The Hermit Archetype in a Time of Social Distance

I finally got started on the Hermit portal today. My goodness, as the world went into hermit mode, I got super busy! While rumblings to reopen society get louder, I feel like this Hermit portal has now had enough time to incubate. The bottom quote changed at least five times, and I received an extra month of Dreamtime instructions. Today, as the Sun crosses 15 Taurus, the actual crossquarter day of Beltane, I designed and sketched the outline and filled in the sky. The lantern of wisdom begins to shine its rays in the darkness.

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As large swaths of humanity practice “social distancing” and “voluntary quarantine,” it becomes clear why The Hermit keeps knocking on me to become the next portal painting. This has been going on for months, but I always let paintings announce themselves in their own timing. Today, I got out nine (for Hermit’s #9) Tarot decks and pulled the Hermit card from each, so I could explore the archetype itself.

I laid them out on the mandala rug in my office and found this image so emblematic of society right now:


All the individual Hermits doing their own thing, shine light outward, but they also blend into a larger, connecting mandala. These larger, magical connections become more apparent (in focus) the more we each “blur” our usual perspectives and go deeper inside ourselves.

I felt led to post a lot during the early stages of the US crisis, and yes, I’m…

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  1. I bet your door is glowing! with its light… 🙂

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  2. […] good indoor photographs. This “door” has been knocking on my subconscious for months. I thought I’d begin the weekend of March 29th, tapping into the world’s pandemic “hermit” mode; however, when the world goes […]



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