Easy Peasy and Mercury Retrograde

Just a quick update to say my second set of wisdom teeth surgery went very well, especially compared to the first surgery in December 1994. This surgery took only 20 minutes, whereas that first one took four hours!

Last night I checked out my own astrological transits for today’s surgery compared to the surgery on December 26, 1994. Holy, moly! No wonder I almost didn’t awaken from the anesthesia in ’94. I had six Jupiter transits (often associated with death), including transit Jupiter exactly conjunct my natal Neptune. Jupiter enlarges everything it touches, and of all the planets, Neptune would be the one closest to drifting away in an anesthetic or opiate haze. I basically OD’d on anesthesia, because natural redheads uptake anesthesia very differently than others.They used so much to knock me out, but then it took me an alarming amount of time to come to.

On December 26, 1994, Pluto (planet of death, destruction and rebirth) had also just begun a long opposition of both my natal Midheaven and Sun. It would continue pummeling my entire packed 10th house with very little break from 1995-2008. Had I known astrology way back when, I would certainly have opted for different timing.

Everything works out for the best, though, and this latest surgery nearly 25 years later feels like such synchronized completion, perfect for a Mercury Retrograde. Redo, revamp, reclaim, recharge … all the re-‘s work well during a Mercury Rx period. So far, homeopathic arnica and hypericum are doing their post-surgery thing. I opted for no narcotics, and so far so good. All I feel is relief and a little bit of a puffy right cheek.

Thanks to everyone who’s sent prayers, Reiki and good wishes. The doctor confirmed my sense that I’ll be good to go for the lighter days of sessions I have scheduled this Thursday and Friday. Many blessings to all, and Happy Mercury Retrograde! If you dread these time periods, here’s an old post reminding you of how to make the most of Merc Rx.

If you need to do any of the non-recommended tasks during this period, just be extra careful of paperwork and communication. Many of my best, most long lasting decisions occurred during Merc Rx periods. I happen to love them, as they give a bit of wiggle room on things that might otherwise feel like a big, scary commitment. Blessings and enjoy the journey!

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  1. Posted by Anthony on July 8, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    December 26th, 1994!

    I remember that date – this happened:


    An earthquake in Arcata, CA that knocked everything off our walls!! I moved out on my own a week later, and made the decision to go back to graduate school soon after.

    That quake made the news, but you were probably in no shape to remember it – though didn’t you live in No Cal at that time?

    Glad your second surgery was a snap. I had my wisdom teeth removed in 1985, and I think all they took was my wisdom 🙂

    Take care –


    p.s. I have made the decision to take early retirement and move north to help my mother for a time. You were right about the 18th of June in my chart!!

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    • Wow, good to hear you’ve made your decision, Tony! I was just wondering the other day what kind of twists June and July would bring your way.

      Also wow on the exact December 26, 1994 earthquake. No, I wasn’t in CA until much later. I moved to Tahoe (Nevada side, but right by the stateline) in 2005, then Ashland and Coos Bay, OR for awhile, then back to Reno/Tahoe until 2007 in Monterey and San Luis Obispo (Central CA), then Petaluma in 2008 by way of Sedona, AZ … then Santa Rosa until 2010. Those were my whirlwind moving years with my now ex-husband.

      Good luck with your early retirement!



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