Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Authenticity for Enrichment

There’s a message in here for many. Plus, I was just thinking of Nestor (Nestie) this morning, including her passing. I wasn’t sure of the date and then saw Tania’s post. Also synchronous to Tania’s post, a spider startled me in the sink as I was washing up my palette from a day of portal painting. For me, painting, decorating, and gardening are when I feel most alive and at one with my essence. What makes your heart sing?

Tania Marie


Yesterday’s share from Astrid got postponed until this morning, due to a full day on both of our parts. But now I see why it is coming today instead, as it’s the 11 year anniversary of my twin soul rabbit’s transition back to the stars. It is Nestor who guided me to all of my bunnies, and even my Russian tortoise Gaia, after her departure. And it is Nestor whom Astrid is deeply connected to and is most like in her magickal essence.

Both Astrid and Nestor have been huge reminders to me of my own essence, and to be truly authentic to who I am, as well as to explore what that means for myself.

Recently I’ve seen a lot of spiders around, including a huge one on Astrid’s castle and one on my keyboard to my computer as I was typing.

Astrid has a special connection to spiders…

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  1. Your Taurus MC is singing!

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  2. aw, thank you for sharing the nestie and astrid love ❤ was out all day yesterday celebrating in spring beauty by the truckee river walk. it is also dave's 11 year vegan anniversary on nestie's 11 year anniversary of transition, so it was a big day. so sweet that she popped into your heart and mind too ❤ spider fun continued into the night yesterday, as i mentioned, with a huge one on astrid's green chair. they are definitely wanting to get out a message 😉 so glad you've nestled (get it nestie) into your own joyous essence. ❤ love you!

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