June North Node Horoscopes are Up

Due to the holiday weekend, these got posted a little later than the usual 22nd, but they’re up now.

North Node June Theme!

Eclipse Season begins with a Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5, followed by a Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse on June 21st, just one day after Summer Solstice. These events will affect everyone on some level. Whether or not it triggers any destiny level activity in your life depends on not only the sign but especially the degree of your North Node.

You can read the rest of the intro and find your individual North Node Horoscope by clicking here. (If you don’t know your North Node sign, Catherine Grace O’s blog has a handy chart to figure it out.)

Normally, I recommend reading both your sign and the sign associated with the house of your North Node (if you know it), but this month has such specific alignments in the sky that your North Node sign kind of trumps its house. You can read both, but the house is less involved in the predictions than it often is. For reference:

1st House North Node = Aries North Node similarities

2nd House North Node = Taurus North Node similarities

3rd House North Node = Gemini North Node similarities

4th House North Node = Cancer North Node similarities

5th House North Node = Leo North Node similarities

6th House North Node = Virgo North Node similarities

7th House North Node = Libra North Node similarities

8th House North Node = Scorpio North Node similarities

9th House North Node = Sagittarius North Node similarities

10th House North Node = Capricorn North Node similarities

11th House North Node = Aquarius North Node similarities

12th House North Node = Pisces North Node similarities

For example, if you have a Leo North Node in the 12th house, your primary North Node Horoscope would be Leo, but you’ll also find guidance in the Pisces North Node information. The beauty of North Node horoscopes is that you can usually calculate the sign without an exact birth time, and the sign is always super relevant to your life path. As with anything in astrology, though, the more exact time you have, the more subtle information you can glean.

Again, this month’s North Node Horoscopes are less house-specific and more sign-specific than usual.

Happy Eclipse Season and Venus Retrograde!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Fun! 🌈 And I love how here for Pacific Time peeps, the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse is on the night of 6/20 at 11:41 pm for our wedding 🎉

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  2. Thanks Laura! I had to look up sitali pranayama- never knew its proper name. Glad to know such a simple tool can help. 🙂

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