Astrobutterfly ~ Astrology of December 2019 – the Grand Finale

At the bottom of this post, I’m linking to a fabulous preview of December 2019’s astro energies, written up by Astrobutterfly. On the collective level, we’re in for some big shifts. On a personal level, December 2019 culminates many of the astro transits I’ve used as examples in recent blog posts.

My North Node sits at 8° Capricorn, so the December 3, 2019 Venus Conjunct South Node transit occurs right on my North Node (future/soul’s trajectory), while the collective feels a South Node (past) impact.

The upcoming Full Moon also might be the most potent Full Moon activation of my chart that I’ve experienced — at least in recent memory.

From Astrobutterfly:

“December 12th, 2019 – Full Moon In Gemini

What a Full Moon! Venus is completely sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto (Saturn is at 19° Capricorn, Venus at 20° Capricorn, and Pluto at 21° Capricorn.) And the Full Moon (at 19° Gemini) is quincunx all of that.

AND, if that was not enough, on the same day, Chiron changes direction. The primal identity wound (Chiron direct at 1° Aries) can no longer be ignored. This time, we have to get to the heart of the matter (Venus conjunct Saturn and Pluto). No matter how.

Because the quincunx will ask you to find a creative solution. Pay special attention to this Full Moon, because it will reveal what the monumental Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 is really about.”

In my intro to Ann Kreilkamp’s recent post on the January 2020 Saturn/Pluto Conjunction, I mentioned how my natal 21° Gemini Saturn is getting majorly activated by a quincunx aspect with transiting Pluto. Well, it turns out this powerful Gemini Full Moon will hit within 2 degrees of my natal Saturn, which will get a quadruple whammy from transiting Venus, Saturn, Pluto quincunxing it, with the Full Moon conjuncting it. Mega-hit. No wonder this spot has felt so “up” for me in recent weeks. Yet another example of sensing the impending energies before putting names to them.

Also on December 12, 2019, Chiron stations direct at 1° Aries, which happens to be my Sun/Moon Midpoint, currently activating an exact kite formation with my natal exact Grand Trine among Sun-Moon-Pluto. I wrote of this kite in Precognitive Blues, Part 3: Astrology, Card Divination and Animal Spirits. In that same post, I also mentioned how much more powerful I find the precognitive activation/dreams when a longer transit planet/centaur changes direction or changes signs. I hadn’t thought to look at the degree Chiron will station direct, but of course it would just happen to occur on this literally essential (as in “Essence of Me”) point in my natal chart.

I also just noticed that the Solar Eclipse at 4° Capricorn on December 26 forms a Grand Trine in Earth with transiting Uranus at 2-3° Taurus (also conjunct my Part of Fortune) and my 3° Virgo Ascendant. Jupiter (expansive, lucky) will be at 5° Capricorn and Pholus (small thing, BIG EFFECT) will be just a bit past 2° Capricorn on December 26, both within orb of the Solar Eclipse. I think of Jupiter-Pholus conjunctions as the Big Bang, so on the collective level, we’ll have Jupiter-Pholus-Sun-Moon interacting with Uranus. Mega Big Bang. Then, personally, that forms a Grand Trine with key spots of my natal chart.

In other words, if you’ve sensed that things seem particularly “up” for me right now, these are some major astrological reasons why. December 2019’s transits affect my chart in an extremely personal way, but these and other transits are powerful enough to affect everyone in some way just by virtue of being alive at this time.

As Astrobutterfly says:

When I write the monthly reports, I usually put the most important transit in the title, for example, ‘Uranus enters Taurus’ or ‘Venus goes retrograde’ but I just couldn’t pick just one asto event for the month of December, because there are simply too many things going on.

Find out more about this Grand Finale of the decade by clicking here. Definitely worth a read!

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  1. a very packed december indeed, which we’ve both been feeling and how january is significant with these changes upcoming. interesting i’ll be away during a good portion of these transits including the big full moon.

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  2. Posted by Kieron on November 30, 2019 at 12:10 am

    Oh great. That FM at 19 Gemini will be right *on* my natal Saturn at 19 degrees Gemini, which also occupies my first house/Asc. OMG. Something will illuminate, that’s for sure.

    I didn’t know you also have Saturn in Gemini, as well as that North Node Cap you and I and Tania have going on! Wow. Mine is 19 Cap so there’s a lot of 19 going on here, with Saturn transiting 19 degrees Cap, on top of the 2019 theme all by itself. Something’s up. Forewarned is forearmed, so thank you. This could be a good thing, as you always say…

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    • Well, Kieron, no wonder I awoke wondering exactly where your Cappy NN is! Things could get very interesting this month, especially for you, Tania and me. With the eclipse and the Pholus involvement, it might take awhile to discern what exactly happened, but I suspect the FM will be very illuminating.

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  3. i have natal saturn in gemini Kieron 😉

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  4. Posted by Kieron on November 30, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    No kidding!? wow. This is seriously wyrd. 🙂 On top of it all, my natal Sun is at 19 Sco, and the Dec 12 FM will feature the Sun at 19 Sag since the Sun opposes the Moon at 19 Gem. So much 19. Peculiar significance. 🤨

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    • Yes, so you are getting a Yod with this FM. Fun times. I am so sobered by my own transits that I started a new portal door for my natal Yod’s. Nodes and Yod’s are so up for me right now.

      The 19 also reminds me of my Sun portal door, # 19 in order, as well as the Sun card number.



    • The Sun will release your transiting Yod, so that may go really well for you. 😊



  5. […] and Thorn” and “You’re going to integrate that Isis Yod in your natal chart. That Venus transit over the South Node conjunct your North Node — the one you’re so nervous about because anything crossing your North Node has huge […]



  6. Posted by thymia17 on December 4, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    Hee! Reading Astro Butterfly, I love the description of Jupiter in Capricorn – this is a description of me personally, having a stellium in Capricorn (including Sun & Moon but not conjunct), and Sag rising. Perfect – the two friends. I used to wonder, why do I feel both ways? but now I understand. I always used to think of it as just moderating the Saturnian influence … it even confuses people who meet me who are intuitive …

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  7. […] a personal note, I have to laugh, because yet again, these major events — especially the planets turning direction and the shift from Earth to […]



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