Timothy Glenn ~ A Game of Attachments

Another good one from Timothy Glenn: some friendly reminders that you are so much more than your sect, your tax return, or your party line. In a world of all possibilities, what would you love to create? How would you love to feel? What would you love to experience? What small step can you take towards those things right here, right now?

A Game of Attachments

by Timothy Glenn

In a few channeling sessions spread over the last quarter century, the Proterrians have asked audiences a probing question about their attachments; specifically religious, economic and political attachments.

Religious Attachments

This pertains to our philosophies. How do we perceive and interpret life, the universe and everything? Who are we, where did we come from, and where are we going? In general: what’s the point?

Economic Attachments

We all have our ideas regarding how to attain, cultivate and distribute resources. And in such processes, do we need to control and keep track of what comes and goes? If so, who controls and keeps track, and how do they go about it?

Political Attachments

How do we structure our societies? If certain people are to assume various positions of responsibility and authority, how do they attain those positions? This involves our traditions, laws and other forms of keeping order.

The Question

Reflecting on those three categories, which type of attachments do you feel would run the deepest?

Back in the 90’s, almost every audience member answered “religious” with little or no hesitation. After the turn of the millennium, more people started giving it a moment of thought and then selected “political”. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that the clear majority of an audience determined that the deepest would definitely be “political” attachments.

The Answer

Throughout the years, the Proterrian perspective has always been that our political attachments run the deepest.

Religious attachments revolve around abstract gods and goddesses you never see in your entire lifetime. You are told a lot of tall tales about someone who allegedly lives in another realm of existence. They claim to have created you, and thus claim dominion over you. In Churchianity, you are told that the Sky God will supposedly reward or punish you when your life here is finished. This remains extremely vague, so that it utterly fails to qualify as evidence. Of the three categories, religious attachments tend to be the shallowest.

Economic attachments run significantly deeper, because these involve the food on your table. This involves matters much more down to Earth because food, clothing and shelter register as a lot more basic and real to the average human. Games of the “haves and have nots” find their roots here. Physical hunger and other forms of deprivation make a more profound impression on your subconscious than phantasmagorical characters in myths and legends.

Your political attachments actually run the deepest, because here we have the guys who come along with weapons, and wield force against you for any real or imagined infraction of someone else’s rules. You may have had lifetimes of facing lethal force, having your possessions confiscated, or being locked up in cages. That’s about as real as it gets for just about anyone, and most people still harbor fears of experiencing such violations in this lifetime. As a result, locked away deep down in their unconscious knee-jerk reactionary inclinations, they will find their underlying political attachments.

An Age of Universal Deceit

We have been swimming in a ubiquitous ocean of lies for ages, and never more so than in modern times. With the advent of mass media, the average human has been propagandized, mesmerized and programmed to believe the false narratives of professional pathological liars.

Here is a useful rule of thumb: the more “mainstream” or “official” the source, the more suspect it is. But until someone sees through the illusion, they will probably continue believing in the illusion.

For those of us who have awakened to the nature of the game, it can be breathtakingly boggling to hear people back up their political narratives and attitudes by saying, “it was on the news” or “it was on television” or “it was in the newspaper”. And they state it with such conviction, it’s as though they are saying “God came down out of the sky, and lightning shot forth from his index finger and indelibly etched it into a five mile square slab of polished marble – now and forever more. Amen.”

Yep. It was on television, alright.

When Lightning Strikes

For the article Uranus in Taurus: The Preview, Laura Bruno included this caution in her helpful introduction:

“I know so many good-hearted, intelligent people about to have their world shaken like an electric popcorn maker struck by lightning. If you find yourself knee-jerk reacting to anything, it’s wise to step back and humbly reassess. Maybe your original assessment will hold, but it’s wise to examine any and all ‘of course’ ideas. Look for those areas you consider ‘so obvious’ that you’re certain anyone who disagrees with you is a neanderthal or idiot.”

The more emotionally charged your negative reaction is – the more loaded it is with denunciation, anger and fear – the greater the likelihood that your perspectives are skewed because you have been disinformed and are believing in something erroneous – even though it seems “so obvious” and “it was on the news”.

As the lightning bolt of Uranus dances in the earthy sign of Taurus for the next several years, the world will come to appear vastly different than it had. Illusions will be shattered, especially regarding “the system”.

Systemized Apparitions

The Matrix has conditioned people to fear the system. This fear helps the system herd the masses around. For almost everyone on Earth, our deepest mental and emotional body attachments have been rooted in this very fear.

The so-called “dark side” has only one power, and that is the power of deception. Its inner manifestation allows us to deceive ourselves into believing we are whatever we have been programmed to believe we are. For most of us, that illusion says that we are what Proterrian calls “nothing more than pathetic little snotlings from 3D Planet Earth”. For others, it allows them to perceive themselves as vampires or other kinds of predators.

Its outer manifestation deceives us into accepting the bogus belief that the “dark side” has power over us. But in the act of believing it, we give the “dark side” that power. This wool has been systematically pulled over humanity’s eyes for millennia.

But now we have a massive window of opportunity to see through the customary misapprehensions. We can look at the system and give it clever descriptors like “The Matrix” or “a movie” or “a dog and pony show” or “a video game” or “the deeper dream” or “a hologram” or “an acid trip” or “a computer simulation”.

We can step firmly and fully into our Creatorship. And this transformation can be filled with love and fun – whatever we choose.

As our old friend the Buddha said, “Change does not cause pain. Resistance to change causes pain.”

Timothy Glenn

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    very helpful to be reminded that past lives may be source of the deep-seated political views – that people may be using modern politics to view older material in their psyches from another life in which they were abused by some group. I’ve wondered “why does this matter so very much to this person?” before – now I’ll have a new way to consider it!

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  5. Yes, I’ve also been doing some writing about certain astrological archetypes being triggered by current political posturing. Fascinating to explore!


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