Contrast, Paradox and Non-Linear Time

After a week of temperatures in the 50’s-70’s, on Saturday, it started snowing. Yesterday, we awoke to a winter wonderland that melted again by late afternoon. For a few hours, though, my garden showcased winter, spring, and summer all at once:


Those pots of summer lilies and ranunculus spent all Saturday and Saturday night in our garage because of the forecast snow, but I love seeing them juxtaposed with winter snow and spring hyacinths (near the bench).

This photo captures so much of what I see happening right now, as we live amidst contrast, paradox and non-linear time. That can feel stressful and confusing, but it offers so many options to thrive. Just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean it cannot happen now. So many people I know — myself included — are spontaneously recalling and healing deep past life memories. So many others find life opening doors, even if just a tiny crack. Beware the tendency to dismiss things that you haven’t seen before. Beware the tendency to live from an all or nothing, black or white, rigid space. Tiny steps add up, and sometimes the smallest choice triggers a quantum leap. All time is now, and that brings so much beauty and possibility.

Yesterday, while working on my latest portal painting, I opened the sliding glass door to let in some fresh air. Rapidly melting snow created a babbling brook symphony, as cardinals and robins sang along. I often paint to music, but David taking a nap restricted me blasting Chopin on the stereo. Instead, Nature transported me while the portal birthed itself. Restrictions create opportunities, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Beauty enfolds us and pours forth from us. We are beauty. We real-ize this fact when we step out of expectations into the realm of paradox. We live in a both/and Universe.

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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on April 29, 2019 at 10:14 am

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  2. Posted by R on April 29, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    Goodness I needed this today

    Thanks Laura 🙂

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  3. Dear Laura, This is such a beautiful reminder. What’s your take on the “measles epidemic”? All the media fearmongering and anti-anti feels so damaging to me. I wish more folks would speak about how to deal with the disease by offering some calm, rational, mature, time-honored advice. It’s just not there in the media. All I’m seeing is us/them, binary-bound sensationalism and hate towards people who were only trying to make the best choice for their families.

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    • Thank you, Diana! I haven’t been following the media blitz on measles, but I know it has affected some clients with school age and college age children. Here’s a recap of all the things I’ve written on vaccines in the past:

      Well, the ones I left up on my blog, anyway. 🙂 I personally feel that if you do not have control over what gets injected into your own body, then you’re living in a world of total tyranny. In the event that a vaccine seemingly cannot be avoided, then here’s a detox program:

      There are others available online. It’s a complex issue, and as mentioned in a recent blog post, I don’t feel it’s worth me weighing in on these in a more public way at this time. I did that for years. Now people need to choose which reality they support, which politicians they support if this issue is up near them. I’m a hermit, living in my own world, so unless things go down a completely tyrannical route, there’s no reason for me personally to get vaccinated. David got a tetanus shot a few years ago, and now that he works with metal a lot, he’s glad he did. He has a much less sensitive system than I do, though. When I got a mandatory TB vaccine for grad school, it affected my immune system and anxiety levels for years afterwards. I didn’t make the connection until looking back I realized it all started the morning after that vaccine.

      On the other hand, it also coincided with Pluto opposing my Midheaven and my entire 10th house for many years. Chicken or egg? One of my clients’ going through major ostracization with regard to the measles vaccine also has two very difficult Pluto transits happening right now. Again, chicken or egg? If it weren’t vaccines, it would likely be some other issue, because these themes are just “up” right now in her life, as they were for me at that time in my own life.

      It’s not a black or white issue, but yes, the media’s insane and pushing division … what else is new? 😉



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