Precognitive Blues, Part One: Dreams, Warnings and Blessings

The title and topic of this blog post have been rolling around in my dreams and waking life for several weeks. Whenever I’ve tried to change the title, I get a “No,” and so far, whenever I’ve considered sitting down to write this piece, I hear, “Not yet.” Until today. Apparently, today’s the day. It strikes me that the process I just described illustrates much of what this post will cover.

Idea/insight. No, don’t change the title, but you can add a subtitle. No, not yet. Not YET. NOT YET. …. No, no, Now!

Because I write about precognitive dreams and work with so many people who’ve had brain injuries and/or Lyme disease, I have a fair number of psychic clients, too. Precognitive dreams and related topics arise in sessions, and people feel grateful they’re not the only one. Some of my clients work as professional intuitives, others could but haven’t gained confidence yet, or their life path involves using intuitive skills in different ways. Whatever the career or path, though, an influx of seemingly precognitive messages tends to disrupt the present.

On the one hand, people appreciate a Cosmic Heads Up. On the other hand, “future memories,” premonitions, timely warnings and extreme time bending complicate ordinary life, even while trying to simplify it.

If loved ones or coworkers live only in linear time, then becoming “unstuck in time” threatens not just your, but also their sense of “reality.” Few people let their sense of reality go without a fight. I don’t recommend these, but traumatic brain injury and/or lightning strikes are two of the most effective ways to become unstuck in time. There are easier, slower ways, but TBI and lightning seem to fast track the process. I also find extreme precognition in war veterans and people who suffered childhood sexual abuse. The death of a loved one or other foundation shattering trauma at an early age also seems to trigger precognitive abilities.

Despite its complications, precognition offers many advantages — especially for people with a very insistent life path or mission. In my opinion and experience, it pays to learn to work with this process, because it seems to happen anyway. Like it or not, the rules and perspective of life operate in different ways for precog people. I find the Cosmic Heads Up intends to help, comfort and prepare. Some people try to numb out with alcohol, drugs or nonstop trauma drama, but this loss of control seems to increase and intensify the messages until Something throws them from the Tower for a chance to start again.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tower Card from the Tarot

Not all precognitive dreams and synchronicities are bad. William Butler Yeats’ favorite Tarot card was actually the Tower Card, because it offered so much creative potential and a chance for rebirth. We tend to fight change — even positive change — because the familiar feels more comfortable. When we sense we need to change and grow, we often underestimate the degree. That’s probably by design, because if we knew everything we needed to release before we have the new in place, we would feel temporarily untethered. Feeling untethered, unmoored, and unhinged precedes a breakthrough, but this stage of breakthrough often feels like breakdown.

Since strong emotions tend to trigger precognitive awareness, the Cosmic Heads Up often brings “negative” awareness, but we can also invite insights into upcoming opportunities. I’ve written a lot about changing timelines, and a Cosmic Heads Up can help us to choose the most optimal future, based on extra awareness of likely trajectories or unalterable events. Carl Jung said, “Whatever is not made conscious will be experienced as fate.” I find that obvious after 18 years working as a medical intuitive. But Jung also said something a little more difficult to swallow: “Free will is doing gladly and freely that which one must do.”

The more I study astrology, the more I’ve come to recognize and accept this truth. I had lunch with a friend from Goshen this weekend while David and his friend from work installed our new furnace and hot water heater. At lunch my friend was telling me how she doesn’t disbelieve astrology but doesn’t believe in it either, hoped she wasn’t offending me.

I said, “No, I don’t care whether you believe in it or not, but I really want to see your natal chart. You MUST have Capricorn Rising and/or Saturn very close to your Ascendant.”

We talked for awhile at lunch and then she came back to the house and she kept cycling back to her non-belief in astrology. Meanwhile, I was “seeing” her natal chart in my mind’s eye. I said, “Do you know your birth time? I just have to check this. I know you have Capricorn Rising and some kind of major Saturn influence.” She did know her natal details, so I pulled them up to her astonishment:

0 Capricorn 26’ Ascendant with a 12th house Saturn. “See?! Right here. I told you.”

Her jaw dropped. “So, you looked that up before, right?”

