Fox and Owl

I promised to share some of the ongoing fox synchronicities related to my Tahoe trip, our workshop, and continuing upon return to Kalamazoo. On the Sunday after our workshop, I took a shopping detour with some friends to get food for my return trip. We also stopped in TJ Maxx in South Lake Tahoe, where I happened upon a white pillow with a huge red fox painted on it. Wherever I walked in the store, I kept “landing” right beside the fox pillow. If I had any space to spare in my suitcase, I would have bought it.

The sync winks became more obvious the next day when Tania and I sat in her magickal office, hanging out with Queen Astrid.

astrid birthday girl

All of a sudden, Tania noticed a movement in the mirror behind Astrid — a reflection from across the street. We ran outside just in time to see some sort of canine wandering through her neighbors’ fenced in yard.

“They don’t have a dog,” Tania said.

“That’s not a dog,” I said.

We looked at each other, then looked back at the visitor: “It’s a fox! A red fox!”

I had wondered if we’d see a fox, because I’ve been rather obsessed with foxes since their arrival in our own neighborhood after many months of me sending out a call to foxes. They take over groundhog dens, and our neighborhood has quite the issue with groundhogs. Our next door neighbor humanely trapped and released two of them, but others met with less compassionate fates. One got hit by a car, another was poisoned, a third poisoned by eating the remains of the other one, and apparently, two more got what another neighbor winked and called, “lead poisoning.”

About a week before I flew out to Tahoe, our nextdoor neighbor told me he saw a red fox walk right down our shared property line. I think I squealed, and he said, “I thought you had something to do with that. I’ve lived here for over 20 years. I ain’t never seen a fox. I seen deer, ‘coons, possums, rabbits, squirrels, GROUNDhogs, we got all kinds of animals. A buck looked right in my window two winters ago. We were eye to eye. They got big eyes up that close! But I never seen a fox until this week.”

I ran inside and texted way too many people, “I did it! A fox arrived. The fox heard my call. We have a fox.” I think Tania and I may even have referenced the fox that morning before she saw the movement in the mirror.

Meanwhile, we received emails from students in our class sharing stories about recent encounters with gray foxes. Everyone associated the foxes with our workshop, and some stories even involved husbands who felt compelled to share a magical fox interlude with their wives.

The next day, Tania and I joined her partner Dave for a walk through the forest and meadow, down to the shores of Lake Tahoe — a five mile round trip hike.

animal bunch.jpg

On our way down and then back, Tania found what appeared to be owl feathers, and I confirmed they were. Dave wondered how we could feel so certain, and I commented that I was wearing an owl T-shirt, which exponentially increased the likelihood of those being owl feathers. After a few moments, I could feel Dave trying to suppress a chuckle, so I told him about the fox pillow sighting followed by our fox encounter the next morning.

“Plus,” I said, “I have loads of synchronous encounters with owls. Owls and synchronicity go hand in hand. Just because it’s a-logical doesn’t mean it’s illogical. We’re operating on a whole ‘nother plane of existence with its own rules of logic.”

“Fair enough,” he said and smiled.

We continued walking back to their house, washed the sand and sap off our feet and went inside. When I checked my phone, I found the following photos and text, sent exactly when Dave, Tania and I were talking about the owl and fox synchronicities. From my David, back in Kalamazoo: “Upon arrival home tonight — confirmed fox sightings across the street”



I shared the text and photos with Tania and Dave. “Well, this just seals the deal!” I said, “Those were owl feathers. Synchronicity says.” The next morning we heard from another student with a gray fox story.

Since I returned home, I’ve found fox scat in the backyard, which made me happy he’s found his way beyond our fence. Our nextdoor neighbor showed me two night photos he caught of the fox, very up close, but hard to see due to the dark. “He came right up to me at 2 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. I was hopin’ he’d get that possum!”

“I’m sure he’s hoping he does, too.”

Yesterday, another neighbor told me, “You’re gonna love this. There’s been more fox sightings in the neigbhorhood. There’s at least two, maybe three. The neighbors are so excited on Facebook. We’ve never had a fox in this neighborhood in the entire history of the neighborhood. There’s people who lived here for 40+ years and never saw a fox. Now we’ve got a couple.”

Again, me, squealing … and my (different) neighbor: “I’ve been reading their comments and thinking to myself, ‘Laura did this.’ I know you called that fox, and let me tell you, the neighbors are excited. We might have fox babies next spring.”

Given that the neighborhood Facebook group has been primarily occupied all summer with grumblings about the Township Board and their obsession with sidewalks, these foxes have brought a welcome joy and levity back to the group. We heard back yesterday from the Assistant Director of Public Works that things look optimistic with the Road Commission approving the plan we’ve fought so hard to get approved by the Township and implemented by the Road Commission. Fingers, toes and wings crossed, we continue to make progress….

In any case, the fox sightings and excitement continue, and we have owls here, too. Those arrived a few months after David and I moved here — also called, also first time sightings for long term residents. I do love nature, even the pesky, destructive, hilarious groundhogs. It feels nice to have a little more balance of power, though. Plus, fox kits! I cannot wait to see them. Oh, my goodness!!!!

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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on October 10, 2018 at 10:24 am

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  2. WOW… thank you so much for sharing this.. LOVED the pictures.. And foxes often come around here, but we rarely see them.. My daughter lives a couple of miles away and has a night motion camera like ours in her back garden.. She had a family of foxes visit . And the cubs this year are still coming..
    She helps maintain their health by putting vits in their food she puts out and drops that help their coats as one had a very bare tail with what she thought was mange..
    So great to see Nature on our doorstep..
    I have no doubts you called that fox into being LOL… WONDERFUL to read.. ❀

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  3. and i love that photo of the three of us….and of course astrid. d’s captures of the fox are awesome!

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  4. Speaking of owl and fox synchronicities, I told Mike Clelland about this post, and he sent me this one from January:

    So cool! I had seen it back then, but really cool in light of new developments. πŸ™‚



  5. […] people know that I have a long and close relationship with owls and more recently with foxes. But not everyone knows about my deep love of hedgehogs. I think they’re adorable, and all […]



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