Travel, Availability, Vision and “Visions”

Just a little over two weeks until I fly to Lake Tahoe for a potent visit with Faery Twin Tania Marie! She and I don’t look alike anymore, but we still synchronize without even realizing it. A “random” text often informs us we’re getting haircuts on the same day, sharing similar dreams or making the same dinner. Whenever we get together in person, it proves exponentially transformative for both of us. This time we’ll teach our first and last (i.e. only) class together on Fall Equinox 2018 (Saturday, 9/22): “Living a More Magickal Life with Laura Bruno & Tania Marie.” We have a lovely group with just one spot left. You can click hereΒ for details and signup.

Both Kalamazoo and Reno airports often get served by puddle jumpers, which means I have two layovers each way and thus, very long travels days. In terms of scheduling, I will not have session availability from the afternoon of Wednesday, 9/19 until Monday, 10/1. My schedule’s already filling up, so if you would like a session in September or early October, you might want to book that soon. I will not have any emergency session availability during my trip or the weekend after I return. I may or may not blog during that time. Tania and I never know what kind of adventures will unfold when we get together, but they always include unusual time warps, very thin veils, perspective shifts, and synchronous meetings. As such, they demand our full presence and attention.

Speaking of perspective shifts, Tania and I both found ourselves doing a massive purge of clothes that no longer “fit,” symbolically and literally making room for expanded awareness. A series of synchronicities also led me to get reading glasses, which have unexpectedly revolutionized my entire life. It began with a crossword puzzle, something I never do, but felt led to attempt a couple weekends ago. The clues were so tiny that trying to decode those words gave me a headache — nothing like the 16-month mega-migraine of my 1998 TBI, but enough to tip me over the edge to reading glasses.

Sitting at the table with a newspaper in front of me, I suddenly felt like my dad and my Gramma Irene, both of whom did crosswords each week. Both my grandmothers were rare birds. Gramma Irene sang like one, and Grandma Van could whistle, raise her hand and have wild birds land on her finger. My dad, too, had a special relationship with canaries and parakeets. I associate birds with crossword puzzles, “the language of the birds” (another name for “divine and perfect language” or inspiration), and reading glasses. The next day, I walked to Walgreens and got my first ever 1.25’s:


Whoa! At first they seemed too strong, but I soon realized they added about three hours of potential reading and writing time to my day.

I also noticed how much eyestrain I’ve been living with as my astrology mentorship via Dr. Ann Kreilkamp and Celtic Studies Course with Dr. Sharon Blackie have become more like graduate level classes with the mandatory and optional reading, added to my research and writing of “The Metaphysics of Lyme Disease.” My book keeps undergoing chapter mitosis. In efforts to “show my math” to a general rather than individual audience, more and more things require explanation. Editing often involves expanding one aside or tangential section into its own chapter or even two. Then I need to read and reread what came before to make sure this non-linear journey at least follows a reasonable order of progression.

The addition of dedicated astrology sessions to my list of services means that I now sometimes spend session time looking at a computer screen in order to analyze a natal chart, transits and progressions. Prior to this addition, I did most sessions with my eyes closed or staring into the distance. On occasion, I would look up astrological information for clients, but until a few months ago, I did not offer full astrology based readings. On the contrary, the energy scanning process I use for medical intuitive, past life and other scan-based intuitive readings often messes with nearby electronics, so until recently, I sat nowhere near a computer, let alone comparing and contrasting multiple charts.

On top of my writing, editing, astrology, and studies, our neighborhood sidewalk controversy exploded all over the Township and has morphed into a need to attend many, many Board and Planning meetings under glaring fluorescent lights, as well as analyzing past, current and future agendas and minutes, writing petitions and emails, and discovering a treasure trove of –ahem — things we had no idea we needed to keep an eye on. I’ve probably written a novel’s worth just related to items and issues that several of us unearthed while looking for something else.

In any case, my visual tasts exponentially went up this year, with no lessening in sight. Using reading glasses as a tool makes as much sense as planting last Fall’s 200+ daffodils into our clay soil using a bulb augur instead of brute wrist and arm strength. I expected greater efficiency, but not the increased energy, jubilant mood and love of readers as a fun accessory. I also didn’t expect my distance and mid-range vision to improve so much when I supported the closer tasks. I now own several pairs of readers of different strengths from .5 to 1.25 and half or full size, depending on print size, distance from my face, time of day, and color scheme.

My favorite readers are eco eyeware by ICU, which uses recycled plastic and offers all sorts of cute patterns. (I got them for $5 off at Earth Fare in Portage this past Sunday.) These particular ones have black and white swirls on the ear pieces and case, with plain black facing front. Total Faery Nerd Fest, but I love them!

