An Alien World

I was going to post this as a comment but decided to reblog it instead:

Beautiful, Colette! This is how I’ve experienced the world, too. My own little sphere remains so magical and nature filled. Abundance, beauty, kindness … but the rare venture out into the “real” world feels like an alien planet.

I hate the masks. I spent time in Communist Russia right before the Berlin Wall fell. Things were breaking down, but it had that same kind of oppressed top down feeling.

I almost got beaten in line by two guards at Lenin’s Tomb, because I laughed. You were not even allowed to crack a smile, but a bird pooped flourescent green poop on the white shirt of a very vain young man in front of me. I cracked up laughing, and two guards apprehended me. They had clubs they were going to beat me with, but someone intervened on my behalf.

Shortly before the riots began in the US, I was in line at a garden store, telling my husband how oppressive everything felt — like you weren’t allowed to smile or interact with people. It reminded me of my experience at Lenin’s Tomb. I had dreams of riots before they broke out, and I predicted that this unnatural lockdown of the human spirit would cause it to come out sideways.

There are many signs of thriving and awakening, but I’m with you — I avoid the “real” world as much as I can. Our neighbors and neighborhood are lovely, the garden in full bloom and productivity. I’m fortunate to be able to talk with incredible people from around the world each week for my work, so I know good things are happening in many spots around the good Earth.

Blessings to you, my friend! Thank you for all you do and are and share in this world.


Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

An Alien World…

I ventured out yesterday, a rare enough event in the passing of time. On this occasion I drove to Sligo on a specific quest to the Health Food Shop that is Tir Na Nog, an Irish phrase meaning ‘Land of Youth.’ The streets of Sligo were almost empty. I walked along the pavements unhurried by other people in this usually, (before all changed some months back), busy county town…or city as many now refer to it!

So much has happened over recent months that has changed the very fabric of our society, and it shows! People avoiding each other on the street, few stopping to chat, (and Ireland is a place where people love to stop and exchange news and views)!

Walking along the pleasant streets of Sligo was very tiring. I felt the energy drain away from me as I moved…such a strange experience! The joy…

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  1. I relate to this post -re-comment.. I cannot believe the fear now generated in people… I went to my hairdresser the first visit in over three months, as they were allowed to open on July 4th.. After altering their store, they have clear plastic guards up everywhere, disposable aprons, and face shields visors on, it looks like you are walking into a highly infectious clinic.. You now have to fill out a form, name tel number… They spray everything and only two allowed in at any one time.. How they expect them to make money is beyond me…
    My regular hairdresser told me of the split happening even in her shop, peoples anger bubbling over as one client talks to another on the topic of masks, Some believing totally while others not…

    I have to say that what you experienced in Russia, is being cultivated within the process of total control via the media’s constant vomit of negative narratives…

    It is not going to be or is my own reality… I avoid it… and I will not Consent to it… So I so resonate with your thoughts and with the Bealtaine Cottage post .. Which by the way I discover I have her Book, which my daughter bought me some Christmas’s ago as part of my gifts.. 🙂 Such a Small, Small World isn’t it.. 🙂

    Thank goodness for the helping hand who stopped you getting beaten..

    Much love my friend…. ❤ As we hold Love and Light for our future which while it will maybe get uglier, as the old falls… We need to make sure the New is built upon the Positive Energy, not the Evil intentions of the few.. ❤
    Love and Light ❤ Sue

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    • Thank you, Sue! Yes, it is a small, synchronous world, indeed. I bought my mom one of Colette’s books for Christmas a couple years ago. 🙂

      I’ve gone back to trimming my own hair because I don’t want to deal with all the changes at the salon. They won’t even let you choose your hairdresser anymore, so I might as well take my chances with myself! I cut my hair for a decade. It’s long, so fairly forgiving. I just need to cut in long layers sometimes or it gets too heavy.

      The changes as I’ve experienced them have been good. Much longer hair, fresher food at home where we control all the ingredients instead of eating out so much, VERY busy with sessions, but also plenty of time for exercise, chatting with neighbors, painting and yes, gardening. A quiet revolution is brewing in Kalamazoo, one that our neighborhood — especially one friend of mine and I — began. Thankfully, others have taken the reins and run with them, so we’re just watching everything unfold. We pushed back tyranny in 2018. I warned the Township Board not to mess with our neighborhood, that there would be major consequences if they did. Not a threat, just a fact.

      They didn’t listen and now most of them have people running against them, there are multiple lawsuits filed against the Board for not representing its citizens, projects delayed, the press investigating any backroom deals … . And I’m just smiling. Magic, Runes and Reiki … they work! 🙂

      Much love and light … ❤

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      • Oh that is brilliant your last paragraph especially.. YES they DO work…. Magic against Magick.. 🙂
        My hair was in need of a serious cut … But on reflection if this is the ongoing protocol I will be doing a rethink of my hair style.. Thankfully I don’t colour my hair,, So will go grey gracefully when that time comes…
        Your neighbourhood sounds brill…..

        Our own cul-de-sac has joined together over the lockdown.. I share veggies we have to spare.. Lettuce I give away to three neighbours, and we share books etc… and skills…. We have plumber, Joiner, builder, who have all served in one way or another during the lockdown helping people with projects.. Our neighbour who is a DIY property any kind of job man.. Helped my hubby with putting new wood around our garage…
        Showing us just how a community when pulling together can work and thrive…. Which is what may well have to happen in the not to distance future.. ❤
        Love and Hugs my friend ❤

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