Wildflower Anthesis ~ Hope for New Beginnings

I love this cheery post from Tania! So nice to see some common flowers we both have, too, including magical pink cosmos and sweet scented roses.

I’ve been meaning to post about how there ARE good things to focus on, much to feel grateful for amidst the craziness in our outer world right now. I’ve got two writing deadlines right now, though, so Tania’s post is the perfect pick me up to share. ❤

Tania Marie

Today’s blog is simply to uplift the spirits and inspire hope with some wildflower inspiration. So for anyone who needs a little boost, a cheery burst of sweetness, or a reminder that there is beauty and potential even amidst the darker times and challenges, this is a little love note from Nature and my garden for you to know you’re not alone, to encourage strength and belief, and that from the pressures of life, you have opportunity to shine.

You might recall that this year I decided to seed my garden bed with wildflower perennials to return each year with the other flowering plants I already established both in the garden and in pots.

I also have seven beautiful lush bushes that return each year too. For veggies, I opted again to only do herbs in my Garden Tower, but it’s been supplying a bounty of aromatic herbs continuously for…

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  1. So beautiful what Tania said herein.  Her garden is a bounty of beauty.  I do believe if we LOOK we can find some beauty all around even if it is a tiny touch of beauty like a little plant growth creeping out of a side walk crack to say, “here I am.” Each moment we have the ability to choose to look at things from a positive view or a negative view.  It is not easy.  This past week when a negative view has crept, or leapt, into my mind I have said, “I am CHOOSING to take the positive view!” Julie in FL

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  2. beaming love and hope along with you sweet L! thank you for sharing the joy. ❤ happy writing!!

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