I used to teach a class called “Vision and ‘Visions,'” which explored connections between how we see with our eyes and our perspective of the world. I learned about that dynamic during years of visual therapy to correct the disabling — but also psychic activating — binocular dysfunction from my 1998 brain injury. In addition to receiving visual therapy as a patient, I interviewed my doctors about spirituality and vision, and I apprenticed with my holistic optometrist in Seattle. (He was the first person to encourage me to work as a professional medical intuitive. He shared his 50+ years of experience with healing herbs in exchange for my doing medical intuitive readings on his patients. We would compare notes, and that process and his patients’ improved results started me officially on my path.)

In 2002, my brain injury related visual problems morphed into astigmatism that a Santa Fe optometrist managed to correct with prescription lenses. Unlike my readers, I hated those glasses and couldn’t wait to get rid of them. Back in 2006, my agreement to add past life readings to my menu of services spontaneously healed my astigmatism. Until a couple weeks ago, I’ve not worn or needed any glasses. It almost feels full circle — more like a spiral — to shift to readers twelve years later, in large part due to formalizing astrology studies I began in 2006.

In recent weeks, I feel increased range of both close up and far away vision. This translates into a greater awareness of overall patterns and the urgency to ground that awareness into tangible language and action here and now. I think of astrology as the left brain confirmation and explanation of my right brain intuitive insights. In many ways, this re-balance of left and right echoes a more general directive to “show my math.” I need to take the aha of inspiration and bring it down to Earth, whether through sessions, non-fiction, or fiction. Show, don’t tell … but do show. Details matter, and the more clearly I can see and explore the details, the more complete that bigger picture grows. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without … but the reverse statements are also true.

Meanwhile, watch out, world. There’s a Nerdy Faery at large, and she looks rather mischievous:






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  1. In my my 50’s my long range acuity increased to the point that I no longer needed glasses to drive, but I also started needing “readers.” This is typical of how most of us age in the eyes.
    The 2.0 readers I found at Walgreens were wrecking my eyes though I didn’t understand that until I bought another more expensive pair from the Brooklyn Museum store last year while visiting my daughter in NYC. These were a revelation. I am assuming the lens grind must be much better on that pair.

    Just last night there was one of those periodic paroxysms of “losing the glasses” which involved turning the house upside down in trying to locate them. Finally, of course, it was like Poe’s short story “The Purloined Letter” – they were laying on the floor where my cat had knocked them off a ledge. The brain so often sees what it expects to see that losing glasses reminds us of that and teaches us to see better. He he.

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  2. Yes, the brain does so often see what it expects to see! I am forever losing things — or else we just have a LOT of faery activity in our house. In any case, if I haven’t put it in the refrigerator (usually the best place to check, but somehow also the last place I check), then it could go missing for quite sometime. My passport evaporated one year, nowhere to be found. Then one day, I heard a click in the other room. I went to investigate, and this little painted chest had fallen open. Inside, was my passport, but I had checked there probably 30 times before that. I guess someone was using it in a different dimension. To avoid such trickery, I have a multiplicity of glasses. I do find the ICU ones much better lenses than the Walgreens or ones. πŸ™‚


  3. The veil is thinner lately, isn’t it? The transitional times of year are sort of like 3:am – betwixt and between. I love this time.

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  4. super excited my little cutie nerdy faery! i remember visions and visions when you were here – one of my first classes with you, and that you shifted out of glasses then too with the embrace of the past life stuff…very full circle since you’re coming here now and this is where you and i all started – this life! hehe!! we mustn’t forget also that we attract time traveling druids (just got hit with huge chills as i wrote that) and other “out-of-this-world” altering experiences. weeeeeeeeeee!

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  5. oh! and while we may not look the same anymore, my guess is that we’ll find ourselves morphing when together and discover similar clothes we’ll wear without planning your packing and…..

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  6. Oh, yeah, I hadn’t made the connection that I’ll be back there, too. I was thinking of Shawn today, LOL! Can’t wait to see you … and eat. We forgot to mention all the yummies. πŸ™‚

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  7. No doubt! Plus the gift. I hope it arrives on time, hehe ….

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  8. Me, too, Bo! I love all the seasons, but every Fall I remember it’s my favorite. Then winter is, then spring, LOL. Summer, not so much, but I love my garden and the vitamin D. I’m not such a fan of the heat! πŸ˜‰


  9. lol! yes…always faery feasts!!

