Ann Kreilkamp ~ The Great Conjunction Jupiter/Saturn: Grounding Energy for Lift-Off

With Summer Solstice and a powerful Solar Eclipse behind us, friend, astrologer and permaculturist Ann Kreilkamp looks ahead to the powerful planetary alignments on Winter Solstice. While no one can definitively say when the Age of Aquarius began or begins, Winter Solstice 2020 seems a likely candidate with Jupiter and Saturn conjuncting at 0 degrees 28 minutes Aquarius.

As usual, this happens in very key spots of my natal chart and life. My Moon sits at 1 degrees 14 minutes Aquarius, so this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction closely conjuncts my Moon, which, in turn activates an exact Grand Trine in Air among my Aquarius Moon, Gemini Sun and Libra Pluto. Some astrologers theorize that the Star of Bethlehem occurred at a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, and I grew up in “The Christmas City,” Bethlehem, PA. David and I got married on Winter Solstice 2016.

On the Eve of Last Winter Solstice, I experienced a surreal and spontaneous “initiation” involving a Womb exhibit, powerful death and rebirth imagery, including a huge synchronicity with my birth time, owls and then finding a dead coyote frozen on the edge of Lake Michigan — right at dusk on this longest night of the year. I described some of that experience and included photos in a blog post, but the full tale remains complex and deeply personal. In any case, for me and for many others, it doesn’t feel too soon to bring Winter Solstice 2020 into our awareness. Here’s Ann encouraging us to find greater context from the previous conjunction in May 2000:

The Great Conjunction Jupiter/Saturn: Grounding Energy for Lift-Off

by Ann Kreilkamp

Note: Hold on to your hats, this is a long post!

Please keep in mind that this turbulent year’s finale will occur on Winter Solstice, December 21, the holiest day of the year, which will just so happen to feature what is known as a Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, at, guess what? 0° Aquarius!

Yes, I’d say that if we have been waiting all these decades for the Age of Aquarius to begin, it will finally ignite! But, a note of caution: electric Aquarius ramps up to warp speed only after death/rebirth Pluto itself also moves into Aquarius, in 2024. Between 2021 and 2024, expect a see-sawing between old and new: vertical, control-obsessed New World Order hierarchy vs. horizontal decentralized permacultural networking; the 1% (Capricorn) versus the 99% (Aquarius); doing things in old, stuck ways, versus using our imagination to explore and invent entirely new (and, paradoxically, ancient) ways of being and doing on planet Earth and out to the Great Beyond. For if any sign indicates space exploration, it’s Aquarius.


When studying the Great Conjunction of 1603, Joannes Kepler. thought that the Star of Bethlehem might be the occurrence of a Great Conjunction, which occurred in 7 BC.

(If so, I imagine the Star of Bethlehem included a conjunction of Mars, or maybe Venus for a short while, to give that bright spot in the sky extra punch for the Three Wise Men.)

What’s important here, is that Great Conjunctions of  Jupiter and Saturn, the two planets that function as a bridge between the individualized consciousness (short cycled planets, including Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars) and the planets of the collective unconscious (Uranus, Neptune Pluto and beyond), concern the manifestation of goals, plans, structures (Saturn) that are granted extra oomph (Jupiter) during each 20 year period.

And when did the last Great Conjunction begin? May 2000. We are only a few weeks from a 20 year anniversary during this month of June 2020. And what sign was it in then? Taurus, the most earthy earth sign, fixed, security-oriented, stable, and stubborn as hell. If there is any single sign that correlates with the natural world, it is Taurus.

And how far have we come in manifesting the Taurus expression? Another way of asking that question: how far has permaculture spread and grounded itself into millions of tiny projects during these last 20 years?

More personal: how attuned are we to our own bodies, and to the Earth herself?

I sense that the recent Covid-19 phenomenon showed us just how far we are from truly fulfilling the Taurus mission of the last Great Conjunction. For most people seem to have fallen for the psy-op of FEAR — fearing both death (a natural part of the life cycle) and fearing their very own bodies! And yet, the plandemic also helped many who were formerly oblivious to realize that we do need to connect more to the natural world. How many gardens were started during the months when we weren’t supposed to leave home? How many people now realize that local food is a top priority when supply chains can snap at any minute?

