Eclipse Season and July 2019 Specials

An eventful July begins with a Total Solar Eclipse on July 2 at 10 degrees Cancer. If you have any personal planets at 10 degrees Cancer or Capricorn, you’ll feel this one in a big way. Ditto for anyone with 10 degrees Libra/Aries, which will be squared (creates friction/action) by the eclipse.

On July 8th, Mercury moves retrograde, conjuncting Mars in fiery Leo, which may increase impulsive action. You might also feel more tension than usual between acting and thinking. On the 9th, Chiron (wounded healer/deep inner wound) goes retrograde at 5 Aries, which will affect anything you have around 5 degrees Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn. We’ve also got upcoming astro-weather involving Mars/Uranus, Venus/Pluto, and the Sun/North Node. You can find a more detailed overview of July 2019’s intense astrology here.

On July 16th, we’ll have a Lunar Eclipse at 24 degrees Capricorn. If that sounds familiar, have a look back at Ann Kreilkamp’s discussion about the upcoming Pluto/Saturn conjunction. Anything between 18- 24 degrees in Capricorn/Cancer/Aries/Libra will get extra-activated by the Lunar Eclipse and the South Node (currently at 18 Capricorn). South Node deals with karma, past lifetimes, old patterns. Because some key public figures have natal placements connected with the eclipses, we’re likely to see some pivotal events on the world stage, too.


Realizing the intensity of July for many individuals, along with pressure for a collective karmic shift, this month’s specials offer extra support tailored to these background energies.

40-Minute Astrology Special

$133 instead of the usual $177, this 40-Minute Astrology Special can address “why you’re here,” deep soul longings, how to bring more soul into the workplace or your relationship, and/or how your natal chart and transits may be affecting your health or finances. More importantly, the reading offers clues to maximize your own unique Soul’s process, so that you get the most growth and satisfaction from this carefully selected lifetime. Offer valid if prepaid on or before July 31, 2019. Please contact me to sign up.

Return of the $77 Past Life Quickie

With the veils thinning, so many more people have begun to experience what I call “past life bleed-through.” Dreams, hunches, visions, flashes … however the suspected past life awareness arrives, it can feel unsettling, exciting and/or cause obsessive questions. This half-hour reading allows people to ask persistent questions, or to have a check-in regarding the most pressing karmic issues presenting themselves right now. Yes, this can include past life relationships with animal friends.

I don’t normally offer Past Life Readings in a 20-minute format, but I wanted to make this available to the larger numbers of people wondering about previous lifetimes and relationships. If you’d like to double this special for 40 minutes, just let me know in your scheduling request. Offer valid if prepaid on or before July 31, 2019. Please contact me to sign up.

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    Just a reminder that tomorrow (July 16th) brings our second July eclipse, this one a Lunar Eclipse. Also of note, it’s not just Mercury Retrograde right now. Chiron, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter join Mercury in that retrograde motion, along with the North and South Nodes (although Rx is normal for the Nodes).

    In other words, if you feel a bit off, slow, or your communications have gone wonky, give yourself a little break. Mars in Leo and Venus in Cancer are moving forward, but pretty much everything else says, “Step back, re-evaluate, review, pause. What have you learned? What calls out for healing and recalibration? Focus there, for now. This, too, shall pass.”



  2. Posted by Eliza Ayres on July 15, 2019 at 1:12 pm

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  3. Posted by thymia17 on July 17, 2019 at 11:42 am

    Thank you for link to AstroButterfly! I like his/her/their take on squares – have two major squares in my chart (Sun to Neptune and to Saturn, with Saturn as Sun sign ruler) and always thought of that as “against” me, but listened again to a tape of astrologer doing reading for me in 1990, in which she said my chart was “powerful” because of the squares. I wanted a chart full of trines, which AstroButterfly would say wouldn’t accomplish much!

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    • You’re welcome, and yes, squares can be powerful. I have all these trines in my chart, but the T-square I have with Mars in Pisces square Neptune in Sag and Mercury/Venus in Gemini drives my chart. Ann Kreilkamp calls it the spine of my chart. I think of squares as the friction and irritation that creates the pearl. 🙂



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