The Forest Primeval and Warren Dunes

Yesterday, David and I took a lovely getaway to St. Joseph, MI, as well as Warren Woods (aka “The Forest Primeval”) and Warren Dunes.


Warren Woods State Park was preserved by Edward Kirk Warren when he noticed all the old growth forests falling to the logging industry. It was sad to see so many of the majestic, virgin beech with names carved into them over the decades, reminding me of our Turkey Run State Park visit on Mother’s Day 2016, where kids were yelling in the “cathedral.” Even so, this place feels magical. Along with the carvings, you could see many faces in the trees, listening in silence to music in the leaves above.






For scale:


And for fun:



We then made our way to Warren Dunes, which we first visited with Tania Marie on my birthday back in 2015. We hadn’t returned since, so this seemed like a full circle visit before I make another full circle return to Reno/Tahoe after almost 11 years away. It all seems full circle with our last get together at Fall Equinox two years ago, which included a visit to Cave of the Mounds in Wisconsin. Such glorious, stunning, and mysterious places on this planet! Here are some photos of Warren Dunes. The views kept changing in the light, and we certainly got our sandy workout climbing them.








The upper 80’s temperatures and wide expanse of steep sand made us grateful for sun hats, loose cotton pants, and a refreshing dip in Lake Michigan at the end. A perfect finish to beach town, primeval forest, and dunes!

Wishing you all a wonderful week …

… I’m not sure if or how much I’ll be blogging between Thursday, the 20th and October 1. I might post quick check-in’s and reminders, or Tania and I might enter the usual time-space vortex that occurs whenever we get together. I will still occasionally check emails for session requests and scheduling, but if you’d like to get on the calendar sooner rather than later, I suggest contacting me before the afternoon of Wednesday, September 19th. Early October already has sessions scheduled.

Peace and joy to you and yours!

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  2. yay!! full circle powers unite!!!! so exciting! perfect prep for continued forest magick here! weeeee!

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