Ann Kreilkamp ~ From death throes to birth pains: Saturn/Pluto detonates cardinal structures

Some additional context from me (Laura) first:

I’ve been sensing chthonic, subconscious, magical, eruptive, primal, regenerative Pluto rooting around and doing something with my natal Saturn. I’ve also long felt that this January 2020 conjunction between Saturn and Pluto at 22-23 Capricorn would somehow be a “direct hit” on my chart. Until yesterday, the aspect eluded me, though. No “major” aspects get triggered, since my Saturn’s in Gemini, while Pluto’s in Capricorn.

Pluto (and Saturn) have been transiting my 5th house of pleasure/creativity/children/private relationships, and I’ve been getting loads of dream downloads and synchronicities about how my 5th house impacts my 10th house (career/public life), which includes my natal Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, in that order. The recent messages have been grinding and relentless (Pluto) — but also with a sense of fun/creativity (5th house) and everything getting upgraded (Saturn) and properly placed in proper timing (Saturn). With Saturn as Father Time and Pluto as Lord of the Underworld, precise synchronicities linked to my subconscious are really outdoing themselves!

As so often happens when an aspect I sense energetically goes exact, I discovered that transiting Pluto at 21 degrees 04′ Capricorn is currently inconjunct aka quincunx my 21 degrees 04′ Gemini Saturn. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction will occur within 1-2 degrees of my natal Saturn. In other words, my energetic sense was accurate. I just didn’t think to look at inconjunctions. Some astrologers consider this a major aspect, while most consider it minor. I would call it major for me at this time. It’s also an aspect concerned with integration. The signs involved have nothing in common but need to learn to work together — quite a metaphor for our political world right now!

In my life, it feels like a constant irritant making the oyster’s pearl, with frequent, reassuring updates on that pearl’s progress. This has played out with dreams about shifting, cracking or flooding foundations/basements (Pluto) being repaired (Saturn), as well as Tania Marie sending me a similarly themed dream in which I appear.

It has also coincided with real-life, pre-disaster plumbing upgrades and fortification in our basement. I shared some details in Precognitive Blues, Part 2, and will probably share more in Part 3.  From a synchronicity standpoint, I not only discovered this quincunx/inconjunction between transiting Pluto and my natal Saturn on the day it went exact; I did so while the head plumber (Pluto) was here evaluating (Saturn) how to disaster-proof (Saturn/Pluto) our basement (Pluto).

The foundation theme is up for many people right now. Ann Kreilkamp, Timothy Glenn and I have all posted on this upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and I’m sure we’ll do so again. It will have generational and macro society effects, as well as personal effects. I’ve only shared a little of what this transit’s been stirring up in my life, but it feels monumental. If you have anything placed at 20-24 Gemini or Leo, you might think you’re not affected, but you probably will be. Interestingly, President Trump’s natal Sun sits at 22 degrees 56′ Gemini, so we’ll see how this transit plays out for him.

The more obvious signs affected are Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries. Those with placements in 20-24 Taurus, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio may find more harmonious support with trines and sextiles. Aquarians might think they get a pass, but since Saturn acts as a co-ruler (with Uranus) of Aquarius, you’ll probably feel it, too. In other words, this rare conjunction affects a lot more people than might initially seem the case. As an increasingly empathic species, humanity will also feel a shift regardless of individual placements.

I just wanted to add this information, because I’ve sensed that inconjunct/quincunx energy doing major excavation and renovations in my own life. The areas affected in your life will depend on houses, signs and aspects, but heads up: sensitive folks can feel this! Here’s Ann talking about outer world, generational and personal effects of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction:

Ann Kreilkamp ~ From death throes to birth pains: Saturn/Pluto detonates cardinal structures

I say this because the upcoming conjunction (rare, about every 35-36 years) between Saturn and Pluto, exact at 22° Capricorn in January 2020, doesn’t just impact those born in Capricorn. This critical  conjunction will either conjunct, square, or oppose a certain degree range (18° through 27°, which I shall call, henceforth, “the middle degree range”) within each of the cardinal signs of initiation: Aries (self), Cancer (family), Libra (relationships), and Capricorn (structures). Furthermore, these Saturn/Pluto reverberations happen on at least three levels: outer world, generational, and personal.