Though I don’t have any articles at my fingertips, I have noticed that more and more industrial farming methods are being criticized, even by Big Ag -oriented universities like Purdue!

Even so, I do sense that most of us did not utilize this 20 year cycle to fulfill its grounding mission and so, when the next cycle begins in December, will have lost a valuable opportunity. Meanwhile,  hold that thought.


Back up to a few days ago, when, in my ongoing Recapitulation Project (to find, retype if necessary, and eventually archive on-line the entire corpus of my writing life over the past 40 years), entry #332 into my Excel spread sheet happened to be an essay called “Grounding for Lift-Off” that I published as one of a quarterly series of newsletters called Celestial Navigtions sent to astrological clients via snail mail on a subscription basis.

And guess when that essay was composed? May 2o00, during the last Great Conjunction, when Jupiter/Saturn were in Taurus. I include a selection from that essay below.

For me personally, that conjunction was extremely significant, since my own personal Moon happens to be situated at the exact same degree as that Great Conjunction: 23° Taurus.

It was during that conjunction in May 2000 that I realized I had to leave Jackson Hole. After 18 years in that magnificent wild land, I recognized that the energy there was so electric that I couldn’t energetically drive my own personal root into the ground. What that meant, I didn’t know — not then. But I told my husband Jeff, and two years later, one Mars cycle later, we moved.

If you have any planets or other important points at or near 23° of  the fixed signs —Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius — I suggest you do what I did, review what you’ve been up to since May 2000. What overall long-term project, goal, attitude, expression, etc. was initiated then and followed through over these past 20 years. Whatever it was, this will serve as the foundation for what lies ahead, starting at the next Great Conjunction at 0° Aquarius, on December 21, this year.

I suggest you do this because I did this, and was utterly astonished at the result. Ommigoddess! This little Green Acres Permaculture Village, where I now make my very grounded, stable, earth-centered home, was the result! Here are two pics from this morning.

First, the original Overhill house, where we moved when husband Jeff wanted to leave Jackson Hole for law school at Indiana University, and then died six months later, leaving me with a legacy, that I first used to create a screened porch (to say hello to neighbors passing by) and then gradually ploughed into the ongoing emergent creation of what has transformed into this little permacultural paradise on earth.



When did this very Taurean manifestation begin to fulfill itself? in 2010, with permaculture workshops to transform the lawn of the house next door, which I had just purchased. When did that commence astrologically? At the opposition between Jupiter and Saturn in this Great Conjunction cycle!

Here’s the main garden now, which feeds nine people in our three village homes plus surplus to neighbors and friends. Keep in mind that this little paradise exists smack in the middle of a suburb that looks like any other suburb, i.e., lots of grass.

Now what’s remarkable about this recent find, of the May 2000  essay called “Grounding for Liftoff,” is that retyping it spurred me to look at what I have done for the past 20 years! Whew!

Here’s a selection from that old essay. I head it up with a photo of one of our current cats, Tiger, who just happened, this morning for the first time, after a very active night hunting, to punk himself down on my desk.

BTW: the essay itself segues back and forth between Taurus and Aquarius, the new energy we will be experiencing even more powerfully in the coming 20 years. I focused on Aquarius along with Taurus then, because the two outer planets Neptune and Uranus were then transiting through Aquarius. And look how much digital acceleration we have had to undergo since the year 2000? Truly, given what’s coming up, we simply must ground and center ourselves if we don’t wish to be electrocuted and/or turned into AI transhumans by the upcoming intense Aquarian energies.

So get those permaculture paradises flourishing folks! And if you haven’t begun yet, there’s still time. Simply begin. One step at a time. Center yourself enough to attract what you need.

Here goes, the finale of that old essay. I include a link to the entire composition as a pdf below.

