Global Metamorphosis 2019 Update

Another new article from Timothy Glenn! In his email to me, Tim notes, “2020 is going to be Global Metamorphosis on steroids, so there might be more than one update of this series during that year.” Meanwhile, 2019 promises to be quite the wild and revelatory ride. Here’s Tim with some cosmic perspective on human evolution and the New Earth:

Global Metamorphosis 2019 Update

by Timothy Glenn

The Global Metamorphosis articles focus on Pluto’s 16 year journey through Capricorn in the tropical zodiac, emphasizing two of the main facets of this phenomenon:

Removing and replacing structures of the old world control grid in all areas, including (but not limited to) Government, Economy, Academia, Religion and Science.

Bringing to light, facing and dealing with the reality of everything that has been deep, dark, hidden and secret for millenia (thus allowing the old control structures to remain operative).

Saturn to the Rescue

From the original 2008 Global Metamorphosis article:

“Again seeing Pluto wearing the hard hat, it will help if we understand that the entire old system has to come tumbling down; the religions, the governments, and even the economy. Perhaps the prospect frightens most folks, but the old world must make room for the New Earth. Period.”

Our contemporary prophets of doom suggest that Pluto will have to destroy all existing structures before any restoration can even begin. They paint a rather grim picture for the transition. To some degree, this might have been the case if Saturn had not entered Capricorn at the end of 2017.

Unlike Pluto, Saturn is willing to do remodeling jobs. Saturn wants everything to work efficiently and maintain optimum functionality. While Saturn can get picky about results and seem overly demanding, quality is what matters.

In our Global Metamorphosis, Saturn is currently transiting through its own sign of Capricorn, and is working diligently to phase in many of the new (or merely transitional) structures before the corresponding features of the old system have completely collapsed. Unbridled mayhem is not the name of Saturn’s game.

Saturn’s modus operandi involves patiently playing the long game; trust the plan. Saturn oversees our quality control department, and flitting about willy-nilly doing haphazard work never assures quality.

A quantum leap in evolution will not be facilitated by half-assed, slipshod applications of obsolete methodologies. Saturn in Capricorn is making the necessary adjustments, heedless of the pissing and moaning from those who think that if it was good enough for the dinosaurs, it’s good enough for us.

As Above, So Below

The expunging and restructuring is also taking place in the personal lives of everyone living within this biosphere. So far as any of us know, there haven’t been any exemptions granted.

For any species to achieve a quantum leap, there must be individuals within that species who devote themselves to the process. The first requisite would be a willingness to let go of all patterning associated with the old ways of perceiving, thinking, feeling and acting.

Albert Einstein and others have emphasized that we cannot solve our problems at the same level of thinking we used when we created them. A more expansive state of consciousness must be reached before the quantum leap can burst into reality.

Step 1: Relax into a state of neutrality.

Step 2: Render all the external rubbish completely irrelevant.

Step 3: Allow yourself to accept this beautiful state of transcendence that has been right here inside you the whole time.

Homo Something-or-Other

We have categorized ourselves as homo sapiens because we think we’re smart. Some have taken on the more pretentious label homo sapiens sapiens because they think we’re really smart. Perhaps their next step is to declare us to be homo sapiens sapiens sapiens, because we’ve become really really smart, and really really know how to trash a planet.

Some in the scientific community (the homo sapiens sapiens crowd) have been referring to our next level as homo superior. Oh, please. Why not just go for homo super sapiens sapiens sapiens sapiens?

In the metaphysical community, we hear terms like homo galacticus or homo spiritus. A personal favorite since the mid 90’s has been homo luminens. When that one started spreading around, it also morphed into homo luminous.

Rather than fussing over what to call the next level, let’s take the leap to that new level. Maybe then we can decide what to call ourselves, if it even matters then.

But first, Pluto has to finish bulldozing the control structures of the “old guard”. Their death grip on our world has already been broken, the tide has turned, their resistance continues to weaken, and before long we will see the mopping-up operation begin.

Systematic Unveiling

If the Whole Truth were simply dumped on our heads all at once, too many people would short circuit. Those who call for Full Disclosure might pause for a moment and consider that incremental revelation will achieve the desired results more effectively than blasting people’s illusions into an unconscious oblivion. Ultimately, the choice to know will be yours.

For the average Earthling, the unveiling of this planet’s Reality still might pose too great a leap. But let’s leave the doors of possibility open. Maybe the sleepers in our midst can pleasantly surprise us; or not.

The most important part of the Global Metamorphosis is the shift from the fear-based old world into the love-based New Earth. And that starts within the hearts of each of us as individuals.

Timothy Glenn

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