True Colors: February North Node Horoscopes Are Up!

In our second month collaborating, Catherine Grace O’Connell posted my February 18 – March 19, 2020 North Node Horoscopes with a new article on her blog. You can find her article here at “True Colors: Your Fierce Feb North Node Readings.” She shares more of her own personal journey with our North Node work together. If you want to go straight to the ‘scopes, you can find them here. I had so much fun writing these! I incorporated your North Node sign’s color for an accessible connection to what often feels foreign at first — even though it’s your soul’s biggest dream in this lifetime.

If you don’t know your North Node sign, Catherine’s got a table on her site to tell you. Those of you who happen to know both your North Node sign and its house will also find value looking up the corresponding sign for that house:

1st House North Node = Aries North Node similarities

2nd House North Node = Taurus North Node similarities

3rd House North Node = Gemini North Node similarities

4th House North Node = Cancer North Node similarities

5th House North Node = Leo North Node similarities

6th House North Node = Virgo North Node similarities

7th House North Node = Libra North Node similarities

8th House North Node = Scorpio North Node similarities

9th House North Node = Sagittarius North Node similarities

10th House North Node = Capricorn North Node similarities

11th House North Node = Aquarius North Node similarities

12th House North Node = Pisces North Node similarities


For example, if you have a Leo North Node in the 12th house, your primary North Node Horoscope would be Leo, but you’ll also find guidance in the Pisces North Node information. The beauty of North Node horoscopes is that you can usually calculate the sign without an exact birth time, and the sign is always super relevant to your life path. As with anything in astrology, though, the more exact time you have, the more subtle information you can glean. (Just a little tip to pull more from these monthly North Node Horoscopes.)

We’re still aiming to release these on or around the 22nd. Since the Sun moved into Pisces on the 18th, I finished them earlier this month. I wanted to wait for Catherine’s article before posting the February North Node Horoscopes link, because I knew she had some gems to share this time. 🙂

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