Powerful Full Moon in Aries, Plus Dreams and Art

I hadn’t planned to post on this Full Moon, but my dreams have been nagging me all day. Now, as I sit down to type, I find it’s 5:08 p.m. Eastern US time, exactly when the Full Moon hits 20 degrees 13 minutes Aries, opposing the Sun at 20 degrees 13 minutes Libra. The luminaries form a T-square with Pluto at 20 Capricorn, with Saturn adding to that T-square energy from its position at 14 degrees 26 minutes Capricorn. With the North Node at 12 degrees 36 minutes Cancer, we get even more tension, as Saturn has just crossed over the collective’s South Node. Jupiter in Sagittarius brings expansive and supportive energy, trining the Full Moon and sextiling the Sun.

From a collective standpoint, these energies urge us to rebalance karmic entanglements and find a more workable balance of Power To, rather than Power Over. What has already served its purpose and needs to change or go? What needs softening and deeper devotion? How do our emotions reflect our individual and collective identities? What are we re-birthing towards? What kind of tensions exist between self and other?

In my own chart(s), this Full Moon gets extra potent, because the Full Moon conjuncts my natal Chiron, opposing the Sun as it conjuncts my natal Uranus. For weeks, I’ve been having significant dreams related to 20 degrees Capricorn. One of these dreams — the morning that Pluto stationed direct over that 20 Cap spot — led me down a rabbit hole to find this 20 Cap significance stretches back over a decade, in symbolic and precognitive dreams and unusual real life connections.

Meanwhile, my progressed Sun sits at 15 degrees 26 minutes Cancer, so transiting Saturn gives me a Cardinal Grand Cross effect involving Saturn the Lord of Karma opposing my progressed Sun, with Pluto the destroyer/re-birther more loosely opposing this Sun and exactly squaring Chiron the Wounded Healer and Uranus the Liberator. As I said, I wasn’t going to write about this Full Moon, but a series of dreams brought it much more in focus. This morning’s lengthy dream ended with me having a kundalini experience at the top of a staircase in an area I had magically sealed to avoid interruption. I began to hear people clamoring to get into the fenced area. They complained about seeing my hand hovering over the lock and a hologram of my face covering their access to the gate.

Just then, something swoops down and lifts me by my collar or the scruff of the neck and flies me higher, higher and higher out of there. It feels like a bird of prey removing me from that area/that reality. We fly very fast and extremely high over fields. The landscape turns even more lush green as we fly towards a huge waterfall.

In the dream, I think it’s Niagara Falls, since we seem to be heading Northeast, but I then realize these falls are even larger than Niagara. It’s like double the Grand Canyon sized, filled with slate gray water pouring over emerald green cliffs and crashing onto giant boulders below. For a moment, I think whatever’s flying me intends to drop me from 3000 feet above the cliffs into the water and boulders thousands of feet below the cliffs. Certain death. I have no fear in the dream, but I mentally get my affairs in order and do a karmic reckoning.

At that moment, the bird — or whatever it is — gently places me on the corner of a roof of a two story white house. The dream continues a little more, but the next part relates to earlier parts of the dream I haven’t shared here. This part with the kundalini experience, bird of prey flight and waterfall stuck with me all day. When I awoke, I was “told” to go through old dream journals from 20 and 14 years ago. I pulled them out and found all sorts of flying dreams with birds of prey during my earlier TBI recovery in 1998-Fall 1999.

I also stumbled upon a sketchbook filled with “random” notes about the historical fiction novel that’s haunted me (literally!) for 14 years. Once I leafed through those pages, I came upon some doodles in crayon that reminded me a lot of this morning’s dream:



They’re not high art, by any means, but I went down for a nap this afternoon, hoping for more clarity on my dream. I followed Robert Moss’s suggestion to ask, “What do I need to know? What do I need to do?” The knowing came, too detailed and private for my blog, but the “do” part said to post these images and write about the Full Moon. So, here you go. Perhaps they mean something for the collective or to someone reading. A third image appeared in between these two:


I have no idea what that creature in the middle is supposed to be! That’s not how I normally draw things, even in a sketchbook. I turned it black and white, and it kind of looks like a bat flying in front of the Moon:


In any case, these are not images I would normally share. The combo of recent and past dreams, the message to share them in context of the Full Moon in Aries, my ongoing 20 Cap synchronicities, and beginning to write just at the moment of the Moon’s fullest fullness suggest that the doodles or dream images may have more significance than just for me. So here they are. Happy Full Moon in Aries! Please make of them what you will.


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  1. Nicely written first of all, Laura. So I thought to dial up the chart of today’s exact full Moon, to see if something else may have been up. At that moment, at least here in Santa Barbara, the most important degree of the chart (the Ascending degree) was 21 degrees Capricorn. And the planet rising….wait for it…..at 20 degrees Capricorn, was Pluto. Pluto is exactly trining the Sun as well. Saturn is thus the ruler of this chart. However, in Michigan this was not the case; the ruler was probably Neptune (the planet of dreams) depending on your location, and Pluto is no longer in a rising position. Make of this what you will!

