Ann Kreilkamp ~ Aftermath, New Moon in Taurus: Starting Over from Zero

I enjoyed this post from Ann Kreilkamp, and I’ve noticed similar reboots for a number of people, including myself. In retrospect, I also experienced some of my most amazing dream downloads ever exactly when the fast moving Moon conjuncted my natal Mercury at 4 degrees Gemini. That was a direct hit of early morning insight and inspiration! For anyone who’s had a particularly rich or intense past week, this post offers some larger astrological context. I love the Edith Piaf song at the end.

Ann Kreilkamp ~ Aftermath, New Moon in Taurus: Starting Over from Zero

The powerful Taurus New Moon of May 4th has come and gone. And if you are one of those who found that some long simmering drama finally came to a head during that time and continues now to completely dissolve a Neptunian spell that you had been under for the past two years (one Mars cycle) via new information (Mars in Gemini) which blew your previous world-view to smithereens (Jupiter in Sagittarius), these three planets, Neptune with Jupiter, triggered by fast-moving Mars, in a three way, very stressful, and very enlightening T-cross, then congrats. You’re not alone. I personally know two people  whose primary relationships, each two years long, blew up over these last few days, and precisely due to new and startling information, leaving both of them at zero, starting all over again.

Luckily, this New Moon features s a powerful trine with Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. Yes, an uproar occurred. Yes, something was “unearthed.” (Remember, we are in the era of eruptive Uranus beginning its seven year passage through earthy Taurus). But: with the steadying, focused, goal-oriented Saturn/Pluto combo to structure our new moon way, we can breathe a sigh of relief. We “woke up” mentally (Mars/Neptune/Jupiter) in order to reground (Taurus New Moon) ourselves before carefully designing our new future (Saturn/Pluto). YES.

All of which reminds me: my best friend Mary and I used to listen to Edith Piaf songs in the late 1950s. Thanks to Mr. Domowitz, our eccentric French teacher, this passionate female singer came into our purview even though we lived out in hickville, Twin Falls, Idaho. And wow, I realize that Piaf still, as we used to say, “sends me.”

This song especially, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien. Yes. It’s wise to not regret anything, and to allow oneself to start over, from zero, over and over and over again, moment by moment by moment.

And hey, when my young housemate Dan listened to the song, he then looked her up, and she was born on my birthday, December 19th! Love it!

Here you go:

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  2. […] On May 9, I mentioned having some powerful dreams right when the Moon conjuncted my natal Mercury at 4 degrees Gemini. I had one and then another three-part dream, which I recorded right afterwards and shared with a few friends. I had not planned to post details here, except my sweet Faery Twin Tania Marie mentioned having a similar dream in the comments of today’s post about July’s astro energies. […]



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