Owls, Dragons and Zebra Elephants: when dreams spill into “real” life

Yesterday, we took a lovely morning walk along the shores of Lake Michigan in Van Buren State Park, which we had not visited since March 2018:



It always feels so good to get in or near a large body of water, especially since I continue having disconcerting, yet encouraging dreams. Yesterday was no exception.

What’s weird is that the entire day ended up echoing a series of three dreams I had on 6/26/2020. One of those dreams featured a professor from Africa — a world renowned owl expert — and her daughter living in an apartment with cheerful pink bedspreads and a massive amount of zebras. When David and I saw this mural with the hot pink background, he wanted to take a photo since I kind of looked like I could be on safari anyway:


Who knew the rare zebra elephant roamed so close to Lake Michigan?

I immediately flashed on my dream with the pink bedspreads and all the dramatic zebras, but I didn’t realize until later in the day how much 6/26/2020 dream bleedthrough the day had already been bringing.

While walking in the water at Van Buren State Park, I saw an unusual downed tree. It was all natural, but somehow it had stripes in bright yellow, with hints of green and red. The way it reached into the water, I said, “Check out this tree! It looks like a DRAGON! Like a dragon’s claw.” I had David take photos of it, but at the time I wasn’t thinking of this dream. I just thought it was incredibly vivid and odd.

After I reread the details of my dream, I noticed that the end of the pink bedspreads/zebra dream featured me drawing two owls. The one on the left was a Western Screech Owl, but the one on the right was some kind of owl I had “seen in real life.” I drew everything in black and white, but at the end of the dream, I was working on the right owl’s feet/talons, putting in “colorful yellow feathers” that “reminded me of an illustrated dragon.” Again, I didn’t think of this when I first saw the dragon claw tree. At the time, I just recognized it as magical and significant.


We finished our walk on the Lake and drove to South Haven, where we saw the zebra elephant mural. Then, we continued walking around South Haven, and I asked for another sign that I’m on the right track.


Moments later, we passed a rock shop, and two owls caught my eye in the window. We went inside, and I picked them up and ended up buying them. They’re soapstone, and one of them has very similar energy to a dream I had last week about a raccoon shaman dressed as an owl. The masked animal (raccoon) in the dream was wearing an owl “mask,” and I was wearing an owl mask when we entered the store yesterday.


This rock shop had crystals, but it also turned out to have tons of owls. I liked these two the best and went to purchase them. The guy came from the front of the store and said, “Aha! YOU have the owls. I walked up there and I thought, ‘I JUST put the owls there. I know I did that. Where ARE they? I just put them there.’”


I said, “That’s why I came in the store.”


He told me they had more owls, but I said these are the ones I wanted. The dream raccoon/shaman/owl had “feathers” made of giant pine cone segments painted black, brown and white. It didn’t look like the soapstone owl on the right, but the feel/energy and the eyes are the same.


Soapstone is a peaceful and calming stone. It is said to help release outdated patterns and negative habits – helping you tread a more empowered and happy path. 

It’s thought to be the perfect stone to have around you during stressful times or through a process of change, helping to smooth the way retain a sense of calm.

It is also thought to open our connection to other planes of existence and encourage a more broadminded, motivated and inspired approach to life.  https://www.crystals-online.co.uk/properties-pages/soapstone/


On the way home, I happened to glance at the clock and odometer right at 1:11. The car had 77,777 miles on it at 1:11. We marveled at this, and the moment it switched to 1:12, the numbers switched to 77,778, so it really was just in that one little moment when I happened to look.


I got home, and my mom texted me, “I heard an owl hooting three times this morning at 6 a.m. Seems late but I heard him.”


David and I watched a Librarian’s episode, and there was a big crystal owl embedded in a rock. It turns out that the Librarian’s episode we watched yesterday was the last episode we’re watching. We had agreed to stop at the end of season three because it’s gotten way too cheesy and our library’s out of DVD episodes. We’d need to pay $19.95 to watch season four on Prime.


I pre-cogged that discovery of the missing season four in a major deja vu way, but we weren’t paying attention to where we were in the series. We had just agreed that the last episode of season three would be the final one we’d watch. That happened yesterday afternoon with the owls episode, and while watching it we didn’t know it was our last time watching it. We agreed that this last episode was a fitting way for us to wrap up the series. “It’s time.”


I guess this post kind of goes along with my Precognitive Blues series. Life is magical, encouraging and dreamlike. I keep hearing “It’s time” in dreams and waking life, and I’ve had an avalanche of owl and other synchronicities. I’ll leave you with this fun/funny experience I had on Monday’s powerful Full Moon:


After a magical, synchronous morning, I saw a huge hawk soaring over the parking lot, soaring, soaring above me as I walked home. I went on another walk around our neighborhood. As I was approaching a house with an owl statue that my eyes landed on a few weeks ago as an “answer” to a question I asked then —  this time, I saw an ALBINO SQUIRREL dancing in the street. Literally dancing in the middle of the road.


