Where Were You in December 1994?

I’m reposting this May 2018 post, because these themes and this time period are very “up” for me right now. As synchronicity would have it, I’m having my second set of wisdom teeth removed on Monday, July 8.

I’ve had a long standing agreement with David that I would have this done if it ever became over-the-top obvious that it was time. Everything aligned to make it beyond obvious and also timely to use this surgery as a kind of shamanic timeline tweak. Unlike the first set of wisdom teeth, which were heavily impacted and growing in sideways, these wisdom teeth are already out. According to the oral surgeon, this looks like an easy removal process, and my inner knowing tells me the same. Between dreams, dental x-rays, astrological transits and general intuition, this feels like a “tying up of loose ends,” “correct the foundation before I build on it” kind of event. Since this December 1994-Summer 1995 time window has come up again for several people in sessions, I thought I’d reblog the article, in the event that it brings some epiphanies, healing and new opportunities to others, too.

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Today’s post comes from a series of recent dreams, along with some surprising follow-up that came through in last week’s intuitive coaching sessions. When exploring this dream information brought forth key moments in clients’ and friends’ lives, I began researching the astrology of late 1994 and found some potent alignments. Since this seems to be part of a larger pattern, I thought I’d share some of the dream and discoveries here.

I have always been a huge dreamer, both awake and asleep. My painted portal doors and “Schizandra and the Gates of Mu” all came through dreams, and dreams have guided my most important decisions since childhood. In fact, my waking life includes so many overt signs, symbols and surreal instant manifesations that it often feels more dreamlike than not. I set an intention before going to sleep one night last week, asking to find the most relevant time period…

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  1. Posted by Kieron on July 7, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    I was getting ready to graduate from college at the time. Interestingly I am going back to school this August. I’ll tell you more in an email. 🙂

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