Garden Tower Project + Face Mask Frames

Last night, I asked my future self in my dreams, “What are you grateful I put into play earlier? What do you wish I had done now?”

As a result, Crazy Plant Lady spent this morning figuring out how to set up our Garden Tower 2 in an animal proof way, since all the critters have made for much smaller scale gardening than I did in Goshen with two fully permacultured yards. I also ordered seeds for crop varieties I’d given up growing due to our many groundhog “friends.” We mostly have perennial herbs, rhubarb, alpine strawberries, aronia, elderberry and blueberry bushes, plus some edible ornamentals scattered among the flowers.

The Garden Tower 2 inside a mesh pop up cage, on top of concrete pavers surrounded by wire fencing, in our fenced backyard should allow me to grow carrots, collards and other goodies normally devoured by rabbits, groundhogs and deer. With some of my crops protected, I can focus attention more on those, and feel relaxed about the other beds planted with more critter resistant varieties.

We have a yard with lots of raised beds, but the Garden Tower 2 allows you to grow 50 plants and compost in a very small space. For those people looking to garden more, here’s a list of my favorite permaculture and edible yard resources.

I also see that The Garden Tower Project is now manufacturing face mask frames for men, women and children. You can add your own filter, bandana, or whatever fabric you have on hand.

I know both Colin Cudmore (inventor of The Garden Tower Project) and his mom, Ann Kreilkamp, but I have no financial connection to these resources. Just sharing here in case anyone else feels led to increase garden yields or make their own face masks. Remember to breathe! As the Hopi say, “This could be a good time.”

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  1. Hehe! Looking forward to garden tower and garden time again here. We’re going have another storm starting in a few hours through mid-week so still not spring here although my bulbs all ready to bloom out front. The perennial herbs are my go-to here that the forest critters leave alone and Astrid gets to enjoy. But I did do the wire protection two years ago that worked. Now I don’t need it. Fun fun spring time!

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    Im feeling we all might want to take a cue from Laura and her future self. Laura, thank you dear lady for all you do oxox

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  3. Posted by Eliza Ayres on April 4, 2020 at 4:28 pm

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    Clever gardening lady!

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  4. i wish there were a mini version!!

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    Our Governor just outlawed buying seeds and garden supplies as non-essential. Those Dream Guys give good tips! I bought everything last weekend. Heads up in case your Governor follows suit. Ours is particularly nutty.



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