It ran off to the left, and I thought to myself, “What the?! OK, that was an albino squirrel. Dancing. Did I really just see an albino squirrel?” I looked to the left, and sure enough, there it was, way back on the tree line behind the houses. It flicked its tail until I noticed it, then ran into the trees.


I texted Tania, because earlier we had been going back and forth on some magical/mystery stuff related to a photo of me as a little girl that tied into another dream series that bled through to real life. I texted Tania about the albino squirrel.


She texted back, “LOL! See mystery”


Moments later, I walked past a vacant lot with three bunnies all hanging out together, so I had to tell her that, because I always tell Tania when I see bunnies. Then I told her about the hawk. She replied that she had just found a hawk feather yesterday. I said it’s been one of those days and that I started the new portal at the Full Moon moment. She texted that she had just SOLD a painting today and someone was messaging her right that moment about buying another print. She texted “LOL we are SO funny” and sent a little twins emoji. I continued on my walk.


When I got inside our house again, I realized, “Oh, that was a CLUE!” It turns out that as bizarre and dreamlike as it seemed, the albino squirrel opened another rabbit hole of off the wall synchronicities and confirmations. “Real life” is much stranger than fiction … at least mine is. Given the Sacred White Animals of Prophecy, I’ll take the albino squirrel as another encouraging sign.


Mostly, the dancing albino squirrel was hilarious and joyful. I wish I could have filmed it, but I’m not fast enough with this new phone yet. He was standing on his two back legs with his head tilted back just grooving in the middle of the road like something out of Alvin and the Chipmunks.


That memory still makes me smile and giggle — a moment of levity and a promise that despite the heavy seeming events of our world, the Universe has a sense of humor. And it loves to play.


15 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by seattle72 on August 10, 2020 at 12:06 pm

    Very interesting read this morning, thank you!

    Love the snaps and the Zebra Elephant (hiding in plain sight, hee!), the Owls and the albino dancing squirrel!

    The Squirrel is really intriguing. It was in the street (danger zone for Squirrel), and dancing. Not gathering for the next season, but… dancing in the face of danger. And Albino, at that. Curious.

    I recall sitting in my living room, years ago, and seeing an Owl in the corner of my eye. It was actually Rockie. I would ask him if he was brushing up on his shape-shifting / illusion skills. 😸 That happened quite a bit with him.

    I have a black owl, just like the ones pictured, guarding his pendulum, which is in a heart shaped soap stone box.

    Very cool post, love all the dream bleed through. Life can be such a total trip!

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    • Thanks for sharing, Seattle 72. Why am I not surprised Rockie would brush up on his shape-shifting/illusion skills?! Too cute, funny and just right on. 🙂

      And yes, I am still unpacking the albino squirrel experience. There was great significance to the whole situation, much more than I can share in an already long blog post!

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  2. My like Ky just posted at 11:11

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  3. The magic that is experienced in day to day life is real. It too can be yours. Laura is one of those people and writes about it too. It’s a tale of fun, mystery, signs, synchronicities, winks and nods. Love ya Laura.

    Liked by 2 people


  4. Posted by Rich on August 10, 2020 at 2:47 pm

    Very entertaining and enlightening post.

    Liked by 2 people


  5. Posted by seattle72 on August 10, 2020 at 10:16 pm

    Your comments on Rockie warmed my heart all day. Not to hijack the comments, but please know how much that means to me.

    I miss him. So much. It’s funny because I can still feel him jumping on the bed when I can’t sleep (he really helped my insomnia by cuddling me and purring until my anxiety attack calmed).

    I love that someone else in the world knew him too and enjoyed his humor. He was really funny and he taught me SO much.

    Miss Olivia and Puck definitely have their own skillsets. Puck likes to “disappear” I catch him camouflageing himself. He’s really good at it. Miss Olivia is my little Queen, she knows her worth. She may have a health issue, any prayers are appreciated. We have a Vet appointment next week.

    I hope you can feel my gratitude. I enjoy your posts so much and am so sorry for ever having been a jerk. 😊

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  6. Posted by Deborah Ehlert on August 11, 2020 at 11:26 pm

    Thanks for taking the time to write this article with the beautiful picture of Lake Michigan. We live in a magical world when we pay attention.

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  7. […] jumped out at me because of the zebra and owl dream I described in the post Owls, Dragons and Zebra Elephants: when dreams spill into “real” life. To the right of these skulls, was a statue of two owls, which again echoed the two owls I was […]

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  8. […] up wallpaper in dreams since it was also in the owl/raccoon/shaman dream where the evergreens were […]



  9. […] other dreams have shown up in waking life. I blogged about that last August in a post called “Owls, Dragons and Zebra Elephants: when dreams spill into ‘real’ […]



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