I speak here from a decidedly Taurus point of view. If my concentration on this subject seems extreme, it reflects the fact that May’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction took place exactly on my natal 23° Taurus Moon. Nevertheless, given the current triumphant spreading of malignant narcissistic and short-sighted values, I feel that a continued emphasis on the original natural earthy values of Taurus is needed to heal a culture that is so heady, so preoccupied with communication and transportation technologies, so bent on bloating the individual ego through money, status, things, and gambling of all kinds, including the stock market.

And I am Sagittarian, one who has for most of my life pretty much ignored my Taurus Moon. As I tried and failed not to ignore my young sons, and then, in 1972, when they were five and seven, abandoned them to the care of their narcissistic father. This most unnatural and wrenching decision shut my emotional body down. I talk about our problems as a culture because they have been my problems too. And, being Sagittarian, I both speak my truth and generalize.

In this essay, I speak from the perspective of one who has only recently — during the period spanning the two rare Taurus meetings of May 2000 — moved down into my body and pretty much stayed there. At the end of that month, during the week surrounding the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction,  I experienced the peculiar paradoxical expansion/contraction evoked by those two planets, operating together. One day I would be Saturn, feeling low, depressed, leaden, worried and frustrated about time and my goals and needing to figure everything out right now! The next day, inexplicably, I would wake up as Jupiter — expansive, optimistic, full of faith and gratitude —  for all my blessings, knowing that everything will work out perfectly in a benevolent universe which holds me in her hand like a precious child. As the days went on, these polarized moods alternated in more rapid succession, until finally they came to rest within me as an integrated circuit.

The end result, the final conclusion that I reached during this period was a recognition that I have no roots into the Earth, and that whereas I didn’t need them before, I do now. Moreover, I sense that I cannot put real roots down here, in dramatic, spectacular, rocky and extreme Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I entered this valley 18 years ago, and I thank the gorgeous wild land for confronting me to heal my addictions, and plunging me into my work. Now I long for what I thought I would never need: a closeness to children and grandchildren, a soft and gentle, more forgiving land, one which can support a more “ordinary” life.

Kneeling there in my garden during May 2000, my bare knees feeling the damp prickly ground, morning sun warming my back like a lover, I worked the mulched soil with bare hands, ears attuned to the trickle of the tiny creek, skin sensing the breeze lift individual hairs.

Ever since last August’s fixed cross solar eclipse I have been descending deeper into my own body, settling into the natural world as never before. I thank my teacher for this, who arrived in late September, at our doorstep. He was a tiny kitten then, born during that fixed cross eclipse. Now Lukas is an alert, sleek, graceful hunter and explorer of his wild territory. Through his eyes and ears and nose and skin I have been initiated into the wonders of this tiny plot of land around our yurt. He has led me to appreciate weeds as they brush against bare legs; to marvel at water skippers as they scamper across the current, each delicate leg’s placement subtly disturbing water’s surface tension. Lukas has guided me to see which trees have branches close to the ground, which do not; which one’s are close enough to leap from one to the other. I too now quiver to the choirs of birds, the slight rustle of mice, the dark s pot of spider, of buzzing bee or fly. Everything that moves is his delight and mine, the subject of intense concentration. His body and mind are one, centered deeply into the moment, moving according to internal rhythms rather than external controls. He teaches me to expand and contract in the present, and to still myself into the dreamtime where I hear my name being called. Above all, he teaches me to center into my own body as a sovereign being, beholden to no one, sensitive to my entire environment, expressive of all that is my nature as it pulses into creation.


P.S. For me, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius will occur directly opposite the midpoint of my Jupiter/Pluto in Cancer/Leo. What does that portend? I have no idea. Trust. Love. Allow the universe to breathe through me as this Great Conjunction Taurus cycle completes. Only then will the world open. Only then will we learn what is in store for us next.

I remember my own long term motto: FOLLOW YOUR NATURE, AND NATURE TAKES CARE OF YOU.

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    Ann – I and many others will benefit from your practical and encouraging words … thanks! Despite the fact that I am fond of astrology from, I constantly remind myself that the planets continue their cycles, and that we all, I hope, will develop thanks to this experience. Stay fit.

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