Door Number 12: The World Card

These portal doors from Canada (Door Numbers 11 and 12) are “up” right now for some reason. Actually, I had an amazing dream about the World Card in January.

In my dream, the World Card was on an actual card —maybe 18-24” tall — with an intricately jeweled owl on the front and the vibrant oval wreath inside. Together, this greeting card made a literal portal, available for use in the dream. I still marvel at those sparkly and colorful jewels making up the owl. It’s one of my favorite dreams, and this remains one of my favorite painted portal doors. Enjoy!

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Door Number 12 is another commissioned piece, located in the same hallway as Door Number 11. I hadn’t planned to paint a second door there, but the patron felt so happy with Door Number 11 and the bathroom door kept “talking” to me, so we agreed it needed “to express itself.” I know it sounds weird, but all three of us discussed the vision for this door — in ordinary conversations and then in dreams. I had not planned to paint a tarot card on this one, but The World Card hijacked my dreams, reminding me of how Freya and Frigga jumped in ahead of The Lovers for Door Number 6.

The homeowner wanted the Runes for Joy and Flow in this door, and I had intended to create something entirely different, but the World Card or “Starry Dancer” appeared every time I closed my eyes. When I…

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  1. I always marvel at your portal doors dear Laura, and these were beautiful. your Owl sounded to be beautiful and very significant in its bejewelled plumage.. Maybe the owl’s wisdom and night time ‘Dream’ travelling is telling you something you need to open your vision to.. As Owls have wonderful vision, and can also swivel their heads right around.. Could there be something that needs looking at from a different perspective right now?
    What ever it is… I feel because of the jewels, you are going to find treasures in your new insights…

    Beautiful artwork dear Laura… Much love your way my friend.. ❤

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  2. Thank you, sweet Sue! Yes, the Owl is one of my big totem animals, and it does tend to appear when I have choices to make or need a new perspective. I love your interpretation of my dream! Much love to you, too! ❤


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