Entire books could, and should, be written about the Saturn/Pluto effect on each of these levels. So for me to pretend to give this subject any kind of full treatment in one post is laughable. However: as will be come obvious if you read all the way through this otherwise somewhat abstract outline: what counts is our ability to face, embrace and erase whatever in our lives is no longer viable because the structure within which it has been organized no longer works.

Outer World Effects of Saturn/Pluto

In most of my many recent posts that reference the upcoming exact Saturn/Pluto conjunction, I focus on the most obvious level: “outer world” events, mainly political and geopolitical, especially important because this particular Saturn/Pluto conjunction (2019-2020), happens to be the prelude to the first ever Return of Pluto to its own natal place in the chart of the United States (2020-2024). Will these United States stay united throughout the upcoming ordeal? A real question.

Generational Effects of Saturn/Pluto

The generational effects impact three groups of people:

1) those born with Saturn/Neptune in Libra square Uranus in Cancer (1952-53),

2) those born with Saturn/Pluto in Libra (1982-1983),

3) those born with Uranus/Neptune in those middle degrees of Capricorn (1991-1995).

For each of these three pinpointed generations, the underlying, usually unconscious outer planet signature will be stimulated, triggered; and always the result will be to expose and detonate underlying structures that have held them in place, usually unconsciously, all their lives.

These structures are first of all invisible, in the psyche, energetic signatures that then tend to materialize into visible structures in the outer world.

For the youngest group,  (1991-1995), the Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn generation, otherwise known as the upper end of the millennial generation, (24 to 28 years old), its generational purpose is enormous: TO COMPLETELY RESTRUCTURE SOCIETY. The current, still forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction, now conjuncting their own natal unconscious signature, is bringing that generational purpose to the surface. And though it is driving them, it may not be something they are consciously aware of — except to recognize, a great many of them, that the way society is currently organized has resulted, for them, in massive student debt which they may not ever be able to pay off, much less buy a house or start a family! On the other hand, those internally destined to become leaders of their generation, are even now, deeply involved in this enormous task of beginning to restructure society, at all levels, by experimenting with new and yet untested structures.

The second group, Saturn/Pluto in Libra, now 36-37 years old, will likely find themselves focused especially on how their primary relationships (whether romantic or business) are or are not working, and if so, how to restructure for the future.

The final, and oldest group, Saturn/Neptune in Libra square Uranus in Cancer generation  (1952-1953), are now 66 to 67 years old, and heading into retirement. For these people, their natal three-planet outer planet signature, which has stirred up trouble from day one, given their unconscious need to both base relationships on a more spiritual foundation (Saturn/Neptune), while simultaneously allowing a more open, freeing energetic within family life (Uranus in Cancer), is likely once again be tested, given that the forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is detonating long-term structures, traditions, protocols, patterns, dynamics they had set up within their one-to-one relationships as well as those they’ve upheld in family life.

It’s time to ask a more general question: Why do structures detonate? Answer: because they are or have become too tight, too constricting, squeezing the life flow that must be allowed and maintained for healthy functioning. So, in all cases, the way through is to allow the detonation to proceed organically, naturally, and as consciously as possible, recognizing that this particular structure has lost its usefulness, given new conditions. As old structures die off, so new ones will arise in their place, but this will require prolonged experimentation with what does and does not work, given one’s possibly changed aims and goals.

Saturn/Pluto in personal life

So now let’s just take a glance at how the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is affecting personal life for those born with major planets (not necessarily outer planets) in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. For example, the Sun.

For the Sun in those middle degrees of Aries: this time is one of fearless and possibly impatient individual initiative that will likely disturb traditional structures and the powers behind them, in relationships (Libra), family life (Cancer), and society (Capricorn).

For the Sun in those middle degrees of Cancer: this time is one wherein the person is forced to recognize how his or her own vulnerable emotionality has been captured into some kind of structure, dynamic, or protocol that no longer serves, inside the self (Aries), in relationship (Libra) and in society (Capricorn).

