Where Do We Go From Here? ~ New Realities Underway

I’m back and integrating my week in Tahoe. Sweet Tania Marie gives a wonderful recap of our Autumn Equinox workshop and some of our adventures together on my visit. We spoke about shapeshifting in our “Living a More Magickal Life” class, and these photos certainly evidence some of that! I will write up my own, complementary post soon but wanted to reblog Tania’s since we will share different aspects of our time together.

Lots of love and thanks to everyone who joined us for the amazing workshop experience and/or dinner and hike afterwards, to Timothy Glenn for meeting us for lunch on Monday, and extra love and gratitude to my sparkly Faery sis Tania, her partner Dave, and all the animals for their hospitality. Much love!

Tania Marie

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Wow! Where do I start? It’s always hard to find the words that will encompass the totality of experience had, but since this is impossible I can only do my best to express what feels most important to impart from my heart. The last week, as you know, I’ve been immersed in the alchemy of weaving cycles into seamless progression while sweet Laura joined for a Faery visit and an important Equinox and Full Moon gathering. We had no idea what was in store, nor the totality of reasons for it all, but we followed the nudges and committed to seeing it all through.

I’ll do my best attempt at summarizing the key points and expressing the nearly impossible to put into words. I’m also only sharing a fraction of the photos taken during this week, although if you’re on Instagram you can see more of the nature and magick…

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  1. Went over and read.. And wow.. Left my comment over there. .. Awesome..

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  2. such a wonder-filled week in every and all ways! yay! thank you again for everything. looking forward to your shares and the continued journey. love you ❤

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  3. mmmmmmm Beautiful. You are all beautiful.  And blessed. LOVE all you wrote about…. “Things always work themselves out for the highest good when we release attachment and expectations.”

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  4. Yes, it was! Love you, too … still processing, but I’ll be posting on it soon. 🙂 ❤

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  5. Thank you, SaintlyAnne! Indeed, non-attachment and releasing expectations are biggies. Tania did a great job recapping so much of our time together.

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  6. Posted by Sophia Sutton on October 1, 2018 at 9:05 am

    Amazing journey y’all had. Thanks so much for sharing the magic! Much love!

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  7. Much love, Sophia!


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