Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: The Tower of Liberation

This one feels important to reblog. I’ve posted on the Tower card many times, but Tania and Astrid give some extra insights here that I’m sure will hit home for some people right now. Between Tower cards, foundation shifts and restructuring the deepest levels of the collective and individual, many feel challenged at this time. As Tania and Astrid share, the Tower also offers reason for excitement.

“Trauma and disruption can be turned into inspiration and creation.” Yes!

Tania and I were texting yesterday about her sense of not needing to know exactly which road to take — that it will become clear when she needs to know. I shared a dream from two weeks ago in which roads began to appear all around me, circling like spaghetti strands. In the dream, I tried to see down each road to find “the right one,” but they looped so much I couldn’t see that far. A voiceover said, “It doesn’t matter which road you take. All these roads lead to the same place. All these roads will take you home.”

Same message, hers in life, mine in dream. In both cases, the message brings comfort and encouragement as towers and foundations shift.

Tania Marie

the tower.jpg

I was drawn to take this photo of Astrid two evenings ago and it lingered with me. Of course, when asking her if she had anything for her blog today or not, she directed my attention to this photo and I instantly understood. She’s so wise!

I always refer to this as her Castle Tower and it’s literally one of her favorite go-to places. She either lays to the left of it, comforted by the tower as protective shelter, lays under it, or inside the top floor of it enjoying the sun shining upon her and sometimes checking out the lay of the land as a lookout point.

I hadn’t thought of its connection to The Tower card in the Tarot deck and increasing collective experiences of change until this morning, nor had I realized so much symbolism in how she uses this Tower, as well as the set-up for…

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  1. Interesting note: Christian Orthodoxy’s “Ladder of Ascent” icon bears a striking resemblance to the tower card. Check it out.

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  2. It’s actually titled “The Ladder of Divine Ascent” (by John Climacus), which says it all. Sorry I left out the word “Divine” in my previous comment. This icon (and teaching) depicts a process of ever higher spiritual evolution drawing one ever closer to one’s ultimate spiritual aspirations. Which in Orthodoxy is union with God.

    People are climbing a kadder. Some are falling off it, while others are ascending steadily upwards, and some are hanging on for dear life. So very like the Tower card!

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  3. astrid is a smarty pants ❤ i love her humble and subtle way of teaching. we both thank sweet L for sharing this and the journey!

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  4. Posted by Anthony on November 24, 2019 at 5:25 am

    Wow, you gals are tapping into a lot of the same “veins” I seem to be, regarding what is going down in the world at this time…and Laura, your dream about the “spaghetti strands” and how all paths lead to freedom??

    I’ll leave a link to this Laura Walker You-Tube video from this April:

    As an observer of both of you over the years, y’all seem to see many of the same things – though you present what you see using different “languages”. I am grateful for you both in explaining what is going on in this reality at this time, and thank you all for your insights!!

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  5. thank you so much for your sweet words anthony ❤ it's wonderful to hear that you are feeling similarly. the collective well of energy is shared between us all, so i do feel that we each are receiving the same things relative to our individual frequencies. the different languages you speak of, i believe, make things collectively more accessible to everyone since some speak louder and more resonating than others based on the receiver's energy signature too.

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