Being fully present: first she placed her hand on the gunman’s heart

Wow, thanks to my friend, fellow permaculturist, and astrology mentor Ann Kreilkamp and her friend Julia for this amazing story. Definitely worth the click through to the full LA Times article:

What can — and did, on this occasion — happen when humans drop their masks to fully encounter the humanity of the Other. From the LA Times. Thanks to my dear friend Julia for this find.  

The tender, terrifying truth about what happened inside Trader Joe’s hostage siege

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  1. Posted by Judith E. Smullen on August 21, 2018 at 10:55 am

    Wow, Laura, this is powerful. A reminder that love trumps hate, that forgiveness is better than vengeance, that we all share our humanity. Her actions might not have worked in another situation or with a different gunman, but her courage and faith are iconic. Thank you for sharing this, in a time when vitriol and anger seem to rule the day . . . .

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    • You’re welcome, Judy. Yes, it’s nice to see people moving beyond the vitriol and anger, remembering to connect heart to heart and see through the fear, see the potential, both good and bad, cultivating the good.



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