Hedgehog Haven: Wisdom and Spirit of the Hedgehog

Hedgehog appeared in my dream this morning, so I thought to look up hedgehog wisdom.

In my dream, a small, round hedgehog sat among giant cupcakes with extra fluffy frosting — white, red and light blue. He dipped his nose in the icing in front of him and then tipped his head back into the icing behind him, then clapped his hands with delight. He knew they couldn’t sell or give away these cupcakes to anyone else. They were his.

No idea what this part of a much larger, equally weird dream means, but my “throwaway dreams” eventually tend to turn out to be the most insightful and relevant. In any case, the hedgehog was happy and adorable, as they always are. For anyone else who loves hedgehogs or sees them in dreams or waking life, I hope you enjoy their messages.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Most people know that I have a long and close relationship with owls and more recently with foxes. But not everyone knows about my deep love of hedgehogs. I think they’re adorable, and all through gifts, they’re slowly gaining a foothold in Dra’Faven. I took a photo of the Fox Faery doll Tania gave me for Christmas, showing how without prior planning, she fit in perfectly with the animals and crystals. I mentioned the orgone ferret curled up alongside her, as well as the amethysts.


Tania said, “…All so magickal. And that hedgehog is also cute.” That prompted me to take pictures of the other resident hedgehogs. I didn’t realize we had so many until I snapped the photos! These ones said they’re OK making a blog appearance. The two characters below arrived for Christmas/Solstice from our friends Tracy and Chip. They’re sitting alongside a magick rock painted by…

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