Timothy Glenn ~ Autumn 2018: The Dominoes Begin to Fall

Here’s a new update from Timothy Glenn. The only thing I would add to it is that — given the presence of twelve nuclear reactors in the path of Hurricane Florence — including two on the coast of North Carolina, I looked at the astrological aspects for today in Southport, NC. I used 11:11 a.m. September 12, 2018 for my calculations.

Since Pluto rules nuclear power, and Uranus rules unexpected, chaotic events, I paid special attention to those aspects. While highlighted with an almost exact Pluto in Capricorn trine Virgo Sun (0 degrees, 58′ separation) and Pluto sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (0 degrees, 03′ separation), at least these are less intense than the square or opposition. Uranus in Taurus almost exactly trines Saturn in Capricorn (0 degrees, 31′ separation) and opposes Venus (0 degrees, 10′ separation). I love Timothy’s interpretation of Uranus trine Saturn (below)!

With the Venus opposition, please keep in mind that relationships and control/freedom issues could become triggers or volatile. As my friend Toni says, “Take a breath of God.” Inhale love before reacting. Pray for discernment regarding authority and communication. Uranus also rules ideas of “brotherly love” and “highest good of all.” Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is almost exactly sextile Mars (0 degrees, 17′ separation). This is about as easy as Chiron-Mars alignments get, not a picnic, but an opportunity to exert will power in regards to healing self and others. Combined, all of these aspects favor everyday heroes rising to the occasion with compassion that flows from their own awareness and experience.

Those on the East Coast, especially in the Carolina’s, no doubt face major challenges in the days ahead, but these aspects also favor strong will power, healing and regeneration. As Timothy mentions at the end of the article, Divine Love helps us shift into neutral and full empowerment. From this space, miracles occur. Please send Reiki, prayers and loving energy as you feel led. All that said, here’s Timothy Glenn with astro-insights into the coming months.

Autumn 2018: The Dominoes Begin to Fall

by Timothy Glenn

As we approach the Autumn Equinox during a midterm election year in the United States, the traditional “October surprises” will start popping up in September. This will most likely result in “September surprises” and “October shocks”.

The conventional planetary controllers have been backed into a corner, and are now playing “for all the marbles.” Since they still control the TV networks, the major “newspapers” and the giant tech companies, they are spinning tall tales and spewing propaganda on an unprecedented scale. Their efforts to control the narrative will fail miserably. We have reached the point that too many ordinary folk-type humans know too much, and only a rapidly shrinking minority still believe the corporate-sponsored lies of the TV talking heads.

Profits of Doom

Referring to the old world controlling cabal, David Icke said, “These people are nothing if not predictable.” They might be diabolically clever within given parameters, but they lack genuine creativity. They operate from the same old musty dog-eared playbook ad nauseum.

They have always played games of distraction when their criminal machinations come uncomfortably close to being exposed to the public at large – false flag attacks, unnatural disasters, economic scares, Wag the Dog scenarios and other staged events – even starting major wars under the usual phony pretexts.

One of the common threads in all such criminality has been habitual profiteering. Most people recognize the value of the customary principle: “Follow the money.” However, many people refuse to follow a clearly marked trail of money if they sense it leads to specific politicians, companies and their complicit media outlets.

For those who fall into that category: is your emotional indulgence in a pre-packaged narrative really more important than the cold hard truth? If so, good luck with that.

Cui Bono?

Another key principle is commonly expressed by the Latin phrase that asks “to whom is it a benefit?” The perpetrators of high level crimes (like the JFK assassination or the 9/11 attacks) understand that investigators will employ this principle, so these villains will muddy the waters. They own the major media, and it naturally follows that their standard operating procedures will include spinning the narrative and proffering red herrings. Their informational sleight of hand will also involve trotting out scapegoats and framing patsies (as in the “lone gunman” scenario). They will hire agents to infiltrate the investigative community to generate confusion and conflict.

And who benefits from all nation-traumatizing crimes? The usual suspects. Follow the money. The international banksters and their ilk have funded both sides of every major conflict for centuries, and have laughed all the way to the banks they own.

Presidents, premiers, prime ministers, kings and queens are simply regarded as “the minion class” by the kingmakers and kingbreakers of the world. The presidential minions have merely served as playing pieces on the global chessboard, but the world will now be treated to a few stunning surprises as we come to the endgame of the puppet show.

Bombs Away

Truth bombs are barely beginning to drop on our heads concerning the corruptocrats who have been selling us down the river while pretending to be our friends. The real barrage is about to commence.

Perhaps the time has come to get blunt. Maybe the sincerest act of love could be to slap someone up alongside the head with a cold wet towel of truth.

Let’s start with something really basic. Most countries follow this fundamental pattern. Here in the United Sates, I often ask the sleepers: “Do you really not understand that both of these major political parties are owned and operated by the same financial interests at the top of that infamous pyramid scheme that plays a game of divide and conquer? If not, you haven’t even qualified for kindergarten.”

9/11 Truth

This article is being written on the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Most of us know better than to believe the cockamamie official story of that tragedy. In fact, lots of us tend to suspect or even dismiss out-of-hand the official narrative on just about everything the system spews out.

This is also the day that Mars enters the sign of Aquarius in the tropical zodiac, which is predominant in Western civilization. Get ready for government documents to be declassified, so we can see for ourselves what has gone on behind the curtain of deception. Thus will begin the September surprises, preparing us for the October shocks. And all of that will simply prime the pump for the world-changing revelations to follow in the next several years. Truth will out.

