Dream Time….

I’m booked with sessions during this live Simulcast, but it sounds wonderful. Thanks to my lovely friend Sue for posting the announcement. I’m sharing here in case anyone can catch it. 8 p.m. UK time on Monday, June 15 — 3 p.m. Eastern US time, 2 p.m. Central, 1 p.m. Mountain and noon on Pacific time. Enjoy!

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

 Dear WordPress  Family…. I am sharing this with you so that those who wish to listen to the live broadcast may do so, I have no doubts you will find what Mac Macartney has to say very  interesting…  I am sharing the email reminder I had today.   While I am not on FB, I do watch on YouTube.. So those who are on FB might want to pass it around.. 

I will share more of my own Dream-time with you in my next post… which I am working upon, in which I will be sharing my painting and explaining my thoughts while painting it.. Have a wonderful rest of your  Sunday, and a beautiful peaceful New Week…  Love Sue  🙏💖

All links should… connect..

Happy Sunday Sue!
Mac Macartney
‘Dreaming Ourselves Awake’
Live Simulcast – Mon 15 June at 8pm UK BST
PT 12pm | EST 3pm | BST 8pm…

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  1. Bless you Laura… I am so pleased you have.. I know you more than anyone will understand Dream time… and I am so looking forward to listening to what he has to say this time around…
    His contribution in the film stood out for me also.. Its late as I attempt to do a little catching up in blog land…
    I will be back tomorrow to catch more of your posts Laura… Sending LOVE and well wishes my friend.. ❤ And thank you for sharing..

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