Timothy Glenn ~ Relationship Key Words

One of my very favorite articles by Timothy Glenn! I even make a Faerie cameo. 😉

Relationship Keywords

by Timothy Glenn

As we transition from the artificial matrix of the old world into the Natural Reality of the New Earth, we are individually and collectively expanding into a profoundly different dimension of conscious evolution. If we as Beings shift to such a significant degree, it automatically follows that the nature of relationship will change as well.

A couple decades or so ago, I assembled a group of keywords to contrast relationships of the old world with relationships of the New Earth. In recently sharing these perspectives with clients, the realization dawned: the original text had never made it onto the internet.

Here are three pairs of contrasting keywords.

Old World: Personal

All our relationships in the old world operated purely on a personal level. Everything was done personally, and taken personally. Ego games abounded, complete with power plays and loads of manipulation. Been there, done that? Join the club. Bought the t-shirt as well? By now, perhaps that old t-shirt has faded and fallen apart from so many washings.

Upon entering into any old world relationship, it was as though the other person took a snapshot of you and thereby defined your beingness now and forevermore. We can probably not even count how many times we have heard lines like: “Well, you’re not the girl I married.” A reasonable response could be: “Yeah, well…thank God. Growth and transformation are sort of natural.”

New Earth: Transpersonal

A transpersonal relationship has the capacity to contain all the finest attributes of a strictly personal relationship, but affords the freedom to expand far beyond.

Even from a limited perspective of a single timeline in third dimensional Earth life, you are every Being you have ever been. You are also everything you are on other dimensions. Why would a relationship not welcome any or all of that experience to be uploaded into your current life?

About a decade ago, I was sharing this with Laura Bruno, whom I have long described as “a very poorly disguised Faerie.” Laura said, “Yeah, it’s to the point now, that if someone can’t accept the Faerie part of me, there’s not going to be much of a relationship there.”

A transpersonal relationship allows for personal unfoldment and expansion, and thereby becomes a shared journey of discovery. “You’re not the girl I married” would be replaced by “Who are you now?” And both people can rejoice in the process.

Old World: Co-Dependent

Have you read enough books on this one? Do you feel the need for any more seminars or lectures?

In the old co-dependent relationships, virtually everything became a bargaining chit – even what humans mistakenly call “love”. We could all most likely come up with a zillion examples here, but why induce nightmares?

New Earth: Co-Creative

When discussing this contrast with clients, we usually allow our energy fields to do the analysis. Upon hearing or saying the word “co-dependent”, we feel our energies collapse. Most people frown and even physically slump. But upon hearing or saying the word “co-creative”, our fields expand. Most people will draw a deep breath, assume healthier posture and smile.

Infinite magical creatorship awaits us in the New Earth. And as it has often been emphasized in the Proterrian channelings, “No one is playing solitaire here.” Co-creation in the Field of Infinite Possibilities will help us realize that the Ocean of Divine Love has no shores.

Musty rulebooks of old world relationships will transmute into endless freedom of imagination, dreams and resonant experiences in Eternal Life.

Old World: Karma

Most if not all of our significant old world relationships were build on a foundation of karma.

Throughout the ages of Earth lives, the Soul Itself came to believe in the matrix program of karma. We came into each new life, fully intent on resolving karmic issues with various individuals and groups – only to dig ourselves in deeper. We believed we had lessons to learn.

However, there is only the one Infinite Energy Field. Call it God or anything else. But everything and everybody is the Field, because there is nothing else to be. So as God, what are these lessons you need to learn? Proterrian says, “You do not incarnate in this world to learn anything. You incarnate in this world to forget everything – and then to play the game of remembering.”

A fun Proterrian perspective involves imagining the universe as a Being, so there is a universal body. Clusters and superclusters of galaxies form tissues in that body. The individual galaxies are the living cells. Within each galaxy, clusters of stars compose molecules, rendering each solar system an atom. Each sun forms the nucleus of the atom, and the planets function as electrons. Now please explain: why would God (of all Beings) have to learn karmic lessons as an ultra nanoscopic mortal fumbling around on an electron?

New Earth: Grace

In our quantum leap in evolution, we are transcending karma and moving into Grace. The state of Divine Grace allows us to exist purely in the magic of each eternal moment, with boundless creative power and infinite choice.

Grace flows freely in the natural universe, endlessly morphing into whatever forms or expressions resonate with the Essence of the Field, which forever exists as the infinite unconditional energy of Divine Love.

Adding It All Up

Meanwhile, back on Earth…

Regarding relationships, we are stepping more firmly into the realm of choice. During this phase of our evolutionary game, here are the two basic choices:

A personal co-dependent relationship in karma.
A transpersonal co-creative relationship in Grace.

If this registers with you as an instant no-brainer, you will probably find a tab on your task bar that says “level up.” It’s waiting for you to click on it.

Timothy Glenn

4 responses to this post.

  1. I really enjoyed this read dear Laura.. The world is changing more rapidly now I think than anyone first imagined it would.. And we who are aware to those changes are beginning to see the changes taking place within ourselves..
    Change is constant.. not to change would mean we stagnate.. Yet many people are so stuck, because they do not want to move forward fearing something new..
    Which is why conflict and confusion are hitting people..
    They systems of today are falling apart because they are no longer working.. Evolution comes both in our physical and are mental worlds.. And the energy now is permeating into our DNA, changing our very thought process and bodies.. Yet many are still unaware..

    Wonderful share Laura.. Hope alls well in your world and the Groundhog Jr is under mind control … LOL…
    Love and Hugs.. Sue ❤

    Liked by 1 person


    • Thanks for this further articulation, Sue! Yes, indeed, change is constant, and the energy continues permeating our very DNA.

      I’m happy to report that as I was writing the post about Rascal Jr., my neighbor managed to trap and “relocate him to a nice place in the country.” I’ve been able to return to the previous, non-offensive-to-me minty-rosemary spray, and so far so good. I can pick bouquets again without stinking up my hands and the house! My soon to be 87-year-old neighbor (also named Sue) is very happy, too, since now she gets flowers again. 🙂

      Thanks for asking about the groundhog saga. I saw Big Fat Mama across the street, but now that Junior’s gone and my tomatoes are protected, she has no reason to venture into our “dangerous” yard. Here’s hoping she stays at the church grounds and learned her lesson not to deposit anymore youngsters in our yard! My neighbor reports that Rascal Jr. joined a colony of four other groundhogs, all out and happily munching, where he dropped him off. With any luck, he’s sterile and won’t be able to breed anymore geniuses that someone relocates to us!

      Love and Hugs,

      Liked by 1 person


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