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While we await Timothy Glenn’s 2020 overview, I thought I’d repost this initials and “finitials” coding post. So many people have had a rough go of this pea soup level Mercury Retrograde. If this includes you, then you might want to take advantage of the final review period before Mercury goes direct on Monday. Big blessings … this, too, shall pass! There’s great value in review, especially if it leads to expansive growth and change!

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Here’s a different type of post from Timothy Glenn. It can appeal to artists and scientists alike, and it provides effective ways to hack your own inner programming. Tim’s article came through via email just after I posted yesterday’s Dolores Cannon video. As synchronicity would have it, they go well together like theory and technique.

Superconscious Technique

by Timothy Glenn

Sometimes we dust off an old book and reread it, discovering that it now offers a whole new experience. Sometimes we pull an old technique out of our memory banks, and find it works more effectively than ever. Such has been the case with the Superconscious Technique.

I initially encountered the Superconscious Technique back in the early 90’s through a group called Extraterrestrial Earth Mission. A lot of us adopted it, and then adapted it to suit ourselves. After retrieving it from the halls of memory a few months…

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