“How would I have done that? I didn’t know your birth time, place, or even the year.”

I then told her a bunch of life path info from her natal chart, and now she “believes” a little bit more in astrology “but it’s like learning a new language.”

“Yes!” I said. “It has nothing to do with belief, but it IS mighty spooky how eerily it corresponds to my intuition.”

She asked if anything surprised me in her chart. “Nope. The only thing that always wigs me out is where does free will come into play? It’s there, but your chart is like that painted door over there. It has all the panels already installed, but what do you paint on it?”

Destiny Level Intervention

I’m going to share some of my own experiences, because they illustrate patterns I also notice with others discerning a calling or other life path issues. My example below deals with career, but life path messages can also come about relationships, surprise pregnancies, infertility, relocation, “hobbies,” or other things. Some people have more flexibility than others. Sometimes we come here for an easy lifetime of enjoyment. Sometimes we want to work on one or two themes. In integration lifetimes, our soul wants to “git er done.” The more insistent someone’s life path, the more often they tend to experience premonitions, intuitive nudges, uncanny synchronicities, precognitive dreams and/or the hand of Fate.

I’ve dreamed the future since early childhood. I learned to keep my realizations to myself whenever possible, because adults did not appreciate a little girl lecturing them on life or death consequences. The contrast between my inner knowing and the external apparent reality caused me great insecurity and confusion as a child. The further out you “see,” the greater the difference between present circumstances and future events. (Also, the further inside you see, the greater difference between what people say and what you sense.) As I grew older, so many of my dreams and “random comments” came true, that family members and friends paid attention if I had one of “those” kinds of dreams.

Potentially precognitive dreams have a different feel to them than ordinary “recycling” dreams. They seem more vivid, more “real,” and often with stronger emotional impact. This impact can feel positive or negative. I’ve had nightmares that saved my life, and dreams of such stunning beauty that they left me in awe. Both types reveal themselves as prophetic. Sometimes the prophecy functions like a warning to avoid disaster. Other times, the prophecy prepares us to make the most of an unavoidable experience. More ordinary dreams still provide deep emotional insights, but the precog ones seems realer than real.

In younger years, I couldn’t explain that difference, but I knew it when I felt it. Ditto intuitive knowing. Sometimes I just knew, and nothing in the outside world could shake that knowing — not teasing, taunts, punishment, or trying to talk myself out of what I knew.

These experiences went on hyper-drive in the months before my 1998 TBI. Recurring dreams warned me of a major impending shift with devastating consequences if I resisted the instructions. At the same time, these dreams showed me that one way or another, the things would happen. I could take the hard way (quitting my sales job, rejecting my graduate school fellowship and scholarship, teach spiritual topics, become a landscaper and a poet) or I could take the harder way (“just make it happen”).

Since I had zero experience teaching spiritual topics or landscaping, and I’d only written about 13 poems in my life, I opted for “just make it happen.” I awoke from a dream on May 19, 1998. While I didn’t recall the details of that particular dream, I “knew” I would have a car accident that day if I left the hotel room.

I received one more “option” to take the courageous route of calling in sick to work, cancelling my appointments and outing myself as someone who follows dream advice. This “crazy” conversation with my boss would then lead to a discussion of me needing to quit or of the company firing me. I had already sensed a huge shift in my work, since I could not for the life of me imagine myself at the Las Vegas trade show scheduled for July 1998. Every time anyone from work mentioned this required event, I panicked, because I just couldn’t see myself there. They’d talk about my duties or make hotel reservations, and as they spoke, my brain would run a voice-over: “Irrelevant, irrelevant. You won’t be there.”

Because of these messages (and other things, LOL!), I already seemed strange to my boss and coworkers. I started asking friends at work if I was secretly on the chopping block. Was I about to get fired? No, everyone else expected me at this trade show. A coworker called me one day, and I immediately knew she was pregnant. Sure enough, she called to share the news, inviting me to see the baby over our winter sales meeting. Unlike knowing she’d tell me she was pregnant, I could not, for the life of me, see myself at anymore sales meetings or at her house.

