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Here’s a different type of post from Timothy Glenn. It can appeal to artists and scientists alike, and it provides effective ways to hack your own inner programming. Tim’s article came through via email just after I posted yesterday’s Dolores Cannon video. As synchronicity would have it, they go well together like theory and technique.

Superconscious Technique

by Timothy Glenn

Sometimes we dust off an old book and reread it, discovering that it now offers a whole new experience. Sometimes we pull an old technique out of our memory banks, and find it works more effectively than ever. Such has been the case with the Superconscious Technique.

I initially encountered the Superconscious Technique back in the early 90’s through a group called Extraterrestrial Earth Mission. A lot of us adopted it, and then adapted it to suit ourselves. After retrieving it from the halls of memory a few months ago, I reworked it yet again to fit the current reality.

This is not presented here as though it were carved in stone, as if reality were a “one size fits all” proposition. Since we are an evolving species, it helps if our modalities evolve with us. You may find that some of the wording doesn’t quite work for you, but can be edited as you see fit.

The Superconscious

Even this term could be changed to accommodate your current picture of reality. Your Superconscious can be understood as the specific expression of your Spirit that creates your human reality, right at the point where your Universal Consciousness begins to express Itself as the human you now perceive yourself to be.

The term Superconscious has been interpreted in various other ways, and perhaps you would even prefer to rename the technique itself. Whatever.

In this technique, we address the Superconscious, which supercedes all of our conscious claptrap and subconscious programming. You might envision the subconscious as our installed software, and the unconscious as our Matrix hard drive. The part of us that is eminently qualified to alter these levels of our human reality is the Superconscious.

Optional Number Codes

In the mid 90’s Proterrian channelings, we were encouraged to employ number codes drawn from our names, preferably the full name at birth. This personalizes the practice for enhanced effectiveness. The numbers are taken from the old Pythagorean Soul’s Dream process, based on the birth name.

We start with the Access Code, which is derived from our initials, using the full numerical value determined by where each letter stands in the alphabet. For example, my initials of TJG are T=20, J=10 and G=7. This gives me an Access Code of 37.

Then we take the last letters of each name for the Activation Code. Just a cute little aside here: back in the early 90’s, a mathematician took my numerology course, and asked what we call these. I said we didn’t have a name for them. He said, “You have to have a name. I’ll have one for you next week.” And he did, so now we have our initials and our finishals.

My finishals are Y=25, N=14 and N=14. So the Activation Code is 53.

For the Manifestation Code, simply add the numbers for the Access Code and Activation Code. In this example, the Manifestation Code is 90.

When including these number codes in the practice, it feels more powerful to say right out loud: “Access Code thirty-seven.” And so forth.

Setting the Stage

You might wish to arrange your environment and create an atmosphere. Anything that helps you feel centered, balanced and empowered will enhance your experience. If you want to recruit the support of crystals or other tools, go for it.

Since our Matrix programming is exactly that, it tends to require plenty of repetition to deprogram and reprogram. This isn’t about waving a magic wand and doing an instant presto change-o. This is most effective as a practice. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a lot of time. And most of all, throwing your heart into the practice helps more than all else combined.

Since you are an evolving entity, you can experiment with any part of the process. Those of you who learned this back in the old days will recognize key words and phrases, as well as notice modifications.

The template that follows will present the current wording in quotation marks, and suggested insertions in brackets.

The Technique

[Access Code]

“Superconscious, in a state of Divine Grace, let’s manifest the highest possibilities of me now [insert intention here] so that the full power of this can and will be made completely manifest here and now in my experience as the [insert name here] entity. So be it.”

[Sample intention: completely transcending all conscious, subconscious and unconscious programming that fails to support my Ascension into Infinite Creatorship…]

[Activation Code]

“Bring it! And manifest in me an ever-expanding capacity to accept, assimilate and utilize all of this as swiftly, as smoothly and as gracefully as possible. So be it now.”

[Manifestation Code]

“And so it is. And so it will be through all Eternity, now and forever more, life everlasting in the flow of infinite love, wisdom and power.”

[It is recommended that we conclude the technique with an expression of sincere gratitude.]

A Big Thank You

The practice can be done silently or aloud, with tools or without. It can be done seated, reclining or standing – stationary or moving.

It has felt most effective by getting centered while standing, facing east and holding a specific crystal in each hand. Then I face the south for the Access Code portion, west for the Activation Code, and north for the Manifestation Code. Gestures and movements are common and usually spontaneous.
My favorite regular practice is Wuji Gong, the basic form of the Emei Qi Gong system. The form ends by bowing and saying, “Xie, Xie, Zhong Shi,” which simply says thank you (in Chinese) to the earthly teachers. This is followed by bowing and saying, “Xie, Xie, Lao Shi,” which says thank you to the universal teachers.

For my closing expression of gratitude, I love to bow and thank the earthly teachers while still facing northward. Then I turn to the east and conclude by thanking the universal teachers. At the end, you can inhale fully and slowly through your nose, and then relax into however you happen to assimilate the energy shift in that moment.

What you do with the Superconscious Technique (if anything) remains for you to choose.

Timothy Glenn

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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on April 2, 2019 at 8:38 am

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  2. Sounds an interesting process Laura.. and I now have worked out my three codes 🙂 So thank you my friend for sharing 😀



    • You’re welcome, Sue. I’ve not done the elaborate ceremony Tim describes, but just saying the Access Codes and Manifestation Code felt like they had an effect! ❤



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    So much description for the one thing, hemisync. The moment someone experience a hemisync, their beliefs and reality will crush into a different one.

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