Ann Kreilkamp ~ Fall Equinox 2019 features strong cardinal T-cross, setting in motion strong initiatives over the next three months

I had to post this piece by Ann Kreilkamp, since it goes so strongly with the NINE dead raccoons I commented about in the intro to my reblog of Tania Marie’s today. Even at five raccoons, I had received the message “end of all masks,” but nine really finalizes that sense. Nine signifies the end of a cycle, and this turn from Summer into the more interior Autumn also ends a cycle, while being part of a larger one. In her article, Ann says, “It may be that the title of Jonathan Franzen’s recent piece, in the New Yorker, is the most meaningful question we can ask.”

What If We Stopped Pretending

This theme keeps repeating itself in myriad ways. In any case, here’s Ann Kreilkamp sharing some insights about the astro-weather and significance of this Autumn Equinox.

Ann Kreilkamp ~ Fall Equinox 2019 features strong cardinal T-cross, setting in motion strong initiatives over the next three months

The Autumn Equinox occurs when the Sun hits 0°00 Libra, signalling that from now on, the nights will begin to grow longer than the days. They’ve been lengthening ever since Summer Solstice, three months ago, but only at Equinox are day and night equal.

Symbolically, we might think of this equinox time as a balancing act, between light and dark — within ourselves, and within our world. How much vile, long-standing corruption will continue to be exposed over these next three months? And yes, it will no doubt grow exponentially, until December 21, when, at the Winter Solstice, the Sun finally appears to stop, turn, and begin to grow longer than the night.

If you think back, on December 21, 2017, President Trump issued the Executive Order Blocking Property of Persons Involving Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption. 

What will come to light at this year’s Winter Solstice, two years, and one Mars cycle, later?

The coming darkness is inside us, remember. Whatever we see in the outer world, especially if it “triggers” us into hate or fear, is likely a projection, something within ourselves that we have thrown out into the world, and seek to blame, to judge, to eradicate. Always, when dealing with polarities of any kind, the key is balance, the alchemical integration of opposites within ourselves. In order to do that we must admit all those aspects of ourselves that we don’t like, or that we usually keep hidden, or in denied form. The key is to expand enough so that we may inhabit the space between any two polarities.

The 2019 Fall Equinox sports an unusually strong cardinal T-cross (at least three planets, two of them opposite, and one 90° from both poles): Moon/North Node at 14-15° Cancer opposite Saturn/South Node/Pluto at 13°, 14° and 20° Capricorn, square Mercury at 14° Libra. Plus, in Bloomington, where I live, the Ascendant is at 16° Leo, Jupiter at 17° Sagittarius, and Neptune at 16° Pisces, the three together creating what I call a “triangle of continuous growth,” and also configured with that T-cross. So, all in all, we have Moon/Nodes/Saturn/Pluto/Ascendant/Jupiter/Neptune, all needing to work together, within the 13°-20° degree area of their respective signs.

That the karmic, restructuring, death/rebirth Saturn/Pluto conjunction is involved is significant. And by the way, Greta Thunberg, poster girl of the Climate Strike movement,  time of birth unknown, has her Sun at 12° Capricorn, and Moon somewhere nearby. The Cult of Greta, whether or not she’s being used as a battering ram by forces beyond her understanding or control, may prove to be a phenomenon even bigger than we now realize as we head towards the finale of this every-35-year Saturn/Pluto process, the conjunction of these planets in January 2020.

That the Moon in Cancer, the sign of home and family, including the human family and our Mother Earth, is involved in the T-cross brings the emotions to bear upon the situation. And that Mercury is involved brings feelings to the surface, communicated through words. It may be that the title of Jonathan Franzen’s recent piece, in the New Yorker, is the most meaningful question we can ask.

What If We Stopped Pretending

Once again, during this fraught time of likely many forceful initiations, let me counsel balance: balance within and without. Balance above and below. Balance between thought and action, between dark and light. Between male and female, between me and you.

“The opposite of one great truth is another great truth” — Niels Bohr.

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  1. the raccoon symbolis, masks, and article on “what if we stopped pretending” also go along with this blog post of mine which synchronously i felt guided to repost on the 12th in a blog on “what lies beneath”
    – so lots and lots of theme energy around this

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  2. This chart is of special interest to me because the ASC is so close to mine – just a few degrees off – and there is my 2nd Saturn return, right where it belongs. Hel-lo! If you are comfortable sharing, I’m interested to hear how you feel about Greta Thunberg, Laura…

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  3. I thought a lot about this overnight, even in my dreams. Globalism wasn’t always such a dirty word. We are One Planet, after all. The transition out of tribalism is painful, and many people want to “go back” to the way it was. But we can’t go back. Nationalism is not the answer. In fact, nationalism is code for white supremacy, the unjust law of the land. This will change, one way or the other. We can shape the change, or let it unravel. Unequal wealth distribution—in cities, in countries, and across the planet—means many, many people suffer for the pleasure of the very few. This has always seemed wrong to me, as all people want the same thing: health, safety, opportunity. I read the outline and I think Agenda 30 has some good goals. “Live simply so that others may simply live,” seems to be the message. The alt-right push against it may be valid in some measure, but seems incredibly fear-based. And where is the love in photo-shopping ugly memes of young activists, or calling them names like puppet and MK (as in the article you linked above)? Greta T. strikes me as sincere, inspiring, articulate and very mature for her age. Having supporters, including people in a position to help her get her message out, isn’t the same as being used. Of course, I don’t know the real truth here, I am just an observer. Maybe she is being used. Or maybe she has a mind of her own and is in charge of her life, even though she’s still a kid. I found this article, which unpacks the right wing opposition to Greta Thunberg, very interesting: ~

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    • 🙂 Well, you asked my opinion. It’s not something I’ve chosen to blog about — for several reasons. Yes, there ARE some good aims in Agenda 30. There were also lots of good ideas in the Russian Revolution and the rise of the Nazi’s. Someone can be sincere and be used by people with nefarious purposes and agendas. In fact, that’s one of the most common ways to use people for political gain. The face superimposed on Greta’s was George Soros, who actually aided the Nazi’s in confiscation from Jews, even though he was Jewish. There’s a chilling interview of him from the 80’s talking about how much he enjoyed himself during those days, that he has no regrets and no issues from it. He’s the one funding a lot of the Greta’s of the world.

      I live in a different reality than most. I see the Shadows and the inconsistencies. It doesn’t mean I hate or reject the entire person or group … but having lived in California, especially, I’ve seen way too much “Green Washing” to believe it’s not effective or in play. Peace, Laura ❤

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  4. Peace, Laura ~ I always value your opinion. xx

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  5. […] of four raccoons crossed our path. Raccoon energy has been on high recently between myself and Laura, but I found out just recently for Janet too. She had just told me earlier that day about 4 […]

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