Another coworker called to tell me she’d gotten engaged. My company was in WI, but I lived in PA at the time, so making plans with me tended to revolve around sales meetings when I would be in WI or trade shows in Las Vegas. This coworker excitedly told me she would be married the following summer and wanted me at the wedding, since I had seen them getting married a long time ago. I felt so happy for them, and yet — again — I could not see myself at the wedding. Even when I no longer worked for the company, it would have been much easier to drive to WI from Evanston, IL (Northwestern University’s location), but nope. I was not going to be there.

These memories floated through my head in the hotel room on May 19, 1998, as I received my “option” of calling in sick to work and admitting that a dream told me not to drive that day. Following that, I would need to admit that this entire sales career and company were wrong, wrong, wrong for me, and I would either quit or get fired for being crazy. After that, I would need to contact Northwestern University’s English Department and tell them the same thing: that academia was not my path and I therefore needed to relinquish my plans and their support. “Thanks but no thanks.”

Then I would write poetry and somehow learn to landscape while teaching spiritual Something for which I felt completely unqualified. I had a little money saved, but not enough for that kind of leap. My rational mind screamed, “No! No, no, no. I can’t. This is crazy talk.”

God, Destiny, the Universe — whatever you want to call it — gave me an “extended option.” I could relinquish my graduate school plans, write poetry, commit 100% to the spiritual path and continue working my sales job for one more year. I could live very frugally and prepare myself for the bigger shifts, which would come, one way or another. In retrospect, the extended option offered an amazing opportunity, but at the time, I said, “No, I cannot do this. I will not do this. If it’s so important, just make it happen.”

Then I read John Donne’s Holy Sonnet 14 aloud, as a prayer.

Batter my heart, three-person’d God ; for you
As yet but knock ; breathe, shine, and seek to mend ;
That I may rise, and stand, o’erthrow me, and bend
Your force, to break, blow, burn, and make me new.
I, like an usurp’d town, to another due,
Labour to admit you, but O, to no end.
Reason, your viceroy in me, me should defend,
But is captived, and proves weak or untrue.
Yet dearly I love you, and would be loved fain,
But am betroth’d unto your enemy ;
Divorce me, untie, or break that knot again,
Take me to you, imprison me, for I,
Except you enthrall me, never shall be free,
Nor ever chaste, except you ravish me.

Yes, I happened to have that poem on hand, and yeah, I can be a Plutonian Drama Queen sometimes. 😉 With an exact Grand Trine in Air among Sun-Moon-Pluto in my birth chart, I’m no stranger to Plutonian depths. Power, Shadow, death, rebirth, shamanic journeys, Dark Night of the Soul and the Return of Spring, kundalini, subconscious jewels: major themes in my life. In any case, I double dog dared whoever was giving me these premonitions and instructions that if it really mattered so much, “just make it happen.” I washed my hands of it, and in doing so ushered in the most magical life beyond what I ever imagined possible.

Could I have walked an easier route to get there? The “extended option” seemed to offer that, but would I have stuck to it? Probably not. I’m a typical Gemini, always trying to cut a deal, find a secret path or opt out clause. In any case, when the car accident occurred five hours later, I immediately recognized a higher order of events. My attitude stayed positive throughout most of my recovery, because my dreams and synchronicities had prepared me to walk a very different path.

To this day, I consider my TBI one of the most important and Grace-filled passages of my life. It opened everything I live and love today. I feel grateful for so much care and obvious Divine intervention along a path I would not have chosen, but a path made just for me.

Dealing with Precognitive Anxiety

Dreams can heal and nurture us, guide us and prepare. I’ve had times in my life where the end of each dream repeated, “You will be OK. You will be OK. You will be OK.” These lines came after scary or disruptive revelations. Hearing someone reassure you so often that “You will be OK” can do a number on you. Meant as comfort, my mind sometimes goes to “Well, crap! If you have to tell me that often that I’m gonna be OK, there must be something realllllly bad on the horizon.” I’ve heard clients tell me the same fears after these kinds of dream messages.

