Blast from the Past

This 2014 post reminiscing about Tania’s September 2010 visit wants to go up again. Sweet, giggly memories! That time period keeps coming up, as it was very significant in both our lives —and that visit set the stage for massive shifts. I love my magical Faery Twin. A collective toast to adventures and friendship! ❤️

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Last night, I texted my sweet, silly, favorite traveling buddy Tania Marie that she would “be happy because I gave myself bangs again.” I knew she’d get a kick out of that simple text, and sure enough, we both took a stroll down memory lane back to when she visited me in Chicago in 2010. For some bizarre reason, the first thing we did together after honoring my favorite tree on the shores of Lake Michigan that I visited every day while living there …

Tania Marie and me with "Tree" in 2010 Tania Marie and me with “Tree” in 2010

… was hack off part of my hair. We then spent the rest of the trip “reclaiming” Rockefeller, Draco, Egyptian and big bankster areas — a whirlwind faery giggle fest through some of the least likely spots you’d expect to find a faery.

The next day, we climbed all 271, windy steps to the top of Rockefeller…

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  1. so much fun! always love going down this memory lane. giggle fests are the best, especially with you! there’s definitely another huge swing of change taking place this year, so it makes sense it’s popping up since it was 9 years ago. a full cycle! wonder where things will lead. weeeeeeee! love you ❤

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  2. oh, perhaps that’s why at first i was feeling maybe another get together this year, but then we saw how other things are in motion instead in a parallel way 😉

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    • Yeah, we shall see … I feel next year, maybe in some yet to be determined location, but who knows. Time is extra bendy these days! Maybe it already happened and we just need to stumble upon it. ❤

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