom in Dra’Faven, not the original bathroom location in Goshen.

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Happy Chinese New Year and Happy New Moon in Aquarius! In honor of the end of the old and birth of the new, I just finished my fifteenth painted portal “door” — my first since November 2010. After a long hiatus of partially completing other doors, then injuring my back so that door painting became very cumbersome and uncomfortable, then moving and running out of room for doors, I finally began and finished a new portal project, which can rightly take its place as Door Number 15.

The World Tree and the Norns by Laura Bruno The World Tree and the Norns by Laura Bruno

Those readers unfamiliar with my portal painting projects can find links to the fourteen previous doors by clicking here. This canvas painting features the World Tree from Norse mythology, along with a faery portal door on the tree, the Rune Realm and a triple Moon sequence symbolizing the Norns, or the sister goddess…

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  1. What an interesting concept! I enjoyed this portal door and the Hermit one!

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