Whenever a premonition-type or troubling dream occurs, it helps to go back into the dream and ask any questions that occurred as you woke up and pondered the dream. Regardless of the questions, also pay attention to how you feel after the dream. Does your strange calmness reflect that you will, in fact, be OK? Or does the dream seem like a warning to help you avoid a possible outcome?

If you feel terrified, ask what you can do to change the frightening circumstances. Sometimes an answer, image, name, or song lyrics will pop across your mind even before you re-enter the dream. Pay attention, and always record your dreams and waking messages. They contain valuable information that unfolds across time, sometimes over years or decades.

In an August 2014 post called “The Sunflower Saga, Synchronicity and the NAPC,” I shared how a series of nightmares in January 2010 saved my life. I don’t normally have nightmares, so that alone told me to pay attention. If I have a recurring dream, I also pay extra attention. A recurring nightmare tells me something is definitely up. In this case, it involved an upcoming trip to teach classes in Reno, NV. I really wanted to make that trip, so I asked again and again for dream instructions on how I could do so safely. I followed them to the letter. It’s a long, involved story with inexplicable real world confirmations of the dreams, but bottom line: it offers a powerful example of ways we can work with dreams to protect and improve our lives.

In the fall of 2009, I started having nightmares while living in Santa Rosa, California. These nightmares involves a roaring bright light coming at me. I thought it was a train, but the message was clear: “Leave California ASAP or you will die.” These dreams came interspersed with visions of “a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire” from the Bible, along with other dreams of me painting magical portal doors. At the time, I had no doors, but I dreamed of painting them. When I awoke from those dreams, I felt totally confused: “I’m living in the wrong reality.” It would take me a few minutes to realize I still lived in California, because in the dreams I lived in Northern Indiana with my “true love.”

Note: I was married in California, and although I didn’t recognize this true love of my dreams, it wasn’t my then-husband. I told the portal door and Indiana dreams to a friend, and she surprised me by saying, “Doors?! You mean like the old fashioned ones sitting in my garage? Do you want them?” She and her artist dad strapped them to top of her car and brought them over one by one. I painted Door Number 1 “Payurteel” and Door Number 2 “The Alchemy Door,” in Santa Rosa, while in the process of filing for divorce. (The marriage had major compatibility and other issues. It wasn’t just the dreams, but they definitely presented both urgency to leave and promise of something better.)

I ended up in Chicago, not Northern Indiana, at first. Then I moved into a house with David in Madison, Wisconsin. We began as housemates, but anyone who entered our home assumed we’d been married for a long time. Shortly after we got together, he brought up a dreaded topic of conversation for him: telling this gypsy who lived in many of the most gorgeous parts of the US that he might need to move to Goshen, Indiana. He thought this would be a deal breaker, but again, my dreams had prepared me.

“No problem, six months of dreams told me I’d move there sometime.”

“You haven’t even seen it.”

“It doesn’t matter. I know we’re moving there. I saw the house.”

We visited some friends he knew in Goshen, and they asked, “So when are you two moving here?”

I burst out: “When our house is finished. You see, it’s not built yet. I’ve seen it in my mind,” I tapped my temple, “but it’s not ready yet. One day, it will just appear, and we’ll know that’s our house, because it will match the one in my dreams.”

Everyone laughed, and David said, “She’s not joking. You’ll see.”

It did, in fact, turn out that way. We met a friend of his dad’s to discuss different rental options, and it turned out he had a “beyond gut rehab” house that wouldn’t be ready for a couple months. The yard and location presented the biggest challenge of my life, but it was the right house. We grew to love Faery Hof, and I transformed the broken, neglected yard into a permaculture haven until we finished our time there and moved to our beloved home in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Shortly after we moved to Kalamazoo, in Fall 2017, I learned that the neighborhood right next to the one I lived in in Santa Rosa caught fire and rapidly burnt to a crisp. This was a devastatingly hot fire that roared into the places I used to walk. When I watched footage of the fire, I had flashbacks to my visions of a “pillar of cloud and pillar of fire,” of my dreams with that roaring bright light coming at me. I reflected on this in the post, “Goodbye Sonoma County Redux.”

