Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Cracking the Code

I’m reblogging this lovely share from sweet, wise Faery Twin Tania Marie. Even though we no longer look alike, our experiences continue to parallel. This is a complex share, brought in part by Tania’s magical rabbit companion, Astrid, but those who work with crystals will appreciate the layers, spirals and depth.

It’s also a special post to me, because this Fall, an amethyst Tania gave me back in 2008 happened to spontaneously leap off my blue desk. I had been feeling it want to move on to another dear friend, but not yet. I also felt it wanted to stay here. When it leapt off the desk, I knew part would leave and part stay. The new piece arrived at just the right time for its new guardian.

The other connections include that I happened to notice Tania’s Instagram post about the new amethyst pieces. I am not on Instagram. Something just told me to look and I immediately emailed her about having a piece come home to me. She was just about to text me regarding the same thing. The night before my new amethyst arrived, I kept looking at and holding a Lemurian Seed Crystal gifted to me by the same crystal master Tania mentions in her post. It was actually a thank you for my help traveling with Tania and loading the huge Lemurian Seed Crystal she mentions into her SUV. I was also with her to pick up bunny Joy, and David and I texted her photos of another giant amethyst rabbit during one of our Grand Rapids day trips. On and on the synchronicities unfold, much like exploding crystals. We are all connected, and yes, so many are “cracking the code.” Quite literally, these days. The time is Now. Blessed Be, and be the blessing.

Tania Marie


Well, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they sure do. You might recall this blog post from April of last year, Full Circle ~ Amethyst Rabbit Returns where I chronicled how the rabbit ears and another smaller piece of the giant Amethyst geode I once had, returned to me and Astrid. I mentioned in that post, how the Amethyst had split in several pieces, but it wasn’t until just this week (right as the Super Full Moon was in full illumination) that those other pieces were ready to move on again.

Astrid had called them in then and now she has done it again.


My dear friend, Yasmin, of The Sun Moon & Stars NY messaged me about all of the pieces ready to be with new guardians and since that day we’ve been engaging in a flurry of messages and astounding unfoldings with not only this…

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  1. […] to bring a piece home – including two of my Reiki students, a coaching client, and my own Reiki Master Teacher, Laura – but in essence, and above all else, all dear friends and all having worked together in […]

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  2. copying in what i commented on my post: thank you for sharing this L and with all the extra back story from your half of the twin towers 😉 i forgot to mention in the post that since the crystals have cracked open, it has revealed things within each of them that could not otherwise have been seen with the eye that were hidden inside like rainbows, portals, elements like iron, matrices, and keys. it continues to reveal that as we are cracking the codes, it is leading us to more accessibility to crack the next ones. it reminds me of those escape rooms you can go to. we have one in tahoe we did two years ago – the first i’d ever done – and you have all these clues, puzzles, and codes you need to crack in order to be able to get the key to open the door to your freedom. fascinating. anyway, thank you for being part of all of this. astrid really had me in a very nebulous place yesterday and continues with all of the wisdom i’m gleening from her shares. it will be interesting to see what continues to evolve with these crystals and the lemurian as well when it’s ready to return. love you ❤

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