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    • Perfect! Thanks for checking that. Here in Kalamazoo, the Full Moon chart was Pisces Rising (1 degree 20 minutes), very close to my natal Descendant. Neptune and Lilith are in mid-Pisces, along with Chiron in early Aries in the first house. Sounds about right!

      Collective is NN in the 5th house, where mine is, except mine is almost 180 degrees away from the collective one. (Cappy NN here.) Jupiter sits at the Midheaven of this Full Moon chart. Very potent! I also have my natal Orcus at 22 Cancer, which brings even more flavor to all of this. Orcus, the “anti-Pluto” has shown up in recent dreams. Supposedly it has to do with rebuilding that which Pluto destroys, as well as with oaths and that which cannot he destroyed. I haven’t looked up the current position of Orcus because I’m on my phone!

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    • Wouldn’t Pluto be exactly squaring the Sun? 20 Libra and 20 Cap make a square not a Trine —unless Michigan and California really are living in different universes! Or did you mean your own natal Sun?

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  2. Posted by Kieron on October 14, 2019 at 8:42 am

    Not fully sure what to make of it either, except that there’s some kind of cross formation between the Sun and Moon and my transiting nodes, all sitting in cardinal signs at the moment. I find the last 2 images significant in terms of the overall color and the apparent Southwest feeling I get from it. It has a petroglyph feel to it as well, esp with the two animal stick-figures in the center and the upper right Which is oddly compelling, because that direction is where I am headed next. Hmm!

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    • Thanks for the insights, Kieron! Yes, I noticed the Southwest feeling to those images, too. They’re not dated, but they would have been sometime after my first time living in Sedona (2004) and likely before I returned in Fall 2007. I was either in Stateline, NV or Ashland, OR — tough to tell without dates on the images. There’s also a partially drawn pegasus on the following page, but just the lightest pencil sketch. That one deals with lots of 2018 dreams but not this current round.

      You, Tania and I have the whole Cappy NN thing going on, although at different degrees. So does my stepdaughter, and I’ve noticed lots of people going through what I’d call destiny level shifts the past few years have Cardinal sign NN’s — for whatever that’s worth. My clients are not a cross section of typical humanity, but Pluto and Saturn have definitely been churning things up for people with prominent Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and/or Aries placements.



  3. ❤️

    Owl in corner 🙂

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  4. Posted by Anthony on October 14, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Wow Laura, those doodles sure remind me of Laura Walker’s “Band of Brothers” story, for which she wrote a book and recently did two You-Tube videos describing how that story (which she wrote five years ago) matches up with this month’s astrology. Also, they trigger some things I’ve been seeing, too. Shall we compare notes?!

    That second doodle with the rainbow at the bottom, could be the “rainbow bridge” Laura wrote about which the “wise owls” (us!) will fly across to safety. Interesting you put a bird in there!! And, I recently had a discussion with Lisa Berry about achieving the “rainbow body”, which is our ticket out of suffering and a return to the Garden of Eden. But it’s that third drawing that really catches my eye.

    Now, what I am going write will be “out there” and is probably very much influenced by my own chart. Since almost all my planets are on the bottom half, including my black moon in Scorpio, I tend to see the “underworld” side of things first. Anyway, here goes…

    What I see in that drawing is Sabaoth, or the “chief archon”, the trickster who *thinks* he rules this reality. He always presented to me in dreams as having an insect body with a human head, and I definitely see that in your drawing. And, him being backlit by the moon (which is his domain and where our souls go after death for “reprogramming”) and in a desert setting suggests to me that he is now about to reveal himself, and try to turn this Earth into *his* version of reality – dry and dead with that burning sky.

    However…there is that owl in the upper right hand corner! That’s us, and we are already out of his range and flying towards the bridge, where we will be reborn as the phoenix (as in your first drawing)!!

    Amazing how many elements I see not only in your doodles, but also in Lisa and Laura’s visions! And we all see a happy ending…well, eventually!!

    Whatever happens though, we shouldn’t worry. Yesterday while taking a nap I had a vivid dream of a door closing. We aren’t going to be repeating our past mistakes; we are only going forward from here on out.

    (BTW, Laura Walker’s “Band of Brothers” book is available as a free download here:

    http://www.oraclereport.com/books )

    Take care,


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    • Very interesting, Anthony. Thanks for the info and links. There’s definitely some overlap. I sense the door closing, too, as well as the feeling of optimism about where we’re headed. There will likely be some bumps in the road, but the destination appears to be a good one. 🙂



  5. Owl in every corner

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  6. Yes a square not a trine, oops.

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