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  10. yay!!! i’m sure it will!

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  11. Posted by Kieron on September 5, 2018 at 8:48 pm

    Ah yes, the 40’s! B) I had to get bifocals last summer. 😦 I resisted for awhile but it really helped.

    I tried to comment on your flowers last post, but my comment never appeared. Must have been a delicious snack for WordPress. πŸ™‚ Maybe the Latin names of the plants drew its attention.

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  12. Oh, that WordPress! Always noshing on comments. Was it about the love-in-a-mist? 😊


  13. Posted by Kieron on September 5, 2018 at 10:34 pm

    You know me! πŸ™‚ And about nicotiana grandiflora. That stuff is *still* sprouting from seeds. Never in 15 years of planting it from nursery starts has it put on such a show, in places it has never been. Not that I object. it smells heavenly all night long and attracts sphinx moths.

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  14. I’m sure it does smell heavenly!


  15. You look adorable in your new readers, Laura! Nice frames on your face. I had to start wearing readers in my 40’s, too, after enjoying better-than-20/20 vision my whole life. It was an adjustment. Started with drugstore glasses matched to my stronger eye (to help the weaker eye get stronger) but over the next decade my number advanced too high, even on the strong eye (3.00+) and I needed help with distance too. So, I got a prescription from the eye doctor. However, I buy my glasses online at where they have the best selection for least cost (although products are made in China, arghh). I agree it’s good to have lots of pairs for different rooms (and different needs). Wish I could come to your class with Tania Marie – I know it will be wonderful! Happy travels! xx (p.s. what sidewalk drama?)

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  16. Thanks so much, Diana! I will have to check out next time. πŸ™‚ I wish you could take the class, too. It would be so nice to see you again after almost a decade!

    The sidewalk drama has been our neighborhood pushing back against a would-be tyrannical Township Board to widen our street to where it used to be, add wide shoulders and do something to mitigate the speeding people from apartments and condos the Board forced on the neighborhood before, who now use our formerly quiet roads as alternative shortcuts/driveways. The Board created the problem by allowing highly unusual variances to the developers, underfunds the Sheriff department so there are not enough officers to ticket people, and instead of fixing the issues, tried to force five foot wide sidewalks 15-20 feet into our yards. We have a lot old growth trees that would get cut down and replaced by twigs that will take 30-50 years to reach our current tree cover, and a lot of elderly neighbors on fixed incomes who can’t afford to pay for unexpected snow removal in MI winters and shouldn’t be outside shoveling at their age.

    We submitted 90% response petitions with 90%+ against sidewalks, asking for alternatives. The Board has fought us on this since May, but we are hopefully getting either stop signs or speed humps and wider, uniform streets with marked shoulders. It’s been a summer of Board meetings, Planning Commission and Zoning meetings, petitions, and uncovering all sorts of stuff they would have tried to slip past us with a nearby golf course they want to develop. Now that we know they don’t follow through on verbal commitments and don’t correct mistakes they make, we’ve been working every angle possible to address the real issues, save our trees and our neighbors.

    That’s the sidewalk drama! LOL … the upside is that our neighborhood is really close now. People were always friendly, but now we all really know each other and every two weeks is like a party at the Board meetings. They vote on 9/11, so we’ll see if we’ve managed to flip their adamant tyranny (“no agenda”) as well as we’ve flipped the Public Works Department, who created a wonderful proposal based on our feedback.

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  17. Good luck β€” I hope you win! Saving trees alone should be everyone’s priority. Interestingly… our little town of Montague is having similar issues with speeding and safety. Last week, a concerned group of neighbors submitted a proposal for solutions such as stop signs, speed humps and bump-out shoulders, just like you. Our follow-up Town Meeting is also coming up! (Personally I want the STOP signs. Best way to slow traffic is to stop it.) Can’t believe it’s been 10 years, but yes: 2008-2018. Wow. A decade of changes & synchronicities… ❀︎❀︎

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  18. Good luck to you all, too! I want the stop signs, too, and I think we might end up getting them. The neighborhood asked for them 8 years ago, and the Road Commission said no. Now that Public Works and our neighborhood are demanding speed tables, the Road Commission suddenly wants stop signs instead. It would be cheaper, and it’s what the neighborhood has asked for for years!

    Yes, so many changes and sync’s. ❀ ❀


  19. Posted by Janet C Sutton on September 10, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    Yes, you are such a cute nerdy faery…actually, you have so many looks. Be well and happy reading!

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  20. Hehe, thank you! LOL, faery shapeshifter. πŸ˜‰ Lots of love …


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