Garden Update ~ Less Work, More Fun

2019 remains my lowest maintenance garden year yet. While I have very few edible annuals growing, the herbs, flowers and fruiting shrubs continue to produce. Our bird and butterfly population keeps growing, too. With temperatures finally in the 80’s, the slowpoke basil took off, and frequent nighttime rains plus well rooted perennials mean I’ve only needed to water the garden three times so far!

I’ve been waiting forever for these Casablanca lilies to bloom. I love how they contrast with the butterfly friendly liatris.


I thought the Polar Vortex claimed all my hummingbird mint, but this hot pink one survived next to the bee favorite, lemon balm. You can see the (so far) groundhog resisted basil behind a new sedum plant, as I gradually transition the front beds to mostly if not all perennials, along with some annual flowers like snapdragons and marigolds.



The butterfly plant seems to be rooting well, and that yarrow in pots is definitely the way to keep it from taking over the garden. This fall, I’ll plant some giant hyacinths and later spring bulbs to fill the space before the butterfly plant takes over the bed in summer and fall.


I’m happy to report the yellow rose bush we inherited by our mailbox made a full and thriving recovery after I cut it to the ground. The poor thing seemed so unhappy, but I was too lazy to dig it out. Lo and behold, it just wanted a hard prune. These roses come out yellow and then gradually turn white.


Speaking of white, I didn’t consciously intend to do so, but I created kind of a moon garden in front of our weeping birch tree. With no leaves on it anymore, the white bark and curving shape stand out year round. The self seeded love in a mist (now turning to decorative pods in the left planter) came up with white flowers. With the wormwood (bottom left corner), now in triplicate, the white snapdragons, chamomile, flowering oregano, and the light colored sage leaves, the front garden glitters in twilight.


My main garden duty this year is deadheading flowers, which I love doing. It feels meditative to me, and I enjoy prolonging the blooms.


My hair has benefited from the extra time, LOL! I used to have the most low maintenance hair ever — wash and go — but I have to say, putting it up and/or gathering it together makes for a much nicer summer. This should be obvious, but somehow it took me 46 years to discover. Anyway, I’m having fun with braids and floral hair clips — a different form of faery gardening. 😉


Speaking of fun and gardens, on Friday, David and I went to the Lyle Lovett concert at Meijer Sculpture Gardens. I had never heard Lyle Lovett’s music, but everyone kept saying, “Lyle puts on a good show.” David went once in Madison and always spoke highly of Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. Meijer Gardens has a summer concert series, and this date fit our schedule, so Lyle it was.

What a fantastic concert and venue! Lyle is charming, funny and gracious to his band members — many who’ve toured with him since the 80’s and 90’s. I wish we’d taken photos of the Meijer amphitheater, but you really needed to see, feel, hear and sense the whole experience. Rolling hills, evergreens, lush grass and an optimally angled hillside proved what we heard people saying in line: “There’s no bad seat in there.” We ordered up perfect weather, and received a sunny, warm and slightly breezy evening. With Michigan’s far Western end of the East Coast timezone and northern latitude, it stayed light until the second encore song.

If you ever get to attend a Lyle Lovett concert anywhere, he really does put on a good show … and Meijer Sculpture Garden continues to amaze and delight us. Yes, we’re Members, because Crazy Plant Lady wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. You truly are a flower child.

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  2. I went to a Lyle Lovett concert here too. I had never heard him before but he was great. He played at an amphitheater here too. His voice is meant for amphitheaters. I love the garden Laura. Great pics as always. ❤️😊

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  3. Oh how your garden has come alive this year Laura.. Your unintentional ‘moon garden’ looks fantastic.. and your plans for spring bulbs.. I too will be planting more tulips and daffodils this autumn for spring.
    Love your hair braided too..
    I looked up the music of Lyle Lovett and enjoyed listening..

    All that yellow rose needed was some TLC… 💛💛💛
    So lovely to see, and hope the groundhog has been behaving!!

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