Precognitive Blues, Part One: Dreams, Warnings and Blessings

This series wants to go up again, so here’s the first one. Lots more people seem to be having precognitive dreams and visions. If you’re not used to it, this series gives some tips and insights. I haven’t forgotten about Part 4. It’s just not “time” yet.

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The title and topic of this blog post have been rolling around in my dreams and waking life for several weeks. Whenever I’ve tried to change the title, I get a “No,” and so far, whenever I’ve considered sitting down to write this piece, I hear, “Not yet.” Until today. Apparently, today’s the day. It strikes me that the process I just described illustrates much of what this post will cover.

Idea/insight. No, don’t change the title, but you can add a subtitle. No, not yet. Not YET. NOT YET. …. No, no, Now!

Because I write about precognitive dreams and work with so many people who’ve had brain injuries and/or Lyme disease, I have a fair number of psychic clients, too. Precognitive dreams and related topics arise in sessions, and people feel grateful they’re not the only one. Some of my clients work as professional intuitives, others could but…

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  1. Posted by seattle72 on August 4, 2020 at 3:51 pm

    OK. So much I’ve not been sure of makes a lot more sense. Yes, agree! You are very fluid with time, so many of our sessions took years to manifest, and we were not working in linear time!

    I always wondered why in meetings at work, I would get uber anxious when they were going down the ‘wrong’ path. I try to correct the course by inviting logic, cause/effect, what I call common sense, into the conversation but often get shut down. Then, when it turns out how I saw it turning out (not good), I would smugly think “I told you so, I saw it, you didn’t listen”.

    I don’t have precog dreams so much as a gut that gives me clear visions of what this timeline/path will bring. I can absolutely relate to the nudges to make choices that end up jumping timeliness. Its irritating as hell when the nudges relate to the functionality of a company but I’m a not heard. I believe I’m used to having the “King’s ear” and get frustrated in this life because I don’t have that status. I find I’m much happier in jobs where I can work directly with decision makers. Getting them to trust my gut as much as I’m learning to is another story.

    Anywho… yes, absolutely relate to that anxiety and the “You will be OK, don’t worry” after seeing 444 everywhere (that’s my external confirmation something is about to be disruptive but I’m protected).

    I’ve decided to be more publicly open about my Complex PTSD (a variant if PTSD that is finally gaining recognition in the Medical Field). The ACE test is the latest greatest measure of Early Childhood Trauma, I scored 9 out of 10. I find myself explaining to people that kids who grew up in a chaotic and life threatening environment develop strong intuitive skills as a way to survive their abusers. Not sure why I feel so strongly about spreading that message? But it comes out any chance it gets! Mostly I get the ??? look from people, yet I still try to help them understand.

    About “seeing far”… my Hawk spirit friend helps a lot with that. That’s exactly how it feels, like a soaring bird, riding a thermal, surveying the landscape. I saw this virus happening back in 1999. It’s really odd to see the things I saw back then come true.

    Well boy. I guess this post really resonates and I had quite a lot to share! Thank you, as always for the space to do so.

    PS I feel the urge to bring up my new Kitty. I found him/he found me last October. I think the Fae helped because he came to me with the name “Puck”. 😃 I look at him sometimes and I see and hear “Lemurian Tiger”. It’s like he’s projecting such strong energy, but unclear if he knows he is?? I think he’s still working on knowing who he is… (just like I am). I don’t know if there were such beasties in Lemuria. Miss Olivia, who was decidedly Egyptian in past incarnations, and I had a giggle this morning that he speaks a different language than we are used to sharing, then suddenly he meowed very loudly at us! 😹

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    • “I find myself explaining to people that kids who grew up in a chaotic and life threatening environment develop strong intuitive skills as a way to survive their abusers.”

      This is SO true. It may also have to do with Neptune placements, since a lot of times people who grew up in alcoholic households or households with no boundaries have very prominent Neptune’s in their charts.

      You’re on a good path … really coming into your own now. Well done!

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  2. Thank you Laura for publishing this series again my friend… I don’t know how it all works, but I know it does.. 🙂 and I had my own birth chart done, though I didnt know my exact time of birth, but it was a very accurate reading..
    Dreams have always played a huge roll in my life… So I was really interested in reading
    Hope you are having a great new week 🙂

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