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This post wants to go up again. Especially for persistent blockages, health issues or sticky patterns, I find timeline shifts some of the most efficient, fun and yes, sometimes unnerving, ways to experience lasting change. Recognizing the signs and possibilities allows you to live with more opportunities and awareness.

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In light of this month’s special, “Timeline Tune-in and Tune-Up,” I found the following two posts rather interesting on RMN. These are readers’ stories of apparent timeline shifts, and I will say that I’ve had very similar things happen to me.

One of the most maddening examples occurred in Madison, during a period of a lot of chaos with the Collective Timeline. David and I returned from Willy St. Co-Op with a bag of carrots, which I put into the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. Later that night, I felt the Collective Timeline shift and mentioned this fact to David. The next morning, I could not for the life of me find those carrots!

Then, about a week later, I felt the Collective Timeline shift back to the one we had been on before. I don’t know why I notice such things, but I do. They’re quite palpable…

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  1. Posted by Nikkoale on August 19, 2019 at 12:51 pm

    A friend lost her wedding ring several weeks ago. Yesterday she found it nice as you please in full sight in the floor of her car — which she had searched numerous times.

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    • I have had so many things like that happen, and heard stories from people, too. For me, it was my passport. Gone, gone, gone for a year, then I heard a pop in the other room. I walked in and the little cabinet where I had kept my passport was open. Inside the cabinet? My passport. I had looked in there multiple times, but it popped away and then popped back. So glad she found her ring!



  2. Posted by thymia17 on August 24, 2019 at 12:20 pm

    I had a small thing happen earlier this morning before I read this – a $20 disappeared and then reappeared. My neighbor, whose mother was British, said her mother always told her “it’s the brownies doing it!” in her house, so she knows about the little beings and tries to stay on their good side! BTW, thank you for the posts on using distance healing symbol of reiki. I used reiki treatment in a car I was driving recently on a long, tiring trip and it did seem to “smooth the way,” or else it just calmed me – either way! But your timelines ideas reminded me of stories about the Lakota, that their concept of time is quite different from Western European. A priest who lived among them decades ago documented a strange event where he came to a family’s home where he’d been welcome before and they welcomed him again with a dinner. He left and went home. He told someone and they looked at him strangely and said “that family died in a fire many years ago, you could not have visited them!” I think many other native peoples (Dine and Hopi among others) have this fluid concept of time and think we’re wacky for believing it’s a hard and fixed entity.

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    • Thanks for sharing these stories, Thymia17! I agree that many native peoples have a much more fluid concept of time … and as a culture we are certainly wacky for believing in hard and fixed lots of things!



  3. Posted by Kieron on August 25, 2019 at 7:10 pm

    Well, I had a probable timeline jump as well. yesterday I had a chance to nab a certain kind of Moroccan lantern, the kind with the very intricate designs that casts candle-light into equally-intricate light and shadow. For whatever reason, I decided to set this up in a corner of my living room with rose quartz and other items, I think as an altar for attracting more love (in general vs 1:1 relationship) into my life. Welllll… I had an intense dream overnight about exactly that: love, as in being companionably loving toward another. And as the next morning progressed, I ran into someone I genuinely like and wish to see more of, at the farmer’s market, and in discussing what I was looking for, I mentioned needing cucumbers to make a Greek salad since I have everything else that should get used up soon, etc. Instantly, I was invited over to get some cucumbers as he had an overabundance of them, so I was able to get other vegetables with the limited cash I had on hand. And then a bit later, at home, a young girl who is visiting a few doors down, stopped on her bike to say how much she loves my front yard because it makes her feel happy to see all the flowers. So I guess they do have an effect! We ended up talking about flowers, bees and butterflies, and she impressed me with what she knows about roots, flowers, making teas, etc. I ended up cutting a lot of flowers for her to take to her grandma, and then some other kids she plays with wanted some, and I showed them how tulsi/holy basil and mint taste and smell, etc. Anyway… it was quite an unexpected, er, flowering of events. And THEN…. while I was talking to them, somehow my cell phone was rebooted in a strange way and I noticed that around 20 former contacts had reappeared in my contacts list, people who I no longer was (or felt) aligned with. What’s weird is I deleted the numbers of several head-game players last August. Why are they back again? Most peculiar! I had the distinct impression I had stepped back in time or into another time-stream. We’ll see what else evolves…

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    • Thanks for sharing, Kieron! Sounds like some magical encounters. I mentioned a couple blog posts back about people from the past showing up again. This seems to be a trend lately, so it may or may not be a timeline thing. A lot of people seem to be reconnecting or remembering why they’re not connected anymore. Contrast and/or reconnection …



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