I felt terrible for those who lost their lives and homes, but I also felt an eerie sense of awe at the Divine protection of my dreams. I had lived with an unhealed pre-TSD since 2009, and I often wondered at the sheer urgency of getting out of California when I did. From a David and life path standpoint, I left at exactly the right time, but the premonition took another eight years to prove itself true. That taught me a valuable lesson, with which I’ll finish Part 1 of Precognitive Blues:

Just because you followed dream guidance and “it” didn’t happen, doesn’t mean you’re crazy. Maybe it didn’t happen yet. Maybe the message was symbolic. Maybe your dream meant something at one time and will turn out to mean something deeper or different as time unfolds. While reading through an old dream journal, I noticed that the little ditty I tell my clients, actually first came to me in a dream:

“In perfect love and perfect trust, perfect timing is a must.”

Linear time brings many illusions and distortions. Dreams put us in touch with the “Fullness of Time,” parallel and possible realities, symbols, Archetypes, and time out of time. The more we engage our dreams, the more we glean from them. We can’t avoid everything coming our way, but dreams allow us to find silver linings and hidden blessings. If we work with them, they put us in touch with the Great Mystery and bring more beauty, harmony and joy into our lives.

“All that is gold does not glitter, not all who wander are lost.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien




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  2. Posted by Steve Nieman on October 22, 2019 at 9:28 pm

    Great post; thanks for maintaining your listening watch, being patient––to eventually share it. I was an airline pilot who spent a lot of overnights in Santa Rosa, and like you did a lot of exploring around that beautiful area. I retired early Apr. 2017, and my trips to Sonoma County ended. I was so sad to hear of the fires that devastated the land, the communities, people’s lives later that autumn. What once was is gone forever. But learned to let go of comfortable as the new epoch naturally unfolds, which I embrace.

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  3. Thanks and blessings, Steve. Yes, I have such beautiful memories of Sonoma County. Wishing you well.


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    Thank you for the reminder that I am not, in fact, crazy. Also, time for the dream journal to come back out. I used to have the most awesome dreams. ❤

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  9. Posted by thymia17 on October 24, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    yes, thank you. I’ve read parts of this story before, but your insistence that if that little voice says “you will be okay” – that really resonates with me now, because I keep thinking I made the biggest mistake of the past few years by moving where I am now, and yet some part of me is happy, trusting, and sure it will inexplicably work out, despite all present appearances to the contrary. Isn’t it wonderful to have such gorgeous sources (the Donne poem) on which to draw when one needs to know them?

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  10. ❤️❤️❤️I am sure you did, Linette! So creative.

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  11. I have a good feeling about your move, too. Just an adjustment period. Those are rough. ❤️


  12. Posted by Pamela Hipp on October 25, 2019 at 8:14 am

    Wow! Reading this has cracked something open inside me. I’m not yet sure what it is, but it feels BIG! Curiously I got “not yet” messages about reading this. Apparently I needed to begin Sharon Blackie’s course and have a dream myself before I was crack-openable. ❤

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  13. “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
    ― Vincent Willem van Gogh

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  14. Very very interesting. I seem to learn more from a thoughtful personal account than from many people trying to teach.

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  15. So glad, Pamela! ❤


  16. 🙂 Yes, that’s about it, Bo!


  17. Glad you found this helpful, eckxforthehall


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  19. Upon reflection, I have a rather personal question to ask: why did you not heed the warning in this case, that led to your accident?

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  20. I thought I explained that pretty clearly in the post.


