Lyme Journal Questions and Feedback

Because a number of clients and regular blog readers purchased Lyme Journal: A Guided Recovery Workbook, I’ve received some personalized feedback and questions during sessions and via email. Two people gave me permission to share since others may have similar questions or experiences.

Reader Mia tried to leave a review on Amazon, but apparently, Amazon only lets you leave a review if you’ve spent $50 on their site in the past 12 months. For most people, this issue never arises, but I understand and support people who do not normally shop on Amazon. It just offered the easiest way for me to release this journal/guidebook in a timely manner. Mia forwarded me her intended review to post here:

The ‘Lyme Journal’ is a wonderful healing support for people on a Lyme journey. Laura Bruno has been working with people who have Lyme for years now, (myself included) and her dedication to this particular group of under recognized and often invisibly ill people, is admirable and much needed.

This book contains pages with questions for self inquiry, insight, revelation and creativity. Most of each page is blank, to journal your response to each question.

I’ve been using it, and find that my responses come quite easily, as if they were just waiting to be asked! And I joyfully read what I’ve written, my heart touched, with a delight, love and appreciation, in how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned through this cursed/blessed experience. To look at this tremendously harrowing and debilitating illness through the lens of the heroine’s journey, is the most rewarding liberating and enlightening way…and helps to celebrate a blessing in disguise.

It’s also a great resource for people with limited resources and support. I highly recommend this book, and many thanks to Laura.
~ Mia

Another reader/client sent me these emailed comments and questions:

The Lyme workbook is great too. I’m just not sure how to use it. It feels a bit overwhelming with all of those questions. Is it meant to be filled out by oneself all at once? Or as triggers arise? And is it meant to be discussed with a practitioner or counselor? I’m just trying to get a sense of how you envisioned it being used and how your other clients are using it. Are you still writing the metaphysical book about Lyme? I’m assuming there is another book that is (or will be) paired with the workbook? I’ll definitely let my emotions coach know about your workbook. ☺️

To answer her questions:

Lyme Journal: A Guided Recovery Workbook is meant to be filled out by each individual as s/he feels led. Some people fill in one page per day. Others do a few pages per day or one per week. It really depends on the person and their own level of interest, desire and commitment to recovery. I designed the 139 pages of questions to support an internal process of recovery that leads to greater peace, harmony and fewer symptoms.

I suggest writing in it as a regular practice, rather than as a reaction to triggers. Ideally, your answers to Lyme Journal will offer clarity about those triggers and needed changes so that you experience fewer triggers as you move through the material.

You do not need to discuss the answers with a counselor, practitioner or coach; however, some people find great benefit in doing so. I wrote the workbook to give people a low cost option, but I’m happy to offer coaching or medical intuitive sessions to support and enhance your progress. If you already have a counselor or other practitioner you feel comfortable sharing your path with, feel free to process your answers with them, too. It’s important that you spend some time answering the questions on your own, though. Many Lyme clients have difficulty connecting with their own emotions and needs. The journaling process helps people get back in touch with themselves, free of anyone else’s ideas or expectations.

Yes, I am still writing The Metaphysics of Lyme Disease. Another potential writing project for a publisher might bump things back a few months, but this book remains a priority for late 2019 and early 2020. Each book will stand alone; however, I created Lyme Journal with tangible support and techniques for things I discuss in The Metaphysics of Lyme Disease.

A number of reviews on Amazon mention using Lyme Journal for support with other chronic illnesses or even for greater personal growth and awareness of the body/mind/emotions/spirit connection. It helps anyone who has difficulty knowing “where to start journaling,” and I designed the questions to help people discover and live their optimal life. You do not need Lyme disease in order to benefit from Lyme Journal. I just have a lot of clients with Lyme and coinfections, and I wanted to release some kind of support while I continue writing and editing The Metaphysics of Lyme Disease.

If you’ve benefited from this journal/workbook, I would very much appreciate an Amazon review. As regular blog readers know, I don’t do any social media or advertising. It’s just me, my blog and your lovely referrals. While good work speaks for itself, reviews often make or break the decision to purchase a book on Amazon. Thank you to everyone who’s shared some of your thoughts and story.

Much love and continued healing,




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