For the Sun in those middle degrees of Libra: this time is one wherein the person needs to step up to the plate, and not be cowed by the conscious or unconscious agenda of other individuals with whom they are in relationship. Plus, of course, adjustments needed in family life (Cancer), individual goals (Aries) and at work in the outer world (Capricorn).

For the Sun in those middle degrees of Capricorn: this is a time when all hell breaks loose! And since the Capricorn individual is more attached than most to existing structures of any kind, the detonation of them will open up entirely new worlds on individual (Aries), relationship (Libra) and family (Cancer) levels.

The point is, though detonating structures hurt, cause pain, that suffering, caused by one’s clinging attachment to old structures, when embraced, when felt in the body, mind and spirit all the way through to the end, can, in fact, be recognized as birth pangs of  new structures, protocols, patterns, dynamics, that will support healthy functioning by allowing the life force to, once again, flow freely.

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  1. Interesting. Got two cracked teeth filled yesterday. I have just a little bit in that mid-range Ann mentions being hit: MARS 21º Taurus, MOON 21º Gemini, MERCURY 22º Cancer, SUN 27º45′ Cancer, URANUS 20º Leo, and JUPITER 25º Sag. Yikes or Wow?! (Hope your plumbing situation gets righted soon; that’s no fun.)

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  3. Posted by Nomad noman on November 14, 2019 at 8:58 pm

    Great insight; thanks for sharing your writing. The picture of the magick of birthing a new avatar for the inbound soul: impressive and sobering considering the times.

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    • Thanks, Nomad noman. I do a lot of fertility work, and I will say that the souls coming in here at this time give me tremendous optimism for our world. Amazing beings! Rational thought says they’re nuts, but so many of these are very gifted beings intent on experiencing beauty, harmony and love through the power of their own creativity. I’ve been noticing this since at least 2008.



  4. Quincunx/inconjunct? Maybe you should invent a new term, like “quinconjunx?” Or how about “inquinjunct?” Save those precious letters!

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    • I like it, eckxforthehall! I only included both terms because it took me quite awhile to figure out they were exactly the same thing. Many posts don’t list both terms … but yes, a bit letter-full!



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  7. So enjoyed reading this and see … Having a Knowing! type of understanding rather than an Astrological one what we see happening in the world right now is all making sense to me, even if for many it is bringing about chaos and fears….
    So the following paragraph said volumes to my ears as it confirmed that which I know internally..
    “So, in all cases, the way through is to allow the detonation to proceed organically, naturally, and as consciously as possible, recognizing that this particular structure has lost its usefulness, given new conditions. As old structures die off, so new ones will arise in their place, but this will require prolonged experimentation with what does and does not work, given one’s possibly changed aims and goals.”

    That is what is about to happen within our Global world… Also slowly within Mankinds awareness, as She/he ‘Slowly’ comes into the realisation of this illusionary world is not what he/she thought it was..

    Tell me Laura… Would you know if this period in time affect electric circuits??? only I have had three items of electrical failures, which were my washer.. Car… and now oven yesterday, all die due to electrical failure.. My Son also had his Washer, Iron, and Oven, all die too within a week of each other.. … 🙂 Just wondering if the energies could affect our electrical circuits 🙂

    Many thanks for your informative post.. 🙂

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    • Sue, that paragraph you highlighted is, indeed, very powerful! In general, I find that when I go through internal upgrades or strong emotions, I blow out plumbing and especially electronics. I have in the past year, voluntarily and preemptively upgraded things I sensed I might blow out, and so far so good — that seems to have worked. Your mileage may vary. While waiting for my divorce to go through in 2010, I went through 9 cell phones in 9 months. They knew me by sight at the downtown Chicago Verizon store, and I was on personal terms with the internet guy since he replaced my modem and router so many times. I could go on and on … I’ve blown out more laptops than I can keep track of, although Apple products seem stronger than my energy.

      Short answer is that it may be surges of electrical energy coming off the people who are being upgraded. That is not uncommon among people who have large energy fields. ❤

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