  21. We see warning signs on paths all the time, but that does mean we are to halt.

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  22. I just re-read-over it…’s not clear. You wrote of many entangled ideas. It seemed like you on the one hand had a higher sense of needing to go through difficulty, and on the other hand letting go somehow. And needing to be reborn at some level? You couldn’t “see” yourself in a certain future, but does that mean you needed to disregard a warning of an accident? The bottom line question for me is, “do we need to take the difficult way if we are warned that it will cause extra suffering, or can we achieve the same end without taking on the extra work?” Is it a matter of our level of vision/evolvement at the time? [And then there is the idea of timelines, ugghh. 🙂 ]

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  23. No, we don’t need to take the difficult way; however, I had a bunch of Pluto oppositions and Neptune conjunct natal Moon, also trine natal MC/Sun and Pluto. There were Uranus transits and transits to natal Uranus. Something was going to happen to me, one way or another. I was not strong enough at that time to face down my dad, who was threatening to put me in a psych ward if I quit my job and pulled out of graduate school. Lots of extreme pressure, plus I did not yet have the level of faith and experience that I do now, not to mention two decades of processing family of origin issues.

    There are times when “just make it happen” aka Tower card may still seem like the best way out — depending on commitments, choices, etc. Other times, it’s wise to go with the instructions. I can say that I would not have followed through on the extended option. I would have said I’d do it and then reneged, which is worse than not agreeing in the first place. 🙂 Each situation is unique, though … and yes, timelines make things extra bendy. I do find that certain astrological transits act like timeline clusters. The same or similar events will occur on many timelines, with variations on how we deal with it. IMHO, I dealt with my TBI in just about the most optimal way I could.

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  24. Rewite – “Does that mean we are to halt?”

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  25. Also, my natal chart has a Yod in it, plus extremely precise alignments with regard to my North Node and Pholus. In my own life, there’s much less wiggle room than in a lot of people’s, because I came here with very specific things to do in extremely precise time frames. Not everyone has things so insistent in their natal or progressed charts. There is often wiggle room in a lot of areas for people, but for me, personally, if it involves the North Node, it just happens, because that triggers my Pholus/Mars cluster.

    Also, with my exact Sun-Moon-Pluto Grand Trine, when something conjuncts one of those points, the rest activates, and my 10th house is set up with close conjunctions of MC, Sun, Mercury and then a few more degrees Venus, then Saturn … and my Yod’s apex is my MC. My vertex exactly trines my MC, too, so it’s like popcorn much of the time. I find this with some clients, although I’ve not seen too many that have it to this over the top degree. I’ve seen some, though. More often, it shows up that one period of time — maybe a two year time frame or so — is pivotal for someone and the synchronicities and precog ramp up. In my life, it’s just one after another of those things, but then it peaks if anything gets near my Pholus, NN, Moon or MC.

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  26. I understood what you meant, Bo!


  27. Posted by Anthony on November 3, 2019 at 4:58 pm

    [pssstt…Laura (whispering): when is part 2??!! I also had a premonition lately and got a confirmation Tarot card reading that made my hair stand on end, but I don’t want to share it yet because I don’t want to influence what you saw.]

    On the California fires: my friends that lost their home two years ago *again* had to bug out, along with his entire extended family, but they are OK. One good thing about all of this: people are waking up and asking questions. I bet you get a lot of new clients now!!

    BTW: it looks like I’m going to be in Cal for the long haul. It makes sense. I signed up to help *after* things “change”, and what better place to be than the epicenter of all the madness?

    Thanks again for your help, and good luck!

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  28. Part 2 is brewing, Tony! I can never write unless it’s time — kinda frustrating as I wait, but then it flows very fast and complete once I do get the go ahead. Most of my writing (and everything else) happens for a long time in the subconscious before it pops out almost fully formed.

    Best of luck to your friends and to you. I’m not really surprised you’ll be there for the long haul. In many ways, you’ve been preparing for this your whole life, so it makes sense. Sometimes forewarnings are meant to help us shine in difficult circumstances rather than avoid them. This is often true of my life. I very often play the role of the hand that grabs the arm of the drowning man when I’m strategically placed just so.


  29. Actually, eckxforthehall, my natal chart has two Yod’s — one with my MC and another involving my North Node sextile Pholus/Mars with asteroids Isis and Asbolus at the apex. Someone knew just how to box in the squirrely Gemini!

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  30. And might that someone have been you? That also reminds me that I have a friend who revealed to me that he has something like three or four yods; I naturally suggested that he ought to have a yod sale!

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