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Happy Equinox! This is a sweet, powerful and timely share from Tania Marie. She and I always tend to parallel, and not surprisingly, I’ve been having enormous levels of synchronicities the past few weeks. During our vacation week with friends, I also saw NINE dead raccoons on the side of the road, which seems significant in both the finality of nine, and the idea of the veils/masks dropping away. Tania shares some good insights about how to stay more present in life. Big hugs and enjoy the shifting energies, wherever and whenever they may lead. ❤️

Tania Marie

I’ve shared a lot about messages, signs, symbolism, prophetic and revealing dreams, and even Earth angels in disguise over the years. The one thing that always stands out in receiving these reflections and guidance, is presence. When we are willing to be more present in our lives, we are more open to seeing, hearing, feeling, and receiving the gifts all around us. We often are being shown answers to questions we’ve asked, are receiving guidance about things we’ve been wondering, or are being gifted little treasures and pearls of wisdom when we think we are all alone and without hope.

I find that more and more people are interested about finding meaning in things they experience in one form or another and I often get a lot of messages asking me my take on things showing up for them.

I’ve been seeing how more and more people are experiencing these…

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  1. You have found so many beautiful gifts simply by SEEING them before you. That hornet’s nest is special!!! Thanks as always for sharing Laura. Julie in FL

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  2. You’re welcome, Julie! Yes, Tania always finds really magical, beautiful gifts in nature. I do, too, but I’ve not found a hornet’s nest or osprey feather! ❤


  3. happy equinox!! always love our synchronous experiences. i also remembered that raccoon showed up in a dream about a week ago, as one of the animal totems as part of a group of them that showed up in it as these animal lawn statues. i couldn’t remember all of them, but raccoon was one of two that was very clear. the magickal gifts continue, as yesterday’s hike was full of autumn surprises.

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  4. Happy Equinox to you, too, Laura! Thanks for the share. xo

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  5. You’re welcome, Jamie! Good to hear from you. I hope all’s going well as you shift towards Autumn. 🙂 xo


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