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The light’s begun to shift, and autumn colors appear in blooms, if not on leaves yet. Last Saturday afternoon, my friend Paula and I went to Meijer Sculpture Gardens. She grew up in Michigan and is even more of a CPL (Crazy Plant Lady) than I am. When she told me she’d never visited the gardens, I knew we had to go together. We logged over 4 miles just wandering around the art, plants and trees. So much fun and so much beauty! This gorgeous amaranth amidst sunflowers, squash and corn made me so happy:


Back at Dra’Faven, we also see hints of Fall. The sedum has just begun to blush …


… and our resident CPL found nine(!) mum’s to tuck among the marigolds, dianthus, snapdragons, veronica, flowering mint, and pin cushion flowers.


David’s daughter Allie took this photo of our backyard hibiscus next to the evergreens. Even at lower blog resolution, you can tell who’s got the upgraded phone! She caught the color just right:


In addition to Meijer this past Saturday, David and I took a last minute day trip to Traverse City two Saturday’s ago. We always go during the off season and wanted to see how insanely populous it would feel in peak season. It was lovely! As always, we felt like we spent much longer than our linear time there. I couldn’t believe it was the same day when we returned home. So much water and so many trees leave this urban faery quite content, indeed!


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  1. LOVE THIS!  Glad the gardens made you and Paula happy. Magnificent earth, despite pollution! Thanks for sharing. Julie in FL

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    • Thanks, Julie! ❤

      Oops! Had to edit that down to one u. WP is messing with me today, LOL! First I couldn’t post, then it double posted, and now in comments, it’s adding extra u’s! 🙂



  2. Don’tcha worry none, when I vacation one of my prime destinations is normally a local botanic garden. And I have a degree in zoology!—CPG (Crazy Plant Guy)

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  3. Lovely images Laura, and its wonderful to go visit gardens, and it looks like you and your friend Paula enjoyed your time there. Gardens always inspire me and give me ideas for my own.. There is a nip now starting to enter the mornings here now after our last weekends heatwave.. But there is still loads of colour in the garden..
    Thank you for sharing, you look amazing by the way
    Sending love and well wishes your way Laura.. ❤
    Take care ❤

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