Squaring Off

Mars will now proceed to tighten and empower a Grand Cross (a.k.a. Grand Square) as Mars moves up to conjoin the south node of the moon. The lunar nodes (with Mars at the south) are being squared by Venus (who entered Scorpio on the 9th) and by Uranus in Taurus. This will add a spark to the foreshadowing processes that are delineated in the article Uranus in Taurus: The Preview.

Squares (90 degree angles) and oppositions (180 degrees) have long taken a bad rap in astrological circles. This is primarily due to their tendency to serve as a call to action, as well as a demand for change.

The aforementioned article ended with this:

As our old friend the Buddha said, “Change does not cause pain. Resistance to change causes pain.”

Since we have the common saying “the truth hurts”, let’s do a variation on Buddha’s theme: “Truth does not cause pain. Resistance to truth causes pain.”

It won’t help to anticipate disaster. Besides, Saturn is forming a tight trine (120 degrees) to Uranus and a tight sextile (60 degrees) to Venus. These are user-friendly aspects. Saturn will help us lay the foundation for restructuring our world.

Instead of seeing Saturn as the mean old taskmaster of the solar system, it might help to picture him as a young engineer who is totally jazzed because he just figured out some cool ways to give us awesome upgrades. All we need to do is let go of our obsolete programming.

Shifting into Neutral

The challenge facing many people is to achieve a state of genuine neutrality when viewing the dog-and-pony show on the world stage. We will all benefit from watching events unfold from a state of Divine Love, which is a completely neutral force.

Some folks have countered that concept by insisting, “No, no, no. Divine Love is always a positive force.” However, Divine Love is the energetic essence of the Infinite Energy Field in its Wholeness. At that level, it isn’t dividing itself into positive and negative, nor any other type of polarity. Divine Love transcends the limitations of duality. It just is.

If we can “just be” in a state of Divine Love, we can enjoy the show. After all, it’s a fascinating movie, and we have good seats. Pass the popcorn.

Timothy Glenn

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  1. Posted by Eliza Ayres on September 12, 2018 at 7:24 am

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  2. Let us Pray and praise the All is One ….. and trust ! Contramimi/Contramary

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  3. Keep the faith – it can’t hurt.

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  4. May GOD BLESS everyone.

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  5. Hurricane Florence falls under the category of “unnatural disasters” mentioned under the subheading “Profits of Doom”. The criminal cabal will do whatever they think they can get away with, and these people have no scruples about killing innocent people or destroying property. They will take down a commercial airliner to assassinate a single passenger, so their act of murder gets passed off as an accident. They can see what revelations are coming, and Florence may only be the first in a flurry of distracting events. We can employ our own Divine Energy to help mitigate the situations for the folks who find themselves in the crossfire. “Love conquers all.”

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    • Thanks, Tim. Yes, some HAARP aggravation, indeed. There’s also the as within, so without manifestation … humanity is entering a time of storms. Some rain and wind may be necessary to clear the dreck … but how we experience those will depend on our level of awareness and capacity for love. 🙂



  6. Posted by Anthony on September 12, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Great update! Only thing I’d add, is make sure your popcorn is organic! But 50 pound bags are a must!!

    Have fun out west Laura, and see you on the other side!

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  7. Posted by Anthony on September 12, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    Hi Timothy, thanks for your post (and this update!).

    I hear you on what these people can do. I’ve had dreams of massive earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis etc. for years. I know that they have appropriated the “Electric Universe Theory” for their own designs, at least since Tesla, and can use this knowledge to create all of the above. Having worked in the field of genetics, I also know what they can do by corrupting biology as well. I expect every part of this world will experience something disruptive, soon – or at least, they will *attempt* to do so.

    I have found that simply admitting to oneself that yes, it IS possible that these things can happen, instead of ignoring or denying them, is a very powerful proactive measure. As many have said, “knowledge protects.” And being prepared to face whatever comes at you, and as you said, NOT resisting but accepting and moving with them – much as one learns in martial arts – is the key to not being a victim.

    That said, I had a lucid dream about a month ago that seemed prophetic: I dreamed that I was caught outside in a city I didn’t recognize and the outer bands of a hurricane were moving in. I wandered about looking for shelter, and though I didn’t see another soul I could find shelter from the wind and rain easily. And I saw that most people had prepared their houses to handle the coming storm. But I still didn’t feel safe, and kept looking for better shelter, because of the LIGHTNING.

    I then looked at the storm coming in and saw that the center of it was a giant ball of luminescent, living light, and I knew no one would escape it. NOONE. But, it was *necessary*. Then I woke up.

    The storm is here, but it’s going to be a GOOD thing – I keep telling myself!!

    Thanks again for your update, and thanks Laura for posting it!

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  8. As All is one – we all may consciously evoke all our love from our hearts and wrap the Hurrican into our love so it is muffled by all our love and light like a Tiny Child or Babe so that it feels cosy and goes to sleep …. I do not know but these are my thoughts how to cradle FLORENCE in our love and light and give this sleepy stormy spirit to God in praise and good order for All is One !!! Contramimi/Contramary

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  10. Thanks for sharing that dream, Anthony. For the entire world, The Storm is upon us. “The world as we have known it” will be ending for everyone, but not all at once. Pockets of humanity will experience the Earth changes at different times. Then there will be the end of the old control system — another facet of “the world as we have known it”. Well, that’s the weather forecast. What we choose to do in that weather is up to us.

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