March 2019 Specials

Four days left! (April will have different specials.)

Laura Bruno's Blog

This month’s specials reflect increased attention and interaction with the Soul. They can be done individually or combined for extra insight and depth. The natal chart reveals many indicators about previous lifetimes, while a past life reading gives details and story line.  I find both astrological and past life factors contribute to health, financial and relationship challenges and success. Understanding background influences frees you to live much more in the present moment, living the life your soul most longs to live.


40-Minute Astrology Special

$133 instead of the usual $177, this 40-Minute Astrology Special can address “why you’re here,” deep soul longings, how to bring more soul into the workplace or your relationship, and/or how your natal chart and transits may be affecting your health or finances. More importantly, the reading offers clues to maximize your own unique Soul’s process, so that you get the most growth…

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